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Timothy Glenn ~ Vernal Equinox 2013: Ready For Launch, Good To Go

I always love coming home to some wise forecasting by my wonderful friend, Tim Glenn of In today’s post, he sets yesterday’s Spring Equinox in context of the recent Mercury Retrograde period and some events on the horizon later this year.

In case you’ve wondered: yes, that was a particularly rough Mercury Retrograde for so many people, myself and electronics included! Tim and I compared notes the other day, and it seems that we and most of our highly intuitive and astrologically inclined friends got whacked, too. This includes people normally savvy enough to sail through Mercury Retrograde periods with a bit of proper planning and internal reflection. Not so this time!

I lost track of how many times (and attempted times) my Yahoo account was hacked or otherwise non-functional. Three CD players in our house quit working — one of those remains very picky, another irreparable, and one had a mysterious, renegade piece of hair very deep inside. Eh-hem … David shaves his head, so, yeah … that was mine. 😉 The oddest thing about the hair in the CD player was that David received an intuitive hit to check for exactly that (random and bizarre) thing before shipping it away for repair. Thank you, overwhelming Piscean energy, for adding to intuition and not just messing with everyone’s emotions!

Anyhoo, here’s Tim with additional insights and suggestions:

Vernal Equinox 2013

Ready For Launch, Good To Go

By Timothy Glenn

The power-packed chart for the Vernal Equinox unleashes much of our pent-up energy and potential, but with an explosive quality that may turn our lives into balancing acts. As light and dark manifest in equilibrium on this day, we are encouraged to seek good old-fashioned balance in our approach to the challenges ahead.

The Sun enters Aries to join Mars and Uranus before Venus arrives to help smooth ruffled feathers and such. The Winds of Change will begin raging in an unpredictable fashion.

Especially since so many facets of our lives felt stuck and even discombobulated by the Mercury retrograde in Pisces, adventure and surprise could become welcome staples for awhile. Anything that got sloggy during the heavy Pisces phenomenon of the previous month, can cut loose its moorings and set sail on what promises to be a turbulent sea.

Our Vernal Equinox chart does not assure smooth sailing, but sail we must. It might help to remember the old adage: “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” Sailors know what it means to keep your Sea Legs; strong, flexed and ready. You would not find a real sailor standing around on deck stiff-legged, lock-kneed and flat-footed.

Especially in athletics, we have often been told “Stay on your toes.” When we heed this advice, our weight shifts forward, and we are prepared to meet whatever comes our way head on. April, May and June of 2013 do not look like a time for leaning back or holding back, much less refusing to let our Light shine.

Etymology of a Keyword

Life will burgeon forth in a wild surge for a few months, and the magic word “choice” comes to the forefront. We can cower and try to hide from the inevitable shifts occurring, or we can declare ourselves ready for launch. We can send the message to the Universal Control Tower that we are “good to go”.

With enthusiasm!

Here is an etymological perspective on the word “enthusiasm”. En-theo-ism, which translates: “In a Godlike state of Being.” Most of us do not picture God as some sort of Infinite Wimp, nor as a Cosmic Yawn of Boredom. In a Godlike state of Being, we follow our excitement and throw ourselves into life.

A Fairly Grand Trine

Equinox Day does give us a brief but beautiful Grand Trine later in the day as the Moon in Cancer teams up with Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio to form a triangle in the Zodiac. We would do well to use the next few months to prepare for the Major Grand Trine in the water signs coming to a planet near you in July.

Thomas Edison’s definition of luck: When preparation meets opportunity. We have an old saying that all things come to those who wait, but Edison did a bit of editing on that one: All things come to those who hustle while they wait.

These three months ahead are a time to surge forward, and our little baby Grand Trine reminds us not to leave emotional healing out of our itinerary. Our hearts have taken the brunt of the damage incurred during our unconscious years, and this marks an excellent time to burst forth and leave the hurts behind. Yea, though I walk through the shadow of the valley of pain, I shall fear no catharsis.

But the most effective prep work is whatever your Spirit moves you to do. Reality is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

Get Ready to Get Real

The Vernal Equinox chart also contains a Yod, or Finger of God. Loosely speaking, in fact, it give us two. A dear friend likes to use these opportunities to “give the middle finger of God” to whatever blocks her way forward. But some folks like to see a Yod as a sword, in particular: the Sword in the Stone. If we lack the gumption and/or faith to pull the sword from the stone, not much could be expected.

The Jupiter/Uranus sextile does form a Yod with Saturn, but the orb is loose and will continue to loosen with time. This one does not feel overly fateful.

But the Saturn/Pluto sextile forming a Yod with Jupiter is reasonably tight, and will tighten as the planets continue moving. Especially with the sextiling planets, Saturn and Pluto, working in Mutual Reception (each in the sign ruled by the other) the dismantling of outmoded structures will accelerate. Their point falls on Jupiter, who loves accelerators and is not quite sure what a brake is. People wallowing unconsciously in the dark may find themselves prodded awake and not understanding where they are.

Another facet of Saturn in Scorpio supporting Pluto in Capricorn involves bringing things hidden out into the public eye. With these two focusing the point of the Yod on Jupiter, we can anticipate more revelations that will rock the geopolitical world.

Earth Herself may get rocked in the coming months, but the religious, economic and political elements of the human world will certainly be shaken to their crumbling foundations.

Jupiter serves as the point of this particular Sword, and Jupiter is associated with expansion, abundance, success and luck. Again, luck is when preparation meets opportunity. We would be wise to get ready to face dark secrets within ourselves and out in the world at large. This process has not been traditionally recommended for spiritual wimps, but copping out may be eliminated as an option.

Timothy Glenn