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Workers’ Rights and Wisconsin Recalls

As many of you know, my Uncle Brad has been very invovled in the rallies in Madison. I headed out of town yesterday with an unexplained eerie feeling that something was deeply amiss — as though secret mobilization was at that very moment taking place. It presented as an underlying anxiety (unrelated to events in my own personal life) that I found difficult to shake until I arrived in Illinois to visit friends. This morning I learned that the Republicans had found a way around the stalemate, undoing 50 years of labor rights in 10 minutes of undebated, obviously un-public-supported action.

I’m posting Brad Palmer’s thoughts on this subject because they correspond to my overall sense that the state of this country (and the world) right now makes lightworkers and love-o-lutionaries acutely aware of that which we do not want. Let’s use this clarity to shift into an ever clearer sense of what we DO want. Keep the vibe high, exuberant and joyful — we really can create a beautiful world. We really can embrace and transmute all this energy into something wonderful. We can execute some tough love in order to recognize and protect freedom and beauty and light. Power to, not power over!

“Hello, All. Well, all of us suspected this would happen. Walker and his cronies have found a questionable way to jam the end of collective bargaining in the state of Wisconsin, breaking the union and leaving thousands of Wisconsin workers helpless to negotiate wages and benefits, fairness and equality. This is an attack on every working person in Wisconsin, and effectively, in every state in our union. The legalities must now be handled by lawyers, as Walker has weaseled his immorality and absence of ethics into law. HOWEVER!

“It is obvious the will of the people of this state, and the nation as a whole, is against Walker and his tactics. He has now set himself up for recall in November, without question. All of us in Wisconsin must now
ENSURE these eight Republicans are recalled in June. If you don’t know who your senator is, get on the net and find out. Signs the petitions. If you don’t know where the petitions are, get to the Democratic party of Wisconsin on the net and find out.

“He has taken the gloves off. I expect Madison to be swarmed with 150,000 or more protesters on Saturday. I expect the largest unions in America to flock here in protest, because this is about EVERY working person in America. There are many cards for the people to play. I am not disheartened at this, I am recharged, and I plan on heading to the capitol Friday night.

“For you outside our state, the Republicans passed the collective bargaining portion of the bill by separating it from the budget bill itself, hence not requiring a quorum in the senate, and snuck it through WITHOUT DEBATE or public input, in ten minutes. The capitol building, which closed at six PM,
was unable to stave off 6000 demonstrators who have now overrun the building, and are determined to stay. I suspect many more will be there in the morning. The teachers union has told their members to report to work Thursday. I don’t know what the response will be. But I do know Walker cannot govern the state with the cooperation of the populace.

“I have been disappointed in the invisible legal activities of our considerable resources. Where are the attorneys for the teamsters, the teachers unions, all soon-to-be-stripped of their rights? I don’t know, but I know this. The people of this and other states have now been assaulted. He “poked a badger in the eye,” and that, while in his character, was a very ill-advised action. We may see history being made here, and I hope and pray its peaceful. But by sheer numbers, the state of Wisconsin is, in EVERY poll on the media, Internet, websites, organizations, and unions, against this debauchery.

“Edmund Burke — “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” The reality is, we have at least an equal amount of good women in this fight. This is not over, its just begun. Stay strong, sign those recall petitions to get these Republicans out of our capitol, send peaceful thoughts to the demonstrators.

“If this sounds like a cheer leading session, I’m sorry. But my resolve to undo this horrendous action by this bad man and his accomplices in corporate offices has been energized. We will not give up, and I think the near future will prove our strength in numbers.

“My thoughts are with the Wisconsin 14, the protesters occupying the capitol, and with all of us who will NOT let this stand. Thanks to all of you who discuss, forward, read, walk, supply, and stand with us. Let’s get this maniacal tyrant shipped back in disgrace to Colorado from where he came!