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Full Moon in Virgo ~ March 7, 2023

My March 2023 Forecast shared:

March 7 Full Moon in Virgo at 7:40 a.m. Eastern. Less than an hour later, Saturn enters Pisces. Dane Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon point is: “(VIRGO 17°): A VOLCANIC ERUPTION. KEYNOTE: The explosive energy of long-repressed contents of the subconscious. … The Keyword is EXPLOSION.” With Saturn–Lord of Karma–making a big move into the last and most spiritual sign, we might expect some kind of poetic justice. Situations left unsatisfied by legal courts may experience divine intervention. This is particularly true for anything involving fraud, deception and illusions. Details and thorough research (Virgo) also support breaking through (Moon trine Uranus) carefully crafted “spells”and cognitive dissonance (Pisces). Something major could play out between now and the April 6 Full Moon in Aries, but Saturn will demand responsibility in all Pisces areas over the next three years. (You can find more on Saturn in Pisces here.)

Of course, the elephant in the room with this Sabian Symbol is all the toxic explosions occurring around the US. Hopefully, the Full Moon in Virgo will trigger more of a metaphorical explosion, rather than a 3D one, but keep extra situational awareness between now and the April 6 Full Moon in Libra.

modified from original chart

In the chart set for Washington, D.C., expansive Jupiter tightly conjuncts the Ascendant. Whatever VOLCANIC ERUPTION occurs in the US, it will be big. With transiting Chiron less than one degree away, we’ll find healing, but probably through a healing crisis. Also in the Full Moon chart set for Washington, D.C., centaur Pholus conjuncts the Midheaven (the top and most public part of the chart). Pholus is the small thing, BIG EFFECT trigger, alerting us that even a tiny shift can cause unexpectedly massive results. The Full Moon energies continue through the next month, so it might not all occur on March 7. Pay attention to tiny details that grab your attention around this time. They could become important later.

Asteroid Lilith closely conjuncts the Full Moon in Virgo at 17°. Not to be confused with Black Moon Lilith (aka lunar apogee), asteroid Lilith symbolizes the teenage rebel. She’s a feminist and activist, protesting in the streets. Her sexuality remains untamed. If she learns to harness and transmute her rage, she’ll go far. If not, she might just “burn it all down.” The Moon’s trine to Uranus amplifies this potential for messy breakthrough. Subconscious energies erupt and demand whatever they’ve been denied ’til now. At the time of the Full Moon, transiting Mars–god of action and war–exactly conjuncts the US natal Mars for the third time since Mars entered Gemini in August 2022.

All of this occurs just two weeks before Pluto bursts into Aquarius–the sign of revolution–for the first time since 1798. Fortunately, Venus brings love to the mix as she approaches the US natal Chiron wound. Some kind of massive purge feels inevitable. If it doesn’t happen all at once, count your blessings. I know people “want it now!” but multiple eruptions are easier to integrate than a collective supervolcano blasting all to smithereens. Hopefully, Saturn in Pisces will bring at least some compassion and restraint.

The idea of divine intervention or poetic justice shows up again with the centaur Aphidas conjunct the Full Moon in Virgo. My December 7-8, 2022 Full Moon in Gemini post shared about Aphidas:

According to Zane Stein:

Ovid, writing in Metamorphosis about the chaos that occurred during the wedding of Pirithous, had this to say: “Aphidas was one of the Centaurs who attended the wedding of Pirithous, became drunk on wine and, following the lead of Eurytus, who assaulted Hippodame, began to assault and rape any women they could grab. He passed out drunk before the Centuromachy started but was seen by Pirthous who took advantage of the situation and threw a spear at him, piercing him through the neck and killing the Centaur in his sleep.”

Basically, Aphidas, exhausted from attacking and raping several women, and drunk from too much wine, passed out, and was killed in his sleep. His executioner, Pirithous, saw this as fit punishment for his crimes.

The meaning of the name Aphidas is not certain, but most likely meant, “Not sparing”, as even this centaur, fallen asleep, was not spared from death.

We’re looking at a kind of poetic, vigilante justice that transpires through chaos. Two other figures from the December 7-8 Full Moon in Gemini return–also with a conjunction this time instead of a square from Virgo. Whatever friction these characters triggered in December 2022 will now come home to roost. My Gemini Full Moon post shared about Orcus:

The Plutino … Orcus energy is somewhat similar to Pluto, another God of the Underworld. Orcus wants to go deep and challenges our integrity, especially if we have taken oaths. This could apply to the Hippocratic Oath, military and police oaths, or the political Oath of Office. Anyone involved in these areas would be wise to reread any oaths you’ve taken and honestly assess if you’re doing what you swore to do. It could also include journalistic codes of ethics. Make course corrections before Orcus forces your hand, because “just following orders” won’t cut it. As information continues to spread worldwide, things could get interesting!

The third return character is Thereus.

According to

In mythology Thereus was the bear-hunting centaur that dragged the poor creatures out of their dens, rudely carried them home very much alive and certainly with sore heads. Thereus experienced a big shift in orbit in 1924 due to [its] proximity to Saturn, Zane Stein observed at that time Lenin died, while Stalin had been waiting patiently in the wings. He called it “Lurking, then pouncing”[1].

[This lurking is] a little more subtle than utter stalking. With Thereus he is quietly observing his prey, trying to influence their thoughts, a voyeur, not physically doing anything to depose them. Thereus types wait patiently for years until they finally get their prize.

Thereus is patient, but a bit sinister, like a vulture wishing [its] dinner would just hurry up and die.

I think that means being in the right place at the right time, maybe this is someone who inadvertently benefits from the misfortunes of others. It’s not deliberate!, they just happened to be there when the lead singer fell of the stage and broke his leg, or when those plasma screens fell off the lorry… Still if you are always there.

Panning back on the world stage, we may wonder, “What’s really going on here? Are we being prepped for a big switcheroo?” We’ve certainly seen a lot of recent changes in leadership. One world leader retires and a non-elected someone immediately pops onto the stage. Think of the UK’s string of leadership changes, or Jacinda Ardern retiring in New Zealand. I expect to see more of these sudden exits with understudies waiting in the wings.

On a personal level, this “waiting in the wings” energy presents as upgrading the people in our lives. Background connections could reveal themselves in more obvious ways. The Cosmic Dealer shuffles the deck. Affirming “if not this, then something better” will help us align with and benefit from new people in our immediate surroundings. If you have a message or role in the New energies, now’s your time to step forward, as there will be a power vacuum.

Remember, Full Moon energy unfolds over the next four weeks. While we can’t predict exactly how all of these aspects will play out, we feel the rumbling. They say, “Where there’s smoke there’s fire,” or in this case a bunch of hot lava pulsing to explode. Liberation energies abound, but things could get messier before any real cleanup occurs. Don’t live in fear, but do practice situational awareness. Pay attention to your intuition and affirm, “I am always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.”

May it be so!

A Quick Note About this Week’s Energies

I’ve heard from so many people, beginning late last week and through Tuesday, especially this past Monday, who expressed extreme despair, darkness and even horror at things they were learning, Shadows being revealed to them, and a feeling of complete disconnect from any sense of Divinity. Monday seemed to bring the worst of it, hitting many people who usually manage to find the positive in even the direst circumstances. I did my best to field sessions, emails, texts and in person conversations, but it struck me just how intense that period was for a lot of people!

Then, yesterday (Wednesday), I heard from everyone who’d been having such struggles who wanted to share that the negative, oppressive energy had mysteriously lifted and not to worry about them anymore. Like clockwork.

Today, we have a Full Moon in Virgo, which helps with analyzing what stays and what goes, what serves and what harms. We also have powerful, detailed communication opportunities, as well as a chance to ground deeply into the Earth. Virgo is an Earth sign ruled by airy Mercury, so this Full Moon favors expression about the Earth, along with messages to and from the Earth. I don’t have an explanation for why this past weekend and Monday were so incredibly intense for so many people. By contrast, those I know who’ve done a lot of Shadow Work seemed to find all sorts of openings occur right around that same time. I suspect we just experienced a massive cleanse, so if you felt like you were losing it this week, I wanted to share that many others were, too.

Instead of criticizing yourself for the emotions, I’d suggest using the clarity of this Virgo Full Moon to assess what you learned from the recent upheaval. The current energies favor a new found clarity and the lightness that comes from permitting yourself to make a long withheld decision. You don’t need to take immediate action on that decision, but if you’ve recently felt new found clarity after the maelstrom, give yourself permission to enjoy the new calm.

That’s all for today. Happy Full Moon!

Full Moon in Virgo, March 2014 ~ Discernment and Faith

Happy Full Moon! Lots of good information about Virgo and the ongoing T-Square: “Where to we need to be more selective in our lives? And where do we need to be more accepting? … Where can we find collaboration with other people? … How can we be the peacemaker?” Look for the opening, the opportunity to release habitual beliefs and replace these with something new.

From YouTube:

Join Sonja as she shares about several upcoming Astrological events:

* Full Moon in 26 degrees of Virgo (on March 16th, 2014 at 1:08pm EDT)
* Uranus in Aries making a square to Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn
* Mercury (ruler of Virgo) in Aquarius
* T-square to the Galactic Center (27 degrees of Sagittarius)

Where do you need to be more selective?
Where more accepting?

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