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100 Days: Day 3, Anger

Thank you to Amanda for Day 3 of her new 100 Days series. In this one, she shares her own inner process of feeling, addressing and thus being able to transmute anger into something useful and empowering rather than destructive or crippling. Male or female, you can find tips in here, but this article particularly addresses women — for whom anger remains a much more Shadow emotion. Nice girls don’t get angry, right? Wrong. But wise women know how to manage their anger, funneling it into something new and more preferred. Blessings and Love, Amanda … thanks for sharing so openly along your way!

Return to The Temple

Dance as prayer in motion:

Thank you, Amythyst Raine-Hatayama and wwomenwarriors .

From youtube:

A ceremonial prayer dance performed by Zola Dubnikova (זואלה). A small piece from a full length production written, directed and choreographed by Zola to bring voice to women who do not have the freedom to express themselves. Performed at Earth Dance Israel 2013 (Kadita)
Contact: for bookings and more information.