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May 26, 2021 Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

My May 2021 Forecast noted:

May 26 Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 7:14 a.m. Eastern. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse reveals tensions between repressed feelings and group solidarity. Pay attention to light shining on old patterns, condescension, and/or rigid ideals. Do these attitudes still fit? Accept invitations to upgrade.

This is a South Node Eclipse, with the transiting South Node at 10°43′ Sagittarius and the Full Moon at 5°26′ Sagittarius. This conjunction emphasizes a chance to release old things that no longer serve — especially old dogma, judgments, or overconfidence about the “correct” worldview. The South Node marks this as an extra karmic eclipse. Truth will out.

In addition to the collective South Node conjuncting this powerful Lunar Eclipse, asteroid Nemesis exactly conjuncts the Full Moon. According to Alex Miller:

Nemesis was the goddess of due enactment, a karmic equalizer who ensured that no one had too much good fortune, but paid appropriately for their misdeeds. Known as the restorer of cosmic order, Nemesis was particularly focused on punishing acts of hubris, which is defiant pride or arrogance in one’s place, gifts or fortune. Eventually her concept was refined to include a quality of vengefulness or retribution which is lacking in the original, which was more about rectifying imbalance. In modern usage, the term “nemesis” has come to represent any opponent, competitor, or adversary, anyone who stands in the way of our goal, or enacts revenge for wrongs committed.

Astrologically, Nemesis represents the vagaries of Fate, self-undoing, reversal of fortune, and any person or thing which holds us back, prevents our will, denies goals, or punishes our actions. Additionally, there can be issues with assigning blame, scapegoating, or finding fault.

Things in the collective could get interesting! Eclipse energy lasts for months, and this one begins a series of firecracker alignments between now and late June. Expect some shakeups, especially as we approach the second exact Saturn square Uranus event on June 14, 2021.

How this eclipse will affect you depends on your own natal chart, as well as your own willingness to entertain different attitudes, viewpoints and explanations. I keep hearing what a talented songwriter shared with me:

“Humble pie is always warm.”

Feel into that expression. Humility warms hearts as well as blushing cheeks. Vulnerability and curiosity can ease misunderstandings before they harden into outrage.

This eclipse and these next six weeks offer beautiful opportunities to course correct our personal lives and the collective challenges facing humanity at this time. A great time for soul searching, honest reflection, and a commitment to embrace difficult, yet liberating truths. We’ve lived in a divided society for far too long. Watch for and cultivate unifying themes and messages.

Tom Lescher/Kaypacha ~ Astrology Forecast May 8, 2013

Here’s Tom Lescher/Kaypacha talking about today’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse, as well as other shifts this week. (Note: he says “tomorrow,” but he made the video yesterday, so the New Moon and eclipse are today.) He also explains the current “eclipse cycle” and how it completes whatever was begun in mid-November 2012. This is a fairly technical, information packed segment that incorporates some explanation of North and South Nodes, Dane Rudhyar, eclipses, past lives, and a lightening up of the recent energies. I like how he puts many things into context with each other:

Published on May 8, 2013

“My response to Life will show,
What emotions need to go,
So on my path the Light will shine,
The fear of failure no longer mine!
Prepare for the UNEXPECTED! Wow, there is always so much more I wanted to say! The main thing would be not to take the last two weeks too seriously. Our experiences have been designed to bring up the old emotional patterns and responses so we could see them and let them go. It’s not REAL in the real sense of the word haha! But now that you have seen the “enemy” (as in old patterns) – poof! let ’em go! One last note is that I often write much more in my weekly newsletter (only once a week) that you can sign up for on my website if you want the Pele Report delivered to your inbox…..…. Aloha!”