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The Illusion of Time with Dr. Bruce H. Lipton

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This video below is so “timely” for what I’ve been discussing with people since last night. At the Farmers Market today, my 82-year friend’s daughter joined us, and we started sharing about Dreamtime and working things out there instead of in waking life because you get faster results that way.

Last night, I tried to explain to David a sort of backwards method I’ve been using to prepare my “future Self” to be able to send healing energy and unconditional love back to my “present Self.” We discussed how this seems like a roundabout way — why not just heal and have unconditional love for my present Self right “now”? Of course, that’s a valid question, but the healing work feels very deep. It involves learning, imbibing and embodying very ancient wisdom now, so that by the time I’m in, say my 60’s or 80’s, I will have the skills I need to be able to go back in time to change the current trajectory of our planet. (** Just to clarify, I am fully aware that I’m not “the One” who will change things all by myself, but since my best range of influence is over myself, that’s what I’m focusing on for this particular process. The ripple is in effect!)

Looking at the oppression, surveillance and control mechanisms in the pipeline, it occurred to me that one day all the wisdom currently available in books or online could be banned. Sound crazy? It’s really not. I learned yesterday that giving Tarot readings or “fortune telling” was illegal in the US until 1984 — a victory that came only after a nine year court battle and literal witch trial of Z Budapest. Earlier this year, I got the sense that one of my favorite Rune websites might disappear overnight. I didn’t know which one, but fortunately, I had printed out the material I wanted from my favorite sites, because just the other day, I found that one website no longer exists. Thousands of pages of knowledge, history and self-empowerment: gone! Like it never existed.

People assume that the CISPA, PIPA and SOPA internet bills address online pirating or political censorship; however, history shows that in many newly Communist countries, for example, the spiritual and religious people and books get persecuted, censored and eventually destroyed. Anything or anyone supporting the soul, the spirit and the human element gets eliminated in a totalitarian regime, because tyranny cannot tolerate sparks of the Divine in humans. So long as those sparks remain, certain key elements cannot be controlled.

People who assume that the NSA spying is just to silence political critics or to predict behavior have not studied history or the transhuman (artificial intelligence-machine-human hybrid) agenda. I, for one, believe the soul, the spirit and humanity are worth preserving, but I’ve also begun to realize why ancient cultures memorized and embodied mythology and rituals. What happens if the internet goes down (whether via an internet kill switch or due to a grid-destroying solar flare)? What happens if certain books filled with useful esoteric knowledge or liberating ideals get burned?

History books already reflect the victors’ propaganda, and I am personally appalled at the watered down curricula of public schools and colleges. It would be embarrassing if it weren’t so obviously part of a larger agenda to dumb down the populace and short circuit critical thinking and dissent. (If you don’t believe me, please watch “Who Controls the Children –Schools Deliberately Dumb Down Children,” a videotaped meeting from 1992.)

Last night I received a strong message of not being adequately prepared right now for the challenges humanity and our entire planet face. The surveillance state has become too pervasive; the artificial intelligence too smart; and the perversion of Nature via GMO’s, fracking, mining, pollution, “spills,” “accidents” and weather modification too far gone — right now. I sensed that for all my esoteric knowledge and intuitive awareness, I do not currently possess all the skills I need in order to buttress this planet at this moment into a successful timeline and dimensional shift. However, I also sensed that if I devote myself right now even more deeply to learning, acquiring and integrating such skills, then there will come a time when I do know exactly what to do. Part of that wisdom will include knowing precisely how to return to this moment in “time” in order to trigger all the changes necessary for the desired planetary outcome.

Joanna Macy talks about a variation of this process in her book, “Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re in without Going Crazy.” She invites groups to address seemingly impossible problems in today’s world by imagining themselves as people in the “future” sharing how they had overcome this challenge at an earlier point in history. They congratulate themselves for their courage in creating the Great Turning, and they explain to each other all the intricacies of strategy as memories rather than as a brainstorming session for something yet to happen. Leaving the perceptions of linear reality seems to shake loose the creative process, easing burnout and discouragement. I’m not sure I’m even explaining it well enough here, but perhaps Dr. Bruce Lipton’s video below will elaborate or contextualize these thoughts.

Multiple Timelines and Healing

In the video below, you’ll find Dolores Cannon providing an excellent description of multiple timeline scenarios all in simultaneous existence. Her discussion has implications for everyday living, crossroads choices and healing, as well as ways the collective creates a New Earth.

This topic of multiple timelines arises in my own sessions, especially when people feel stuck by certain “past events.” When I try to explain that they can choose a different past, I get a lot of long pauses and resistance, along with the occasional, “Really?! I can do that?!” Yes, really. If you know Reiki Level 2, it’s even easier due to the distant healing symbol. I used to teach an all-day class solely on the power of that symbol. Even without knowing Reiki, you can use your mind, attention and intention to hop timelines at will. With full integration, you can hop to a completely alternate perceived reality. An easier/less drastic version of this process would be to imagine/select a timeline very similar to your current one but in which you recognized the bigger picture or reasoning behind a particular trauma or disappointment — at the “time” it occurred. You could then absorb the lesson without feeling anchored to that moment.

I’ve been getting so many questions lately about the shift to a New Earth, and some people feel frustrated that I won’t give them a specific, single trajectory of events and timing. As Dolores explains, many souls have returned to the Earth to help support each other in the shift; however, helping and healing can take many forms in many timelines. I’m just sharing this little snippet of Dolores to help contextualize greater possibilities than linear time. As Einstein said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

We have an individual and collective opportunity to heal ourselves and our Earth, and we can use many tools, including alternate timelines. Imagine a world in which 9/11 went down very differently. A world in which the trauma healed quickly and openly, instead of being poked and manipulated by those who arranged it. Imagine a world in which we’ve already made the 2012 transition to a glorious New Earth. How do you feel? What ramifications do you see? What areas feel close enough to hop over to?

For those of you not aware of Dolores or her work, “Dolores Cannon is a past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist who specializes in the recovery and cataloging of ‘Lost Knowledge.’ Her roots in hypnosis go back to the 1960s. She has been specializing in past-life therapy since 1979. Dolores has been a UFO investigator for twenty years, using her skills as a regressionist to help people that had been involved in abduction cases. She has written several books on the UFO information volunteers have revealed while under hypnosis. Her latest book, ‘The Convoluted Universe, Book One,’ goes further into complex metaphysical theories and covers ‘mind-bending’ concepts.” I like her work because so much of it has discovered very similar things to what I’ve found during Past Life Readings and my own meditations. I hope you enjoy the mind-bending!