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Full Moon in Aquarius — Movement

I’ve mentioned before my morning habit of drawing a single card from Colette Baron-Reid’s The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards as a point of reference and contemplation throughout the day. Except for an occasional “Love” or “The Mystery” card, for weeks, my morning cards have been “Restriction,” “Death,” and “Disruption.” The messages aren’t quite as “bad” as their titles sound, but July offered big challenges for a lot of people, including me.

On the whole, July felt like a huge foray into spectacles of duality, bringing me visions of extremely positive future scenarios and teasers of progress, alongside nightmare legislation, false flag events, dark machinations, delays, destructive weather patterns and Olympics security whistle-blowers. Despite so much lighthearted, clear and positive imaginings, the negative scenarios vied hard for my dominant attention and vibration. Knowing that thoughts become things, I spent much of July battling my own mental chatter and helping clients and students get the upper hand on theirs.

Yesterday afternoon, the energy shifted. It felt like a long exhale after forgetting to breathe all month. This morning’s Avalon card reflected that shift. I pulled “Movement”:

“This marker reminds you that all things change as part of the cycle of life. This may portend a physical move, or it heralds a release from restriction and waiting.

“Rejoice, for change is in the air and new things are about to enter your world. This puts you on notice that it’s time to broaden your horizons as you move forward on your path. You may travel to new and foreign places, both physically and inwardly. It is fortunate and timely to do so.

“Nothing is ever meant to be static in the ways of the living Mystery. Movement brings challenges that must not be resisted, for progress can only be made by letting go of what was and welcoming what is and what is yet to come.

“This marker is always an omen of a change for the better.”

I then stumbled upon today’s Oracle Report, which amplifies the Movement message and underscores that change has already begun. Those of you who also noticed alternately choppy waves and doldrums in July may be in for smoother sailing. Do you feel it? I do. Bon voyage!

August 1, 2012
Full Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius

“Today’s Full Moon brings relief from the last four weeks, which I’ve labeled the Turning Point, as most of you know. The shift is over now. Many people have emailed me about what this time brought them and it has ranged from things that are “good” to things that appear “bad” on the surface: new jobs, new insights, new outlooks/frames of mind, new endeavors to new heartbreaks, new long nights of the soul, new pain. But everything had a purpose. Something needed to be revealed to each of us. If the shift has been a struggle for you (which it has for most) and you experienced a loss, it is now time to begin letting go of that situation. It’s time to recognize that the problem has been solved. If the shift was more joyous for you, enjoy the feeling of refreshment. It’s time for us to quietly reflect and adjust to the changes, Take in all that the Full Moon is illuminating for you.”