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Venus Transit June 5-6: Moving into a Higher Octave

Thanks to Gillian for bringing the following video to my attention. As Carl Boudreau explains, “This is a quick, no frills, special edition video about the Venus transit of the Sun. Just me saying some stuff. It is an important event and its meaning is a bit obscure, really. So somebody ought to take a crack at it.”

I’m not anything close to a professional astrologer, but I love when an astrologer explains some of the influences behind larger patterns I intuit and/or observe in international sessions and my own personal life experiences. IMHO, Carl’s comments on the shifting of Venus energy away from “sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll,” the “I just need to find my soul mate” idea, and “what’s in it for me?” categories are right on. As a planet, we are moving and truly need to continue moving into a higher octave of Love, which originates in and pours outward from a Love of God/Source/All That Is — kind of a “my cup overfloweth” sort of Love, which then permeates every aspect of our lives.

My impressions of this June 5-6 Venus transit of the Sun agree with Carl’s: many people will find it a difficult transition as life abruptly stops rewarding selfish manifestations and expectations of lower vibe “love.” On the flip side, those people who already come from a deeply loving, higher Venusian awareness of Universal Love will start feeling much more at home in this world. Consider the connection between Luciferianism and Venus, for example, along with the fact that Luciferians in high positions of power have been pummeling Earth in duality experiences for millenia. A significant change in the expression of Venusian energies may result in profound shifts in a society based on self-gratifying consumerism — a society already in its death throws. I say, “Bring it!” If you feel challenges around this Venus Transit, you can consider those opportunities to lift your Love vibe even more. How wide and long and high and deep is your love? Be the change.