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Astrobutterfly ~ Venus Retrograde in Gemini 2020: What to Expect

This is an important article by Astrobutterfly detailing the 40 day Venus Retrograde period that begins tomorrow, May 13, 2020. In its usual uncanny way, this major astrological event hits very key areas of my chart. This past year just keeps hitting exact aspects of my natal and progressed charts. If you have planets at or very near 21, 13, or 5 Gemini, you’ll get direct hits by this relatively rare transit that also amplifies the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0 Aquarius this coming Winter Solstice.

As I mentioned in my May North Node posts, the collective North Node moved into Gemini between May 4-5. It will spend 18 months retrograding through this sign, which means extra destiny level changes for any planets you have in Gemini — or its opposite sign, Sagittarius. Again, this transit will hit me in very big, personal ways, as I have four planets in Gemini, including my Sun. Sometimes it feels like I’m on one of those automatic walkways in the airport … just carried along by these mega-astro-events.

In any case, if you have planets in 21, 13, or 5 Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces, then this Venus Rx will affect you in stronger ways — especially if those planets include your own Venus or Moon, or the angles of your chart. Those with planets at or near these degrees in other Air signs (Aquarius, Libra) will receive a Venusian uplift via supportive Trine energy. Even if you don’t have planets or angles at these degrees, you’ll experience changes just by being here now as part of the collective. Here’s Astrobutterfly’s comprehensive post.

And here’s me, just saying hi from sunny Kalamazoo:


Enjoy the journey!

Lee Harris: Loving the Feminine Road Less Traveled

You can watch Lee Harris’ June Energy Forecast below. As always, Lee expresses so much of what I’ve been sensing, feeling and honoring in client sessions and in my own life. That return of the goddess energy just keeps amplifying on our planet, surrounding and permeating our world. I do notice that some people have become so divorced from the idea of the Divine Feminine that much misunderstanding exists. As Lee mentions in this month’s forecast, June’s energy shift is about balance. In a world that has suppressed the Divine Feminine into the Shadow, that energy may rise in what initially appear as scary or painful ways:

“There is a great grace and heart energy coming into our world in June, which will allow the emotional movements to be fast and deep if you are willing to let them go. Conversely, if you resist or insist on sticking to ‘the story’ of your pain or suffering, things will feel chronic to you until you start to feel rather than ‘think’ your way through.”

Here in Madison, the day after Walker survived a virulent Recall attempt that seems to have emboldened his political attack on unions, minorities, education, the middle class and especially women, it would be easy for people to play the victim or insist on “‘the story’ of your pain or suffering.” I am personally not surprised by the election results, though, because I’ve been sensing that Dark Goddess energy for a long time, particularly in politics. The appearance of the goddess rarely means immediate or easy success. Sometimes the goddess tests for courage; often she invokes pain or humiliation in order to help us regain our strength. She employs unfair tricks, grand illusions and even mockery. She’s fickle — aiding and abetting both sides at different times.

Sound harsh? Sometimes it is! And yet, there’s a playfulness, toughness and unconditional love behind her actions. We might want to think of her more like a Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid. A gorgeous, terrifying, Mommy Dearest, sword wielding and spell casting Mr. Miyagi — but also a birthing, rejuvenating, fecund, fertile, creative and empowering coach, who helps us grow in ways we don’t appreciate until we recognize our newfound awareness, strength and skill. When we start reclaiming these gifts of the Shadow feminine, we can finally reclaim her most precious gifts: sovereignty and protection of the land. We learn to see through the illusions of this world as we come to know this aspect of ourselves. We also begin to find that elusive balance, so that we can integrate both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, together, becoming fully empowered and evolved humans.

The less we sideline these increasing feminine energies, the more we can utilize them to our own advantage. In the Irish story of Cuchulain, the Morrigan (triple Dark Goddess) tries to help the hero in so many ways. Again and again, he rejects her help, disrespecting her and preferring to do everything on his own. He suffers much pain as a result, for the Morrigan appears in disguise, sometimes attempting to give him strength or guidance, sometimes seeking her vengeance. Each time, his stubborn pride rejects her until — too late — he sees it’s her. Each time, he says, “If I had known it was you, I would have acted differently.”

Sometimes he would have fought her harder; sometimes he would have softened. The specific reaction matters less than his sense of regret at not recognizing with whom he was dealing. Information helps us to respond appropriately in each moment. We need to clear our perspective in order to see clearly in the Shadow. As we invite more of the Divine Feminine into our lives, we learn to befriend that energy. We learn to trust forgotten, yet powerfully loving parts of ourselves. Only then does the terrifying Crone transform into the Divine Mother capable of birthing our beautiful Virgin world.

Here’s Lee:

Bill Ballard: Timeline Decisions and the New Earth

Here’s a video by my friend, Bill Ballard. I’ve been watching him grow younger and younger with each video, which is really fun and a testament to the joyful, playful, rejuvenating energies coming through. Bill has helped facilitate 40-Day group visualization events for several years now, having various foci to help bring in positive 5D timelines for a New Earth. In this video, he speaks about removing all limitations and allowing ourselves to “dream our wildest dreams.” Watch the light energy around his throat chakra as he gets more and more excited about each of us affecting the collective with our own Light expansion and activation as we create and manifest “the new illusion,” the New Earth. Thanks and love to Bill and a joyful journey to all of us!

Flash Silvermoon: Venus Transit of the Sun

Astrologer Flash Silvermoon left the following as a comment on my earlier post about the Venus transit of the Sun. I loved her comment and said I’d give it a separate post:

Flash Silvermoon astrologer here. This is part of my Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for June as pertaining to the VENUS TRANSIT OF THE SUN

The Good News, is that Venus, the feminine planet of love and relationship will be conjoining the Sun and making a rare transit across the face of the Sun on June 5th. This won’t happen again until 2117. In a year with tons of really important transits, this one alone is the most significant because of its rarity. We might even see this transit of Venus across the Sun as the most defining event of the whole year and that is saying something!

Even though this event will be squared by transiting Mars in Virgo, this time could usher in a magnificent space where the Divine Feminine in all will rise up and create a more healing and loving paradigm.. The Sacred Feminine connecting with the Sun will enliven all the wonderful female qualities such as intuition, sensitivity, reflection, nurturing, patience etc and hold them up to the light endowing these qualities with more visibility and creativity for everyone. Hence this could very well be a turning point of Tone.In other words some of the Shift we are seeing and will see more profoundly is a welcoming and inhabiting of a more holistic and gentle way of occupying this planet by a larger majority. When there is a balance with male and female energies on Earth, then the atrocities leveled at our Mother will not be permitted. Balanced men do not rape anyone including the planet!

No doubt there will be a solid resistance to positive growth by some. There has surely been very reactionary back peddling regarding women’s rights lately and this influx of Venusian/Solar energy should promote more female leadership and a backlash against this perverse need of the Repugs to bring women back to 1950′s Stepford Wives lives. Venus/Sun energy will mean a more Active resistance against our cultural lack of equality as well as creating a kinder world.

The Patriarchs of old knew that to control women was to control the world so as this newer version thrashes around in its death throes, it scrambles to get a stranglehold on anything it can to sustain its primacy, but the genie is out of the bottle and the women of the world will not settle for slavery or become unwilling breeders. The more the hammer of oppression clamps down, the more the spirit of rebellion will flare. This is the nature of the times that we are living. This transit of Venus over the Sun heralds a new flame for the liberation of women as well as a potentially gentler way to solve the problems of the world.

To read the entire post see I am also on Word Press feel free to share Blessings Flash PS I love your BLOG

[Thanks again, Flash! I am sure others will love discovering your blog as well. Many Blessings, Laura]