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Interview with Susun Weed ~ Plant Telepathy and More

I watched all five parts of this interview yesterday and loved them! “Herb Mentor” interviews Wise Woman Herbalist Susun Weed in a delightful conversation about plant communication, healing relationships with herbs, various traditions of healing, herbal regulation, and more.

People really devoted to colon cleansing may not like part three, but she makes some excellent points about the importance of attitude in healing: do you need “to be fixed” or are you already healthy but looking to get healthier? Are you broken and filthy and can never become clean, or are you looking to add nourishment so that your body can enter into relationship with plants, people, food and the cosmos in order to tap into its own innate healing wisdom?

I very much enjoyed both sides of this conversation, and I trust you will, too!

Happy Sovereignty Day

Happy Sovereignty Day!

May it be so.

On this July 4, 2012, we find ourselves at an interesting juncture in our world and particularly in America where a new study at Homeland “Security,” concludes that if you are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and are “reverent of individual liberty,” then you are an “extreme right-wing” terrorist. Thank goddess for reincarnation, or the Founding Fathers of our country would be turning over in their graves to lock and load.

We don’t need a bloody revolution, though. We already have too many wars to count inside ourselves and across our world. What we need is a LOVEolution — another step around that (r)evolutionary spiral. Yes, some things look eerily similar to 1776, but we’ve been there, done that. We live in a world and on a planet deeply in need of healing, love and self-respect. “The kingdom of heaven is within you,” “and the truth shall set you free.”

As fireworks celebrate American “Independence,” I thought I’d share some words from Susun Weed’s “Wise Woman Herbal Series.” I only recently discovered her work, and it resonates with me big time. All of her books are incredible, but I think “Healing Wise” is my favorite. This passage comes from pages 26-27 of Healing Wise. Please take a moment to consider how these words apply to your own life, to your country, as well as to our larger world:

“Unconditional love that nourishes the inner being does not tolerate abuse, ugliness, lies. Unconditional self-love brings self-respect and demands it of others. Unconditional self-love knows that it is unloving, of anyone, self or other, to allow abuse to continue, no matter their age or circumstances. Loving ourselves unconditionally strengthens our power to say ‘no’ when our heart knows that beauty and truth are not present.

“The wise woman understands that, for most of us, saying ‘no’ is hard to do. We’re afraid that if we say ‘no,’ we won’t get enough love. Or worse yet, we won’t be allowed to give our love away, and we need to give our love away so we can expect to get love from others. The wise woman understands that we expect love to come from outside, not inside. She knows that this expectation, this assumption, this hope — that love comes from outside — prevents us from speaking our truth when our heart demands that we say ‘no.’

“Loving ourselves, generating love from inside, not trying to get it from outside, that is the Wise Woman way, a way that allows ‘no’ to reveal its loving nature.

“Become aware of how often you do the expected thing, the good thing, the right thing, says the Wise Woman helper, and acknowledge the part of yourself that is a liar, that is afraid to say, ‘no.’

“Truth and unconditional love support each other. To love yourself unconditionally, you must tell yourself the truth. You cannot hear your own truth if you are lying to others. Begin to tell the truth in the smallest thing. This brings you wholeness. Tell the truth often and you will be filled with beauty. You will have health. You will walk the beauty way of health/wholeness/holiness. Your truth will bless all you encounter. You will be blessed. Do not be afraid to reveal your own uniqueness, for that is part of your blessing.”

May it be so.