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Big Announcement: My New YouTube Channel!

In my Star Gate Portal post, I mentioned some big shifts in progress. Well, here’s one of them:

“Big Announcement: My New YouTube Channel!”

If today’s title leaves you in shock, you’re not alone. My original YouTube channel was one of the very first censored ones way back in 2011, and I never reinstated it. I have successfully navigated life and work without any social media for many years. I had a two-week stint on Instagram in 2016, but other than that, I’ve had zero social media presence since I ended my short lived FaceBook account in 2011. I only had Twitter for a few months in 2009. I understand why others use it, but I have loved not being on social media.

So why YouTube, and why now?

The short answer is because now is the time.

The longer answer is that my Dream Guys have apparently been working on this project for a realllllly long time, while keeping me on a need to know basis. Since every fiber of my being would have screamed, “Uh uh, no way!” my Dream Guys had “no leaks” until two Thursday’s ago when I suddenly realized, “I need to create a YouTube channel. I’m supposed to make videos about coming astrological events, as well as supporting empaths through these crazy times.”

This followed several days in a row where I could not recall my dreams other than them having “something to do with healing.” When the YouTube idea dropped into my brain, it was so out of character. I realized it did not come from me, so I paid attention–especially when I noted zero resistance to the idea. How could this be?! I’ve wanted to hide under a rock for most of my life, just throwing faery magic on the world without anyone realizing where it’s coming from. Recording myself for YouTube over and over again is the antithesis of me hiding under a rock.

As I explored this new directive, I decided to make a test video the next day. I didn’t plan to keep it, but the video turned out well on the first take. Plus, it was … fun! Everything aligned to support the technical details (thanks to Mike Clelland and Mitch Mattraw), and before I knew it, I had dozens of ideas for videos.

Old Laura Bruno still would have resisted the message to open a YouTube channel, but New Laura Bruno currently has six major Pluto transits–more if you count Pluto conjuncting my vertex and the Midheaven of the exact moment I created the channel. Pluto EXPOSES hidden things. If we lean into that energy, then it brings light to our hidden skills, strength, and gifts. If we try to outrun Pluto, his repeat tsunamis pummel us until we drown and submit to the necessary rebirth. Knowing all the transits I have right now, plus others happening later this year, makes it much less scary to open a YouTube channel than to risk getting pulled under by this Lord of the Underworld.

And so, on this auspicious Full Moon in Leo, I’m announcing my new YouTube channel. Synchronicities (and Dream Guys!) arranged for me to open the channel on Imbolc, exactly one year after finishing the Queen of Wands portal. That was a commissioned piece, but its quote applies to me, too: “Love grows where destiny flows.” I have more videos completed to add to the channel, and you can find those by clicking here.

Below are the first two videos I uploaded. Please note, this is a new channel, and I have no control over what ads do or don’t appear from YouTube. Also, if you are reading this post in an email, you will need to click through to my blog or to YouTube in order to watch the videos. My YouTube channel is called Ask Laura Bruno. The first video explains why I use Sabian Symbols in my New and Full Moon posts:

The second video shares how I got into astrology:

Additional videos cover upcoming transits, including Saturn in Pisces, Pluto in Aquarius and Mars in Cancer. I’m also adding videos that explain things that arise all the time in sessions. I figure if I keep saying these things over and over to individuals, then they warrant a collective video. This is a new project, so I don’t know exactly how the YouTube channel will integrate with my blog. I suspect they will have some crossover but remain two separate entities.

I will post some of my YouTube content on the blog, but in order not to miss new videos, you might want to subscribe to my channel. Apparently, engagement on YouTube really helps new channels to show up in the algorithm. I don’t understand all that stuff, but if you hit like, subscribe and/or leave a comment on my channel, it will help me bring these messages to more people.

Life is full of surprises, even for someone as intuitive as little 49-year-old me! In retrospect, I can see many dreams pointing in this direction, but I didn’t realize that until I had already worked through all of the MASSIVE resistance I would normally have to such an idea. I hope you enjoy my videos. Thanks for joining me on the journey.

24 Years Post-TBI

May 19, 2022 marks 24 years since my life changing TBI. My brain injury occurred three days before my 25th birthday, so this next year also marks the year when things will flip to having lived longer post-TBI than I did prior to it. I turn 49 on May 22, 2022.

I’ve spoken a lot about this brain injury in interviews, and I wrote a whole book about my recovery. (If you’d like a copy of “If I Only Had a Brain Injury,” please contact me. It’s out of print and often crazy expensive on Amazon, but I have some signed copies available at a reasonable cost.) I’ve always considered this complete game changer the best thing that ever happened to me. Even though I’ve been medical intuitive my whole life, I would not be doing this kind of work without this injury.

Astrologically, I can see that I was due for something major. Ann Kreilkamp once looked at my transits at the time of my accident and told me, “Laura, if you had stayed in bed in the hotel room that day instead of getting in your car when your intuition said you’d get into a car accident, the ceiling would have fallen on your head!” Within moments of waking up at a red light, I felt this in the depths of my soul. “It” had happened. That mysterious, looming something that pursued me in recurring dreams was here. Now. And so, the journey began.

What a wild, beautiful, and yes, painful journey it has been. I feel I’m still on it, even though I consider myself fully recovered after four years of total disability. My brain got rewired. I am not the person I was the morning of May 19, 1998. My accident occurred at 1:11 p.m., and I catapulted into a new realm and a new way of being. I would not exchange that experience for anything.

Some of you have known me since before I hit my head. Many of you found me long after I tunneled through an underground initiation. I’m privileged to have walked with so many others through their own initiations, Dark Night(s) of the Soul, and breakthroughs to the other side. According to my doctors, I’m a walking miracle, and I humbly, gratefully and proudly wear that mantle. I experienced the touch of Grace in my recovery, but I also worked damned hard! It took grit, courage and everything I had and more to move from total disability to a thriving, happy, healthy life.

One of my doctors told me, “Laura, most people reach a comfortable state of disability and give up, but you’re different. You’re not satisfied with a comfortable state of disability.”

I was appalled at the suggestion that I would just give up. “That’s because it’s unacceptable. For me, there is NO comfortable state of disability.”

I didn’t know it back then, but I have an exact Grand Trine in Air of Sun-Moon-Pluto in my natal chart. Being under someone else’s thumb, at the whim of Workers Comp or insurance companies for the rest of my life? Not being able to support myself? Ummmmm, no! Absolutely not. Pluto gives you grit and resilience. He also gives you strength, and steely determination to reclaim your power. Pluto does not wallow in the role of victim. I refused to let injury, doctors, insurance companies or anybody else keep me down. It just wasn’t an option.

I share this story here, because I feel myself at that tipping point, where I’ve been alive longer post-TBI than pre-TBI. This feels significant, like flipping a switch. It also feels relevant on a more collective level, as the US continues its first exact Pluto conjunction since the nation’s birth. Things look bad right now — if you look with logic. My TBI threw out my rational side for four plus years. I learned to look through other lenses, to find the signs of healing along the way.

For those with eyes to see, there are many signs of rejuvenation, rebirth and resilience. Things will never be the same. We will face challenges, but sometimes what gets destroyed needed to go away. Only by removing the old — by doing a full gut rehab — do we find our beauty and full potential. I’m a walking miracle, and I know how to recognize miraculous potential. I see it all the time in clients, and I see it in the collective. Do not despair. Powerful transformation and healing are underway.

Thank you for being here now, on this wild, crazy planet at this particularly insane moment in history. As Albert Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” I, for one, always choose the miracle.

That is the secret to every recovery I’ve ever made.