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Tom Lescher: Astrology, Sheep, Individuation and Awakening

Astrologer Tom Lescher uploaded this video for the June 20, 2012 Summer Solstice. He covers two different squares happening — Uranus Square Pluto and Jupiter Square Neptune — as well as the Sun’s move into Cancer. He’s got some empowering information about those things that seem beyond our control. They are “nothing but a reflection of our own unconscious need to awaken” and he reminds us of the availability of “untapped reservoirs of help.”

Tom’s videos tend to resonate strongly with information I’ve been getting in sessions and my own meditations. He even talks about the Wheel of Fortune tarot card. The masculine/patriarchy “is on the top, but on its way down.” The feminine forces and “dark midnight” are turning towards the top. This doesn’t mean men vs. women. Within individuals the balancing of masculine and feminine energies will continue with feelings beginning “to rise up and impregnate the mind” with solutions and creative new energies. “Our feelings guide us into the reservoir of that unique, powerful Self.”

Tom’s advice and meditation:

‘May the waters of feeling from deep down within me guide me through the changes before me.’ There is so much going on I didn’t even get to Saturn going direct also! Next week we can look at the far reaching changes indicated in that event. For now, suffice it to say that it may be time to put the iphone down, turn off the chatter and listen inwardly for some REAL guidance in making tough choices. Aloha!”

(Just a quick note from Laura that the sound at the very end of the video is LOUD. Once he says, “Aloha, so much love. Namaste. Enjoy these times; they don’t come back,” I suggest you turn down the volume or hit mute. The rest of the video works perfectly. 🙂 )

Happy Summer Solstice

Today’s post comes from a Raph channeling client turned dear friend. “Vi” is a Reiki Master Teacher and all around deeply compassionate woman who has found a way to personalize the Blue Room Meditation (originally shared with me by Tim Glenn). As Vi describes below, instead of inviting other people into this soul- and energy- balancing meditation, she invited different parts of herself. I love when people take tools and intuit new things to do with them — and then decide to share those new applications so that others can explore and recreate as well. Somehow it seemed important to share this on Summer Solstice, right after a New Moon, and the day of greatest light in the Northern Hemisphere. Let your Light so Shine!

Many thanks to Vi. I’ll let her share the magic below:

I wanted to share an amazing transformative tool & experience. This personally dovetails on much that has been unfolding for me over the last few days, maybe even weeks. So without going into long detail, let me just offer the tool and you’ll know if you want to explore as I did.

First, I started with Laura Bruno’s Blue Room Meditation. Last night before bed, while holding 2 heart shaped pieces of jasper two dear friends gifted me and small pieces of rough ruby & emerald that “Raph” suggested might assist me with my abundance manifestation… I went into meditation, inviting in my guides, etc. ultimately making my physical life experience here & NOW into a “blue room”. That’s right. Then I invited both my ego/mind and heart into the space. After a period of time I discussed what they had both brought to my experience and asked that my ego/mind now allow my heart to take the lead. It had done well, and in appreciation for all it has offered, it was now time for it to allow another to lead. Those who are students of A Course in Miracles will particularly appreciate this, I think. I really put my heart into this and truly felt a shift.

THIS MORNING, I went into the same space, this time however, inviting in all of the karma, drama, experiences, etc. of ALL my lives; past, present & future, in all dimensions and all realities. It was a crowded space! Again in a loving, acknowledging and gratitude-filled way, I asked Archangel Michael to escort out of the blue “true” me all of the karmic drama (from everywhere mentioned earlier), while leaving behind the lessons and understandings without any attachment or judgement — releasing ALL FEAR. Leaving behind only LOVE, JOY, PEACE, FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE…. and more to come with grace and ease. I stayed in this later space a long time just blissed out focused on being Love-FULL and Fear-LESS!
Coming out of it, it took me at least an hour to get grounded. Huge stuff has shifted, and it feels like it is still ongoing 3 1/2 hours later… like a DNA shift. I am breathing different.

So, I had to share. Hugs to all of you who I adore so very much! ~Vi