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Virus Meat, Turd Burgers and Human Cows: Mmmm Frankenfoods!

Just in case anyone thinks I’ve been beating the real food drum just a little too hard, check out what’s coming soon to a store near you. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I plan to (thankfully for me, loving them does NOT involve eating these things!) … Sometimes you just gotta laugh at this world, and might I recommend NOW as a very good time. Let’s laugh this planet into another dimension:

(Yeah, it’s Fox, but my feeling is they’re hiding this “in plain view.” Fox knows most aware people dismiss it as a fear-mongering lie machine. What better way to introduce something utterly gross and not have anyone blink an eye? The kneejerk reaction of aware people is to assume that everything on Fox is untrue. Use discernment. My gut feeling? This is for real.)

Turd Burgers! Mmmm, protein. “The main problem is the psychological barrier.” Ya think?

Genetically Modified Cows Produce Human Milk. (The cows are human-bovine hybrids.) Just out of curiosity, once the cows stop producing milk and go to slaughter, will their beef be labeled as the “cannibal cut”? Oh, that’s right! No GM labeling required. People can enjoy this extra special treat without even knowing it. Yummy, yummy.

Lest you think that veganism “protects” you from genetic monkeying, please familiarize yourself with Monsanto’s agenda to take over the entire world food supply, one GM crop at a time. Think organic protects you? Think again. Whole Foods will now be selling GM alfalfa sprouts — no doubt unlabeled, because you know, it might dissuade organic buyers who used to trust WF’s selection process. You eat organic dairy? Well GM alfalfa affects you, too, because cross-pollination will pollute organic alfalfa crops –a major food source of organic cows. You are what you eat. So GM eating cows will eventually become GM cows. And don’t even get me started on GM corn and GM soy. If the label doesn’t say “organic, non-GMO,” then guess what?! It’s GMO. Having trouble conceiving lately? Did you know that GM foods have been shown to cause sterility? And to turn on the “obesity gene”?

Yup. Lots of money for BigPharma in that one. How many health problems have a direct link to obesity these days?

What can you do? Let your legislators know you want food sovereignty laws. Not tomorrow. Today. Before Monsanto gets their greedy little GM seeds into your state and town’s soil. Grow your own food. Inside your home in the winter, outside when you can. Learn to sprout. Support organic farmer’s markets and raise awareness everywhere. Envision a free world with free food, free access to the rainwater that falls on your property and free access to sunshine unblocked by toxic chemtrails. We can take back our world one vision at a time. Much Love! There’s strength in numbers, and this shift is growing stronger every single day. I love you.