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Timothy Glenn ~ 2015: A Call to Choice

This little gem arrived yesterday from Tim with a note, “Well, better late than never.” I found his New Year’s piece in perfect timing for two reasons. First, David and I had visited his mom yesterday, and she mentioned having had to wait until tomorrow for something “scheduled” in early January: “Well, I wasn’t sure if 2015 hadn’t started yet .” I had a flash at that moment thinking, “You know, she’s more right than she realizes!” Then, David and I headed over to what had been scheduled as a Valentine’s Day concert on Saturday but postponed (due to a blizzard warning) until last evening. One of our incredibly talented friends in Goshen rang in the day after Valentine’s Day with a bunch of love songs and a recap of showboat tune history and Valentine’s Day history. We loved her singing, but I also noticed while looking around at the room that almost everyone with whom we rang in the New Year just happened to be there, too. It was like New Year’s Eve, take two. I returned home to Tim’s New Year’s message, so please make of all that whatever you will. 🙂 Here it is:

2015: A Call to Choice

Perhaps this can serve as a sign of the times: In previous years, the New Year’s article came out on January 1st, but this year it had to wait till mid February. Not that there is any pressure on any of us. After all, this is merely a quantum leap in evolution that we are co-creating.

We have reached the splitting of the worlds, the separation of the wheat from the chaff, selecting the red pill or the blue pill, or whatever analogy might express what Proterrian calls The Choice Point of Eternity.

Saturn in Scorpio

Some people might read the above subheading and say, “Wait a minute. Saturn finally left Scorpio on December 23rd, and that’s why we felt a global sigh of relief at the end of 2014.” True, but (emphasis on “but”) Saturn will only advance to 4 degrees of Sagittarius before going retrograde on March 14th, whereupon it will return for an encore performance in Scorpio beginning June 15th. Saturn will go back into direct motion on August 2nd, and cross into Sagittarius (for keeps this time – promise!) on September 18th.

During those three months, Saturn will give us the opportunity to tie up loose ends from the previous two years. Eleventh hour confessions, anyone? Last call. Saturn in Scorpio has been supporting us in unearthing subconscious gunk, and most folks don’t find much fun in such processes. Here we can turn to the wise words of Hagrid in the second Harry Potter book, “Well, better out than in.”

Saturn in Scorpio also helps unearth a lot that had been concealed from us, and which we would love to realize; about ourselves, our planet, our galaxy, our history, etc.

Uranus Square Pluto

The seventh and final exact square between the planets of evolution and revolution will occur on March 16th, and once again people might think it’s all over. But Uranus and Pluto will barely be more than a degree and a half apart in December, carrying the game on into 2016. In fact, until Uranus gets back up to speed after its 2015 retrograde, the two planets will inch their way even closer to each other in January 2016. Afterward, their world-changing influence will remain in play much farther down the road.

But this dash of reality is not intended to put a damper on the upswing of energies available for 2015. Overall, most of us will be more satisfied with our opportunities and blessings this year.

2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8

A major theme for the year involves allowing our creative power to express. As expressions of the Infinite Itself, we have unlimited abilities for co-creating the long-awaited New Earth – literally and physically. And that will only mark the starting point of an eternal adventure – a multidimensional and intergalactic mission, should you choose to accept it.

The eighth card of the tarot deck is called Strength. Its message includes exercising our internal gumption to simply be ourselves and step forth in our full power as creators. In most tarot decks, the Strength card pictures a woman petting a lion, reminding of us of the underlying theme of the entire Harry Potter series: Love is the greatest power.

We live at choice in each moment, and at the most basic level we choose between love and fear. Sometimes it requires lion-like courage for us to opt for true, unconditional Divine Love.

20 + 15 = 35

Card 35 is the Nine of Wands, which shows a man standing with eight wands firmly planted behind him, and a ninth wand in hand if needed. Preferably, he won’t need to use it. He lives prepared for any and all exigencies, walking softly and carrying a big stick.

Some artists depict him a little battered, but Robin Wood brings out his strength in her tarot deck, even though she does put a bandage on his head. As Friedrich Nietzsche said, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” After all we have endured in the Matrix, are we strong enough yet?

An animal that epitomizes the 35 is the skunk. This unassuming creature is really quite friendly, but if you threaten it…well, you know the story.

35 also encourages conservation of energy. Especially for those with the tendency to gallop off madly in all directions at the slightest provocation, it might help to consider three keywords from the Tao:

Simplicity, Observation, Action

A few friends who are devoted to Qi Gong have shared stories about the lineage holder of their system from China. They say he embodies these principles.

Simplicity: he never clutters his mind with anything that is not essential, which leaves him clearer for more astute observation. Those who have had the opportunity to spend time with him, say that he often appears to be doing absolutely nothing. But that man misses absolutely nothing. When his observation shows him there is something to be done – boom – he’s on it and it’s done. Then he goes back to being simple and observant.

Picky Choosey

Prioritizing our lives will help us navigate the waters of 2015, while Neptune and Chiron in Pisces continue inspiring us to genuinely spiritualize life on Earth. After all, Life on Earth is Spirit. Everything that exists is an expression of The Infinite. Albert Einstein said, “Physicality is an illusion of perception.” David Icke says, “Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion.”

2015 is recommending that we step forth into our power to choose our own illusions. Granted, we are awakening to find ourselves foundering in an ocean of externally imposed illusions that have been deeply ingrained in us as “reality”. We are unlearning eons’ worth of lies, deceptions and conditioning.

Which illusions would you love to transcend? Which illusions would you love to enhance? What kinds of illusions would you love to co-create with your friends?

That choice rests with you alone.

The Choice Point of Eternity

Several years ago, Proterrian said that we were approaching the time to “let go of all external points of reference”, because all our external points of reference had been rooted in the old fear-based Matrix. If we truly have the courage to stand strong as Creators, then we will operate from one point of reference, which can be found in the heart. From there, we can co-create new external points of reference with our love-based friends. The time is now.

Within the context of our current experience, each of us will choose how to interact with the external world. The Infinite imposes no rules. Yes: what you resist, persists. Yes: if you fight it, you feed it. But such basic principles do not suggest that we become doormats, punching bags or any other form of victim. The strong man in the Nine of Wands does carry the Big Stick for a reason.

The game that is playing out on Planet Earth looms as a threat to the entire biosphere. It’s rather dramatic, because humans have been addicted to drama back into the mists of time. The endgame strategies are yours to choose: the end of life, or Eternal Life. And yes, it’s a game.

Your move.

Timothy Glenn

Happy Love Day!

Wishing everyone the biggest heart-filled, cup overfloweth, explosively positive day of Agápe, Éros, Philia, and Storge. One of my most memorable college lectures was given by Professor Bart D. Ehrman, who has since gone on to NYT Bestseller fame (“Misquoting Jesus,” “God’s Problem,” and “Jesus Interrupted”). He took a special moment in our giant lecture hall to spellbind us with descriptions of all the different types of love and how, if we were lucky, we would find that in our significant other. He then went on to give a glowing and tear worthy description of his wife. I never forgot that lecture, though I’ve since lost my notes. Wikipedia to the rescue:

Agápe (ἀγάπη agápē[1]) means “love” (unconditional love) in modern day Greek, such as in the term s’agapo (Σ’αγαπώ), which means “I love you”. In Ancient Greek, it often refers to a general affection or deeper sense of “true love” rather than the attraction suggested by “eros”. Agape is used in the biblical passage known as the “love chapter”, 1 Corinthians 13, and is described there and throughout the New Testament as sacrificial love. Agape is also used in ancient texts to denote feelings for a good meal, one’s children, and the feelings for a spouse. It can also be described as the feeling of being content or holding one in high regard. Agape was appropriated by Christians for use to express the unconditional love of God. Before agape love there was no other word to express such great love.

Éros (ἔρως érōs[2]) is passionate love, with sensual desire and longing. The Modern Greek word “erotas” means “intimate love;” however, eros does not have to be sexual in nature. Eros can be interpreted as a love for someone whom you love more than the philia, love of friendship. It can also apply to dating relationships as well as marriage. Plato refined his own definition: Although eros is initially felt for a person, with contemplation it becomes an appreciation of the beauty within that person, or even becomes appreciation of beauty itself. Plato does not talk of physical attraction as a necessary part of love, hence the use of the word platonic to mean, “without physical attraction.” In the Symposium, the most famous ancient work on the subject, Plato has the middle-aged Athenian philosopher, Socrates argue to aristocratic intellectuals and a young male acolyte in sexual pursuit of him, that eros helps the soul recall knowledge of beauty, and contributes to an understanding of spiritual truth, the ideal “Form” of youthful beauty that leads us humans to feel erotic desire — thus suggesting that even that sensually-based love aspires to the non-corporeal, spiritual plane of existence; that is, finding its truth, just like finding any truth, leads to transcendence. Lovers and philosophers are all inspired to seek truth through the means of eros.”

Philia (φιλία philía[3]) means friendship or affectionate love in modern Greek. It is a dispassionate virtuous love, a concept developed by Aristotle. It includes loyalty to friends, family, and community, and requires virtue, equality and familiarity. In ancient texts, philos denoted a general type of love, used for love between family, between friends, a desire or enjoyment of an activity, as well as between lovers.

Storge (στοργή storgē[4]) means “affection” in ancient and modern Greek. It is natural affection, like that felt by parents for offspring. Rarely used in ancient works, and then almost exclusively as a descriptor of relationships within the family. It is also known to express mere acceptance or putting up with situations, as in “loving” the tyrant.

I feel blessed to have so many forms of love in so many areas of life. I truly feel like the Ten of Cups every single day. Yesterday, shortly after I posted photos from Grandma Van’s 100th Birthday Party, the DVD of party photos arrived in the mail. In honor of Valentine’s Day and all the love in my life, I thought I’d share a few other favorites here:

With David

Me with my Sis, Bro and one of my nephews (the other arrived moments later)

The "Crazy" Extended Family Shot

More Mama Love

My dad’s shy, so I’ve not included any public photos of him except in the group shot. He actually looks great! You’d never know he’s been battling cancer the past six months. In fact, his spiritual transformation has been so great that he was one of the most radiant, joyful people in the room. He’s still got a lot of hair, and his aura was so shiny that when I first saw him I thought he looked 10 years younger. In any case, I love my family, and I love David. So grateful to have made this journey home!

Happy Valentine’s Day and lots and lots of love to all of you on this special day of love!