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Quick Reminders

Just a reminder that today (April 15) is the early discount deadline for the Vision and “Visions” class in Madison on May 6, 2012. Save $22 by prepaying today ($133 instead of $155). Class details can be found here. The class size is right on the edge of moving to the larger of two possible East Madison locations. Update: we have maxed out the smaller location so the class will be offered at Jewel in the Lotus Yoga at 821 E Johnson St. I offered the early discount to help determine which location to select. If you’d like to register, please email me at, and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.

Also a reminder that the Ascension Coaching Package Specials run through April 23, so you’ve got eight more days to purchase majorly discounted sessions. Ascension Coaching Packages are designed to utilize all of my gifts (Medical Intuitive/Past Life Reading/Intuitive Life Path Assessments/Reiki/Tarot/Life Coaching) in order to help you move beyond your current limitations. These sessions are intended as intensive support in the short term to help you launch yourself to the next level.

The Couple’s Past Life Reading Special runs through April 30: two half-hour Past Life Readings (one for each member of a couple) for $155 total. You can find more details here. These have been fun readings so far! Lots of fascinating couples out there…I feel honored to help connect the dots, ease misunderstandings and empower connections.

OK, that’s it for today. Have a fabulous Sunday!

Vision and “Visions”

So many people keep asking me to teach my popular Vision and “Visions” Workshop again. Well, ask, ask, ask and you shall eventually receive. ūüėČ I taught this class in 2007-2008 in Sedona and Reno, and many of the participants continue to tell me about their valuable experiences in and beyond the class. On the physical side, one woman went from being almost legally blind to being able to drive without the need for any visual correction. Another woman used techniques from the class to help her entirely release the need for reading glasses. On the spiritual side, a number of participants began doing their own professional Intuitive Readings, and everyone managed to tune in to animal guides and at least one important past life memory for themselves and others. With all the people I know looking to improve their Intuition and/or Eyesight, it seems like time again to offer my Vision and “Visions” Workshop.

I also know that external “reality” will continue to look very different as 2012 progresses. The topics covered in this workshop help to prepare people for changing vision(s), so that the process remains a celebration, rather than a traumatic shift. With understanding of how the body, emotions and brain interpret and experience multi-dimensional seeing, what could feel confusing, nauseating and overwhelming instead becomes fun and exciting. The brain can rewire itself to help you create your own most preferred world. Seeing is believing, but sometimes believing is seeing. Learning to influence how and what you see gives an extra edge in reality creation. As Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Here’s the class description:

Connections between Eyesight and Consciousness
Taught by Medical Intuitive, Life Coach and Reiki Master Teacher, Laura Bruno

A 1998 brain injury destroyed Laura’s visual system, forcing her to rebuild her vision from the inside out. She spent 36 months in visual therapy, learning and embracing the intricacies of mind-body vision. As her vision changed, so did her sense of reality, causing Laura to examine the connection between eyesight and consciousness through her own experience as well as by interviewing various specialists in the field of neuro-optometry. So many Medical Intuitive clients have asked how to improve their vision that Laura decided to offer a class with specific meditations and information to deepen understanding of how correcting our eyesight reframes our world.

This interactive course will be tailored to the day’s participants.
Topics include:
Anatomy of the visual system                  
Binocular dysfunction
Seeing with mind, body and spirit            
Visualization and manifestation
Messages from common eye disorders    
The Third Eye
Seeing the forest through the trees      
Windows to the Soul
Tools to increase inner vision and discernment
How vision creates our reality                 
Meditations to improve sight
WHEN: Sunday, May 6, 2012 from 1-6 p.m.
WHERE: Madison, WI (East Side at Jewel in the Lotus Yoga)
COST: $155
Pre-registration required.
775-750-9140 or brunoleaf at

A Must-See TED Video

This is one of the most incredible TED videos I’ve ever watched. When you see it, you’ll know why I love it so much. Caroline Casey: “Looking past limits.” I had to share. Please click here to watch!