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Tooth Update

Since posting Medical Intuitive Thoughts on Teeth, I have heard from so many more readers, clients and even a neighbor with recent, often severe tooth issues. If you’re having tooth problems and somehow missed that post, please do check it out.

A little update on my own tooth saga mentioned in the post:

Just went to the dentist today — first dental visit in four years, since I made a commitment to myself to heal the “root” of my tooth issues. I’ve been following a radical remineralization protocol for years, as well as doing lots of internal clearing work to shift the energy I took on from someone else inside my teeth. Long story, but it’s been a gradual extraction process of that person’s junk from my teeth. I had made really good progress but still felt the vulnerability in my teeth, so I continued to avoid the dentist. (I don’t like negative, disempowering diagnoses.)

Anyway, the other day, I posted my friend Timothy Glenn’s Heart Breath meditation. When I initially did the meditation, I thought it was nice, relaxing, quietly powerful. I tried it again after posting his article, and whoa … I felt the last of the energy extract itself from my teeth. Holy, moly, was it ever intense energy! I even said to myself, “No wonder my teeth hurt if that’s what I’ve been carrying around in there.” Most of it wasn’t even my stuff, but things I had empathed during my dealings with this other person, plus some of my own reactions to what I had empathed, which created their own little pockets of trauma. If you know tooth nerve pain and can imagine the emotional/spiritual equivalent, that’s what came up with that meditation — almost like it was sucked out of me with a vacuum. I immediately recognized it as the root source of my tooth pain.

I have not had pain since then, and today I went to my already scheduled dental appointment. I got a full set of Xrays, gum exam, cancer screening, special technology to determine if there’s internal, hidden decay even if the enamel looks good. Nothing. My teeth are strong, have fewer fillings than they used to have, but only one of those even needs to be replaced. The rest of the missing fillings have apparently regrown the enamel. I need a cleaning, because I haven’t had one in four years, but the hygienist said my gums and teeth looked good even if it had only been a six-month check. Whatever left me the other day really did leave, because there’s no evidence of cracks or any kind of abscess. No decay, not even in the one filling to be replaced. It’s just kind of a deep divet that makes sense to smooth over.

All of which is to say that teeth can heal. I highly recommend Ramiel Nagel’s book, “Cure Tooth Decay.” I don’t do everything in that book, since some of the things are kind of stomach turning, in my formerly vegan opinion. I’m willing to stretch in some ways like raw cheese but not most of the traditional foods. I did make some big dietary shifts in terms of choosing foods based on mineral availability. I’ve opted for herbal infusions like nettles, oatstraw and horsetail rather than, say, fish heads. I’ve also had good success with Jarrow’s BoneUp and nattokinaise, plus oil pulling with coconut oil and peppermint oil.

Truth be told, I’ve done a ton of physical things, which kept stuff stable. The full success arrived only after I fully cleared the projected and accepted energy, step-by-step, and I eliminated some long standing indecision by finally taking decisive action in a few areas of life. The combination of emotional, spiritual, and mental clearing, a little magick, prayer, and all the physical shifts, including but not limited to diet, have all combined into an empowering and clean bill of dental health. I know I am not the only person to have managed this “impossibility,” but as of now, I’ve never had a root canal or crown, despite having had severely demineralized teeth in 2008-2009. Like scary demineralized. I got fillings then but made an agreement that I would change the root cause of the issues before having any additional work done.

If something’s in pain, I prefer to get to the root of it instead of numbing it out, even if that root happens to be a tooth root. There’s no shame in traditional treatments either — sometimes those help, but the other levels of change are usually necessary for a full-on cure. Otherwise something bigger takes its place. I know this from my own life as well as from thousands of medical intuitive sessions and years of stories I’ve heard during life coaching. In my case, I didn’t want the side effects or cost of a potential 12 root canals. Nor did I want something like spontaneous bone fractures to replace the teeth as my primary issue.

Anyway, I will continue to practice the shifts I made to get this far, but I just wanted to share a personal victory here. LOL, I’m rackin’ ’em up! Traumatic brain injury, major back and neck injuries and now tooth remineralization … I do love a good old fashioned, “impossible,” long sought after but eventually spontaneous healing. Just a reminder that such things can happen with complete faith and devotion to healing — whatever solutions come your way as a result of your inner and outer work and play.

Continuing with today’s Rumi theme: “There are thousands of ways to kneel and kiss the Earth.”

Namaste, and might I add, Wooooooohooooooo! 🙂

Medical Intuitive Thoughts on Teeth

I’m actually writing this article as part of a brainstorming session for myself; however, I hear from so many clients who are enduring unintended side effects from infected root canals, rejected implants, tooth abscesses and frequent cavities. It seems teeth are a big issue these days, and in addition to Lyme Disease, traumatic brain injury (TBI), digestive issues and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, teeth are up there in Medical Intuitive Session topics. I have personally been flirting with a probably “necessary” root canal off and on for far too long now, so before I give up the tooth, I thought I’d, you know, use my intuitive gifts to help myself. 😉 But since teeth issues are so common, why not share the information? Maybe this way, I’ll actually finish the brainstorming session instead of doing other things.

When assessing metaphysical causes for any physical ailment, it usually pays to look at any obvious metaphors or cliches. If a metaphysical cause reaches the body in the form of pain, it means we’ve missed or ignored the subtle signs and decision points preceding this situation. Odds are, the body’s not playing coy. Oftentimes the most obvious messages are the “right” message, or at least set us on the right track of that message. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to share things even if they don’t seem to apply to me. This is a brainstorming session, and what’s off for me might be right on for someone else.

The earliest tooth metaphor I remember hearing was from my Grandma Van, the woman who cheerfully asserted, “A meal’s just not a meal without dessert.” Grandma Van joyfully lived to age 101, and one could argue that she only decided to give up the ghost when the nursing home insisted she drink some disgusting protein shakes. Until she stopped being able to eat her sweets — even with only one remaining tooth — Grandma Van was still enjoying romance novels and bridge games. Grandma Van knew what she liked and refused what she didn’t. Her primary way of letting you know she didn’t like something was to mumble under her breath, “I’d rather have a root canal.”

Another early tooth metaphor came from my dad, describing my own stubborn nature, saying, “It’s like pulling teeth,” usually in reference to getting me to read the dreaded “Classics.” I preferred Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie, or even the Boxcar Children. Mysteries! Or “Clan of the Cave Bear” and “A Woman of Substance,” epic tales of strong women. Although I eventually became an English Major who devoured Classical Literature, as a child I knew what I liked, and I read it. And only those things. I read so much that my sister joked that my middle name of Paige was really “page” as in “book,” complete with a little bookworm finger gesture. I met one of our neighbors later in life and he said, “Oh, right! You were that girl who was always sitting on the front lawn reading.” I was a voracious reader as a child, but no one could entice me to read anything I didn’t want to know.

Both tooth metaphors appear to deal with preferences — the joy of embracing these, the pain of ignoring them in favor of “reason,” “education,” “practicality,” or “societal custom.” My grandmother and I shared a strong ability to “grin and bear it” when things did not go our way, but the pain cut(s) deep. The ability to “grit your teeth and git ‘er done” is also something I shared with Grandma Van, to the point that I have occasionally cracked a tooth from night grinding before certain likely to be stressful encounters. At Grandma Van’s funeral, more than one person commented on the strong set of her jaw. We usually saw her smiling, but at rest, her jaw was clamped shut and downright formidable. People credited her stubborn streak with ensuring her long life and continued zest for it despite years of not being able to talk or walk after multiple strokes and arthritis.

If you consult Louise Hay’s book, “Heal Your Body,” you’ll find that teeth represent “decisions” or “longstanding indecisiveness. Inability to break down ideas for analysis and decisions.” A root canal means: “Can’t bite into anything anymore. Root beliefs being destroyed.” Abscess: “fermenting thoughts over hurts, slights and revenge.” I’ve had clients for whom teeth represented “vulnerability,” “structures” and “personal power.” It’s also worth noting that meridians run through each tooth, so the specific tooth in question relates to whatever issues connect to that meridian. You can find a cool dental meridian chart by clicking here. Hovering over each tooth pops up a chart with related organs and positive/balanced vs. negative emotions associated with that specific tooth.

Given everything happening in our world today — the failing of most major societal, political, financial and ecological structures; an increasing sense of vulnerability to a Fascist Police State; bizarre weather patterns and End Times prophecies; and psychopathic corporations hellbent on telling us we want things that most awake people really, really do not want — it’s no wonder I’m hearing from so many people with dental issues. To varying degrees, we seem to have seen through the mirage of all the old structures, yet we’re not fully embodying and inhabiting the New.

Add to that the fact that many Lightworkers, Healers and Wayshowers feel like they’re pouring themselves into the New in order to support the rest of society that’s only just now flickering their eyelids to a groggy awareness of something maybe not quite as “real” as they thought it was. Still largely asleep, most of society continues to convince itself that the Real is a dream while the Matrix is waking “reality.” Depletion and demineralization often appear when we have been giving, giving, giving unsustainably more than we’re receiving. Many tooth, bone and chronic fatigue issues reflect this imbalance. In today’s times of intense change, it can seem like we have exponentially more things to do and less time for personal nourishment. Yet change does begin within. If we do not adequately nourish ourselves (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) how will we have the energy and stamina to continue supporting others?

Whether people call me for dental issues or hormonal issues, a common theme has begun emerging in recent Medical Intuitive sessions, and that’s the need to be truly honest with ourselves regarding our so-called preferences. Many people, myself included, want so much to see positive changes in this world that we sometimes overstretch our own limits and preferences. We “bite off more than we can chew” — grit our teeth to git ‘er done — even when those responsibilities rightly lie in other peoples’ hands. Something like what Dr. Bruce Lipton calls “the biological imperative” seems to be kicking in for many of us. Even formerly laid back or “live and let live” folks find it more difficult to stay silent and inactive. On the one hand, that’s great! We have increasing numbers of people envisioning and enacting steps towards a positive timeline and world.

On the other hand, we need to make some decisions, and we don’t always feel like we have enough time to gather all the information and skills we need for making such life altering choices. As a society, we’ve allowed old hurts to fester in the form of prejudices, and religious/political/class divisions; we’ve ignored aggressive infections in our banking and political systems, either deadening ourselves to the pain or hoping something else will fix the problem without our interference. Except now, we’re feeling the abscess twinges. We’re recognizing that some so-called leaders “have more nerve than an infected tooth.” Some of us would rather have a root canal than get involved, while others are realizing the vulnerabilities of “toothless” legal systems and protections. It seems mostly vampires have powerful teeth right now.

In her co-authored book, “Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re In Without Going Crazy,” Joanna Macy calls our period “The Great Turning.” As a Buddhist, she emphasizes non-attachment: we don’t know the ultimate outcome of our efforts. But she also recognizes the necessity of hope as both motivator in the face of overwhelming challenges and a means of countering fear and despair. Just as meridians run through each tooth, each individual intimately connects with the entire Universe. As humans, we are, quite literally, bridges between heaven and Earth. The Spirit world needs physical beings through which to act. The Earth needs inhabitants living from our hearts and inspired action. The more we each tune in to our own preferences — our deepest soul longings — the more we find ourselves either biting into life or suffering effects from trying to grit through something we really do not want.

Some way, somehow, decisions need to be made. When pain continues to flare up, will we find ways to bring our preferred reality into being? Will we have the courage to follow our dream? To live our truth? To come out of whatever closet — sexual, broom, religious or otherwise? In an interconnected world, even personal, microcosmic decisions affect the macrocosm. Just as a tiny tooth nerve can drive you to the point of near insanity, so can tiny actions from seemingly small decisions demand grand attention. Never underestimate the power of little things.

Yes! Of everything I’ve just shared, that last line jumps out at me: “never underestimate the power of little things.” Like canaries in the coal mine, teeth are small but mightily telling. These tiny parts of our body can provide some of the sharpest defense when all else fails to protect us. Teeth answer the call of the wild. They rip apart pretty looking portions and make them bio-available. Teeth don’t care what our food looks like. They care about what nutrients that food provides. Will it add to (mineralize) us or ultimately deplete (demineralize through sugary, empty fluff)? Teeth have roots, and sometimes local pain results in changes that haven’t come about any other way. Little decisions, little actions, just like chewing food, eventually break things down into bite-sized pieces. The trick is not to shove everything in at once, but rather to chew and to choose. Choose wisely now. Decisions count more than ever now. And now. And now. Pay attention to, evaluate and honor longings and nourishment — whatever those things mean to you, right now.

Blessed Be!