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Goodbye Sonoma County, Goodbye California!

Those of you who read my Sonoma County Moving Story, know that Stephen and I arrived in our current home through a series of synchronicities that caught our attention in a big way. Although people always consider me “very Sonoma County,” I have felt strongly since moving back to California that we were here more for Stephen than for me, especially in this little 1111 house. I have been receiving so many concerned emails that I thought I should make a public announcement regarding some unusual aspects of our divorce.

First of all, yes, the divorce is still amicable. Beyond amicable. It feels blessed and like the most synchronized event in both our lives. If you know how much we live by synchronicity, this really says something! Secondly, yes, I know about Stephen’s relationship with Shana Dean, and they have my full blessing and joy. In fact, I set them up. I have been friends with Shana since May 2008, but we became very good friends once Stephen and I moved to Santa Rosa on Summer Solstice 2009.

The more we hung out, the more I noticed her compatibility with Stephen. As Stephen and I continued to discuss our relationship, I kept seeing (in my mind’s eye) Stephen and Shana together. Then Shana had a psychic reading (with someone else) describing a soul connection with someone who sounded exactly like Stephen. I promptly introduced them — insisted they meet, insisted they explore this, and they finally did. Although it sounds weird to outsiders, and is admittedly a little strange even to the insiders(!), everything’s moving along smoothly and blessed, and their relationship has freed me to move back to the Chicago area much sooner than expected. I am so excited for this next phase of all our lives. Really, truly joyful, so please rest easily on that front. This is Spirit in action, not a tragedy. 🙂

My mom sent me something via email yesterday — a meditation/study from a Christian publication called “The Upper Room.” The piece focused on the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire that led the Israelites through the desert so that they could travel by day and night and never lose their way. I have had so many synchronicities, signs, nudges and miraculous arrivals of resources to get me back to Chicago/Evanston that I do feel like I’m following a pillar of cloud and a pillar of fire. And there’s plenty of manna to go around, too!

For all the amazing events since our Summer Solstice move, this all has kind of an eerie familiarity to me. In 2001, I went through a similar series of Divine interventions to get me out of Chicago/Evanston and into Seattle. Money arrived at the last moment; bizarre coincidences grabbed my attention; the right people appeared at the right time.

For years and especially in recent months, I have felt like I’m walking a labyrinth, retracing steps I took many years ago, but with the awareness and maturity that comes from a long journey to center. I’ve had a vision of the endpoint, but it didn’t make sense given all of life’s twists and turns. In a labyrinth, “The way in is the way out,” a phrase that has haunted me for at least a year. When drifting off to sleep, I would hear this phrase; when waking up, I would think it.

I’ve written about my dreams and “obsession” with doors and portals — even started painting them! Beginning with the Full Moon in Gemini on 12/12/2008, I’ve sensed that something massive was shifting in my life. I’ve received glimmers of what, but I had no idea how things would reorganize to get me there. After another year of walking the labyrinth, twisting and turning, yet always remaining step by step on a clear path, I’m beginning to find myself close to the entrance.

But the way in is the way out, and the way out is the way in. In returning to Evanston/Chicago, I can feel things coming full circle in a hugely positive, fulfilling way. I feel like someone who journeyed to Chartes Cathedral instead of going all the way to Jerusalem — taking the long pilgrimage there and then slowly, meditatively walking to the center of the labyrinth and back out, then home again. I even painted a labyrinth from Chartes Cathedral on a block of wood at my parents’ house, just waiting for them to ship it to me in my new home. Whenever I get that Victorian House I keep seeing with all the doors painted by me, I think I’ll also paint some kind of labyrinth on the living room floor! In any case, my life feels so blessed and so touched by the Divine that words cannot do it justice. It’s a feeling in my heart, and I hope you will join me in feeling grateful for the beauty and fluidity of life as I say goodbye to all the people, places and things that have formed so much of my last nine years:

Goodbye Sonoma County

Goodbye San Francisco, Bodega Bay and Mendocino

Goodbye Stephen Bruno

Goodbye Shana Dean, Cecilia Benjumea-Kinzie, Tania Marie , Cassie Margraf, and Karen Lang

Goodbye Cafe Gratitude and Monday Night Live!

Goodbye Living Light

Goodbye Monterey

Goodbye Seattle

Goodbye Seed and Slice of Life

Goodbye Petaluma Raw Food Potluck

Goodbye Sedona

Goodbye Lake Tahoe, Reno and Timothy Glenn

Goodbye Oregon Coast and Ashland

Goodbye New Mexico

Goodbye Photography

Goodbye Pacific Ocean in all your Majestic Beauty and Power

Goodbye Cacao for Breakfast — Okay, maybe not; I might never say goodbye to cacao for breakfast 😉

Hello family, friends and loved ones as neighbors again!

Hello Lake Michigan

Hello feeling grounded

Hello Karyn’s Raw and Cousen’s Incredible Vitality

Hello four seasons

Hello short flight to see my niece and nephews, sister, brother-in-law, parents and grandmother

Hello Life in all your crazy, twisted, amazing abundance!

Many Blessings! I leave California on Saturday, February 6 [2010]

Starting Thanksgiving Early

I just took a much needed day off! Yes, I had a weekend getaway last week at Bodega Bay, but that was a working, brainstorming, manic-writing kind of weekend in a relaxing location. Today … now that was a day off.

It actually began last night with some henna action on my hair. Something about that warm, goopy mess of chai tea, paprika and henna just makes my brainwaves slip right into relaxation mode. While the henna did its thing, I watched two Netflix instant downloads: Management and Bickford Schmeckler’s Book of Cool Ideas. Maybe it was the relaxation talking, but I really enjoyed them both. I rinsed out the henna, dried my hair and slept blissfully well.

This morning I awoke, turned a dream into a fictional dream sequence, and watched another movie: Step Up 2: The Streets. OK, closet confession here: I love dance movies, especially street dance and Bollywood. It’s a little embarrassing just how much I love such movies. Also embarrassing: the fact that I then love to “show my moves” to my hubby for several days afterwards.

Yes, I took many, many years of ballet, tap and jazz, and I spent my fair share of time dancing into the wee hours of the morning with my restaurant buddies when I waitressed my way through college. But in elementary school and (ahem) beyond, it was all about the break dancin’. I used to do that stuff until my double-joints cracked backwards. Anyway, this morning provided a wonderful trip down memory lane as poor Stephen witnessed renditions of “the moonwalk,” “the banana” and some bizarre moves I learned by osmosis just today! OK, I have officially outed myself. 🙂

Then, my friend Shana called to see if I might love a jaunt to Cafe Gratitude and a trip to the Sonoma County Coast, in this case, Jenner. Um, was that a rhetorical question? She picked me up and we went to Cafe G where it was 2-for-1 wheat grass shots. Who knew four ounces of wheat grass could be so much fun? Followed by a sushi bowl full of kale and kim chi? Followed by a miraculous pecan pie, aka I Am Perfect?

It was bliss. Followed by more bliss as we drove along the Russian River all the way out to the pristine sea of giant boulders and seaspray. We arrived just in time for sunset.

This was such a pleasant day that it has officially inspired me to begin Thanksgiving two and a half weeks early. Here’s my gratitude list so far:

1 ) I am so thankful that we live in a world where I can pick out a movie while wearing nothing but pajamas and a shower cap over a henna muddy head, download the movie, and when I’m done watching it, download another … and another … all for $9.95 a month. I remember when we had to go to the actual movie theater or Blockbuster. We take such things for granted, but today I’m feeling the love for online movies.

2 ) I am grateful for NaNoWriMo, because this insane quest to write so many words this month made me realize way sooner rather than later that I’ve been trying to squeeze two full books into a single novel. I now have plot, character and themes for books 2 and 3 of the Schizandra Series. If I hadn’t pushed myself to keep writing when I hit the wall, I might not have noticed that little glitch for months. Book 2 seems much more manageable now, and I’m really excited to write book 3!

3 ) I am grateful that I have a husband who loves not only the intuitive, psychic, coaching, writing and energy work I do, but who actually enjoys my spontaneous a.m. dance recitals in his office. And if he’s faking that enjoyment, then I’m even more grateful because he encourages me to be me no matter how old or young or silly or amazingly rhythmic I look doing it. 😉

4 ) I am grateful for my friends, who are always up for an adventure, experimenting with raw food goodies, juice and/or fascinating conversation. I am truly blessed to have so many diverse, compassionate and high vibe people in my life.

5 ) I am grateful that we live in Sonoma County with its unique access to stunning coastlines, open space, misty seascapes, redwoods, and more raw food restaurants than I can count. OK, normally, I can count higher, but once I start eating those desserts, I’m too blissed out to care. We have one: whichever one I happen to be eating in, and I’m so thankful that I momentarily forget just about anything and everything else. Now THAT is gratitude. 🙂

6 ) I am grateful for raw cacao. This may seem redundant to number 5, but au contraire, raw cacao deserves its own spot in my pre-T-Day gratitude list. Because raw cacao fuels happy, open hearts, and novel writing and just about every other fun thing I can imagine. Breakfast not only tastes better with chocolate; it feels better with chocolate; and we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The more cacao the merrier in my book, especially during NaNoWriMo.

7 ) I am grateful that people continue to send me such generous and supportive feedback on my writing. Stephen still calls me “the hardest working lazy person” he’s ever met. Truth is, I may be a Lazy Raw Foodist, but I pour my heart and soul into my books, especially my fiction. Thank you for noticing, and thank you for asking (so often) about Schizandra and the Peruvian Jaguar (book 2). I joke about the pressure of a 9-part series, but I honestly feel honored people want to read that many novels by me. Really, truly: thank you.

8 ) I am grateful that Cafe Gratitude’s having a FREE Thanksgiving meal on T-day and that they need volunteers. Another little outing of myself: I totally love waitressing, always have. Eating a raw vegan Thanksgiving feast and then serving food to others as a pseudo-waitress? I didn’t think I could top last year, but this one might just win.

9 ) I’m grateful that I get to teach a combined Reiki Level 1 and 2 class next Saturday. I love sharing Reiki with people, and this intensive class is particularly fun and rewarding to teach.

10 ) I am grateful to be alive and thriving after a brain injury destroyed the life I knew. November 6, 2009 marked the 11th year anniversary of the neuropsychological tests that showed a 40+ IQ drop and confirmed in an irrefutable way just how disastrously injured my poor brain really was. At the time, recovery looked unlikely.

From where I sit now, every day’s a miracle. I love my life! I have so much more freedom, joy, clarity and love than I ever had pre-injury. I feel smarter, quicker and more intuitive now than I ever did before … and I’m living my dreams. Shortly before my 1998 car accident, I set an intention to write a novel. Not nine novels. Just one. And you know what? When I started writing, I found that I had nothing at all to say. The day of my accident I asked the universe to rectify that situation. I asked for more freedom, joy, clarity and love so that I’d not only have something to write about, but something remarkable to live for. It took awhile for it all to fall into place, but the universe delivered.

Happy Thanksgiving Both Now and Later! Blessed Be.

Reiki Classes in Sonoma County

Usui, the Japanese Monk who rediscovered Reiki

Usui, the Japanese Monk who rediscovered Reiki

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a gentle and natural system of healing. One of the most ancient healing methods known, it originated in Tibet and was rediscovered in the nineteenth century by a Japanese monk named Dr. Mikao Usui. The Usui System of Natural Healing is named after Usui and has been passed down by Reiki Masters since that time. Today, Reiki is practiced worldwide. Reiki is now used in many hospital, clinic, and hospice settings. It is a wonderful complement to massage therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, and psychological therapy.

The Japanese word, “reiki,” consists of two syllables: “rei,” which means “universal,” and “ki,” the “life energy,” corresponding to Chi in the Chinese system of Qigong and acupuncture, and to the concept of prana in the various Indian systems of Yoga. Thus, Reiki refers to the healing qualities of universal life energy. Reiki works on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. It is a precise method for combining this universal energy with the body’s innate powers of healing.

Next Reiki Level 1 and 2 Accelerated Certification Class is in Santa Rosa, California on November 14, 2009, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Reiki 1 topics:

Learn how Reiki opens chakras in a profound and lasting way.

Develop greater awareness of energy in their own bodies.

Learn how Reiki can calm the body and mind to enhance breathing.

Experience a deeper sense of their connection to Divine presence and every living thing.

Receive a Reiki Level 1 Attunement & learn all traditional hand positions.

Hone understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection.

Learn 5 Reiki Principles, which bring peace and ahimsa into everyday life.

Experience a 21-Day Reiki Cleanse that can help shift kenshu (momentary awareness of the Buddha nature) into satori (deep or lasting enlightenment.)

Reiki 2 Topics:

Learn three symbols/mantras that help to utilize Reiki energy with more finesse.

Learn how Reiki can be used to clear spaces, energize foods, clean crystals and amplify battery power.

Learn techniques for distant healing (distant in both space and time).

Learn how to amp up Reiki energy.

Learn techniques for supporting mental and emotional balance, including help in moving through addictions and old behavior patterns.

Increase your intuition.

Learn ways to increase the time effectiveness of an individual Reiki treatment.

Receive permission to audit (for free) any additional Reiki Level 1, Level 2 or Combined 1 & 2 Certification Classes taught by Laura Bruno (space permitting).

Please call Laura at 707-843-4164.

Pre-registration required. Class size is limited to 8 students.

$350 if prepaid by 11/1. $400 afterwards. (This is a substantial savings over taking the classes individually; if you already have some experience with yoga, energy work or other healing modalities, you may find the accelerated course works best for you. Handouts will be provided ahead of time for maximum absorption of material.)

* * *
The next Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level III Master Teacher Certification Class will be taught on Sunday, November 15, 2009 from 10-6 at a private residence in Santa Rosa, CA (North Bay).

Pre-registration and deposit are required because participants will receive handouts ahead of time for review. Taking this class also entitles participants to audit (free of charge) all additional Reiki Certification Classes taught by Laura Bruno, space permitting. Many students value this chance to observe earlier levels from a Master’s perspective.

This workshop is for those who would like to deepen their healing gifts and/or who feel a calling to teach. The instruction includes:

• How to give attunements for every level.
• Master symbols and attunement.
• Anthakarana, Tibetan, and Usui Master symbols.
• Violet Breath.
• Complete Healing Attunement.
• Instruction on the healing attunement.
• Hui Yin exercise.
• Training workbook handouts for all levels.
• How to teach all levels.
• Discussing the 21 day cleansing.
• Reverence for life.
• Giving self attunements.
• Special positions for specific imbalances.

Fee is $600 if prepaid by 11/1/09, $692 after 11/1.
Pre-requisite: Reiki Level 2 from Laura Bruno or another Reiki Master Teacher. 707-843-4164

Laura Bruno became a Reiki Master Teacher in March 2002 and has taught Reiki Certification Classes around the United States for over seven years. For more information, please browse

Interview with Seed Restaurant’s Jerri Hastey

Jerri Hastey

Today we have an interview with the dynamic Jerri Hastey, owner of Santa Rosa’s 100% vegan, mostly raw Seed Restaurant — one of my personal favorites! I eat from “Seed on the Go,” their take-out side, at least once or twice per week. They have a friendly, highly accommodating staff, and their scrumptious food satisfies without feeling like you just binged on nuts. More importantly (at least for my creative writing purposes) they have a Chocolate Caramel Pie that will send you over the moon and back. I consider Seed one of the sparkliest gems of Sonoma County, and I’m so pleased to spread the word here.

Seed Chocolate Caramel Pie

How did you first get involved with raw foods and when did you know for sure this lifestyle was for you?

I have to credit my oldest daughter for introducing me to raw foods. I decided to try it for a couple of weeks to “detox”, but two weeks and 15 pounds later I felt too good to give it up! It took me 6 months to shed about 60 pounds total! The most amazing thing was that I didn’t have to starve myself. I actually ate whenever I was hungry, the only rule was it had to be raw and vegan. I’ve now adjusted to eating raw about 80% of the time, but I’m still 100% vegan!

Many people turn to a raw food diet, but not everyone takes the step of opening a raw food restaurant! What convinced you to take the leap?

I opened the restaurant because I was hungry! Seriously, I had toyed with the idea of a restaurant knowing this area needed one but lacked confidence. While catering this dinner in LA a businessman there was so excited about the food he offered to finance a restaurant for me! Even though I ended up using my own money to get started, his confidence gave me the confidence I needed to open seed.

Seed Zucchini Pasta

How has running a restaurant changed your own raw path?

Initially I just ate what was handy, but now having access to such a large pantry of fresh foods and seasonings makes kitchen time playtime – we have so much fun creating new dishes! The most challenging thing for me nowadays is remembering to sit down and eat. I know it sounds odd with so much lovely food around me, but running a successful restaurant keeps me so busy sometimes I just forget to stop.

What advice can you share for people wanting to follow a passion and turn it into a career?

Fear is a tricky thing. I almost didn’t open seed because I didn’t believe I would know how to run a restaurant and worried whether my food would be good enough. There were also those well-meaning friends with cautionary tales of how risky restaurants are – especially vegan ones. There were plenty of reasons for me NOT to do it. . . sound familiar? I guess the answer lies in one; defining your passion, two; pushing through the inevitable obstacles, and three; to KEEP PUSHING! (If you lack the energy or drive for step three you need to re-look at step one.)

As a (very) regular customer, I’ve noticed your food is lighter than many gourmet raw restaurants’ food. How do you manage to create such full flavors while keeping things light?

When you look through most raw recipe books you’ll find Nama Shoyu and Braggs Liquid Aminos as common ingredients. We use neither, as well as minimal salt. Fresh, organic ingredients are already flavor-packed and just need some creative combining to bring it all out. Think of creating a recipe like writing a symphony. First you define the emotion and then look for the right harmony and progression of flavors to bring it out.

Please share a bit about your box program. Where is it available and which people would benefit from which box?

We offer a weekly box, a weight-control box and seasonal holiday boxes. The weekly box is filled with a variety of dishes for those who want to eat raw but don’t always have the time to prepare it. The weight-control box is designed after my own experience with losing weight through eating raw with generally the same menu as the weekly box but with much larger portions, (so you have to supplement it less).

Most of the items in the boxes are freezable to keep things fresh. For holidays we offer gourmet meal boxes customized for the season so you can enjoy your holiday feast without the work! Boxes can be picked up at the restaurant, or shipped to just about anywhere in the world thanks to dry ice and speedy delivery.

Seed BBQ Burger

I hear you’re moving! What do you look forward to in your new location?

Our first location was great for getting started, but it’s really not big enough to sustain us. In addition to an upgraded ambiance with more seating, I am looking forward to expanding both our raw and cooked menu with weekly specials and adding some creative sake cocktails. Once moved I will also be working on getting our raw cheezcakes in stores, opening seed on the go in outlying areas and then finally writing that recipe book!

Sounds like you have a lot of exciting things coming up. How are you planning on doing it all?

You mean besides utilizing the super powers vested by those amazing live enzymes! I have a fabulous staff which makes things so much easier for me, but my original concept for seed was to include a working partner to balance out the responsibilities. Even though I’ve been approached several times so far it just hasn’t been the right person, but I’m a firm believer in things happening at the right time in the right way when you’re doing the right thing so. . .

Why Sonoma County?

Sonoma County is known throughout the world as a mecca of gourmet food and wine, but most restaurants here offer pasta as their vegan/vegetarian entrée choice. I saw a need for a quality restaurant for vegans. What really surprised me is that about 90% of seed’s repeat customers aren’t even vegetarian, much less vegan! Tomorrow they may eat their cheeseburger, but many are simply looking for healthier choices without having to compromise on taste.
It is encouraging to see more and more renowned chefs are beginning to create inspiring vegan dishes for their menus.

Any cookbooks in your future? Please feel free to share a recipe if you’d like.

I have two books that I’m working on. One is a general recipe book with raw food tips simply called The Seed, and the other is The Menopausal Vegan, (yes, based on my experiences!), which will include recipes as well.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with the chia seed. Such a versatile little gem packed with so much nutrition! Just mix one part chia seed with 5 parts water, stir a few times and in an hour you’re left with a gooey mixture. You can easily add this to salsa to upgrade your chips to a healthy snack! Adding chia to your day will supplement your energy dramatically!

Thanks so much, Jerri! I know lots of people are already looking forward to your new location. My heart stopped when I heard you were closing between Labor Day and October 27, but fear not: Seed on the Go stays open Wednesday thru Saturday that whole time.

Interviewed by Lazy Raw Foodist, Laura Bruno.

Sonoma County Moving Story

Many of you know that my husband and I have been planning a move around Summer Solstice 2009. We’ve known the date since January, but the location, ah, now that’s another story! For those of you who don’t know, Stephen and I have moved all over the West Coast since 2001. We’ve lived in Washington (Seattle and Vashon Island); Oregon (Ashland and Coos Bay), Nevada (two different relocations — Reno and twice at Lake Tahoe), New Mexico (Santa Fe and Las Vegas), Texas (Austin), Arizona (Prescott, Mesa, Payson and twice in Sedona), and California (two different times — in Monterey, San Luis Obispo and most recently in Sonoma County). For all those moves, you wouldn’t believe how many times we’ve almost moved places. We “break out the map” every few months.

Since Stephen’s a photographer and we both do so much writing, the travels benefit our creativity. Even so, we’re slowing down. We used to move every 2-6 months, but most recently we’re completing a 13-month lease in Petaluma. Before that we spent a full six months in Sedona. 🙂 In our search for a new spot, we considered everything from Bellingham, WA to San Diego, CA on the West Coast. We mentally revisited all our prior locales to see if any of them called us to return. We looked at Orange County, Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia, even Hawaii and Catalina Island. Many sounded really nice, but nothing quite clicked. Still, we knew we weren’t staying where we live right now. 

A couple weeks ago,  Stephen and I were finalizing plans to return to Reno/Tahoe. It was after 10 p.m. and we sat talking on our little recliner chair. Just as we had almost completed our plans, he remembered a dream he’d had earlier that day. In the dream, I said, “Whatever you do, please don’t take me back to Reno. Please, please don’t take me back to Reno.”

We chuckled because I’ve always loved that area, but we do take our dreams seriously in the Bruno household! So, we agreed that if we found a property with x, y, z, a, b, and c “impossible” things, then we would simply move to a particular neighborhood I’d liked in Sonoma County. 

Just then, the phone rang. “Who’s calling this late?” we wondered. I looked at a Sonoma County area code and picked up the phone. What happened next still has us shaking our heads.

The caller had seen a post I’d left on a local forum the night before. I had, frankly, forgotten I’d even posted a question about that particular neighborhood in Sonoma County. I wanted to know the name of it, so that I could search for a 3 BR 2 BA house online. The person on the phone informed me that he had seen my post and hoped he wasn’t calling too late. He wouldn’t have, except that I had posted to the forum even later the night before. He wanted to let me know that he had a 3 BR 2 BA house available in that exact neighborhood in Sonoma County.

This wasn’t the only synchronicity. As the conversation unfolded, I learned that the house had all the things we wanted and more and that the landlords were rather famous authors. We started talking shop about novels, book promotion, and writing contests.

Stephen and I agreed to look at the place the following weekend. In the meantime, I emailed our potential landlords about how synchronous the encounter was for us. I mentioned the Reno dream and the fact that we had at just that moment decided to leave CA unless this specific property became available. The landlord with whom I spoke replied, “Synchronicity? Yes. Never before have I at 10:30 PM telephoned persons I had not met. But some kind of ‘Bali Hai’ called me to find you out there in the dark. In the way that you have envisioned a writer owning a home where you as writers might work, I have envisioned writers and artists who might take up such residence.” 

The address itself adds up to an 11:11, which readers of this blog and the soon-to-be-released Schizandra will also recognize as significant. Anyway, long story short, we visited the home two weekends ago and agreed to sign a year’s lease. In the process we ended up hanging out in a coffee shop in Sebastopol for two fun hours with our future landlords. We pick up the keys tomorrow for a move-in the day before Summer Solstice 2009.

For the privacy of all those involved, I’m only including the bare minimum of synchronicities here, but of all our moves, this one gets the prize. I did not even make a single phone call about a place. I had jokingly told Stephen back in April, “You know, I’m done. I am so tired of making phone calls about potential properties and potential towns. I just want our next move to find us!” Well, I guess it did, which leaves me one grateful lady. Here I am at Cafe Gratitude shortly after my 36th birthday back in May:


Guess it wasn’t my last “I Am Passionate” Pizza after all! I remember hugging all my Sonoma County friends that night thinking it might be the last time I see some of them for a long, long time. Stephen and I are both happy to move on to our next adventure … and also happy to keep it within a quick drive of our most recent ones. Cheers!

Accelerated Reiki 1 & 2 Classes (Sonoma County)

Reiki (pronounced “RAY-key”) is an ancient method of healing from Tibet. “Rei” means “universal” and “ki” corresponds to the “life force energy” known as Chi or prana in other Eastern systems like acupuncture or yoga.Thus, Reiki refers to the healing qualities of “universal life force energy.” Reiki works on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, restoring balance to body, mind and spirit. 

In this accelerated workshop, students will learn Reiki 1 & 2 in one day. This class is ideal for people already on a spiritual path, those who would like a fast-track to certification, massage therapists, or anyone who wants to send Reiki to people who live far away. Advanced techniques include ways to heal karmic wounds and early trauma. After completing this workshop, students will be certified Reiki Level 2 practitioners. Instruction includes:


History, nature, and science of Reiki. • Reiki Level 1 & 2 Attunements.

• Experiencing Reiki energy.       
• Using Reiki with other healing arts.
• Discussion of 21-day cleanse.     

• Treating animals and plants.

• Essence scanning process.

• Establishing a Reiki practice.

• Practice self-treatment hand positions.               

• Different qualities of Reiki energy

• Hayashi Healing Guide discussion.                        

• Clearing rooms & cleaning crystals

• Reiki Circles.                                                        

• What a Reiki lineage represents.

• Chakras and healing.                                            

• Mental/Emotional Balance technique

• Giving a Reiki treatment with hand positions.       

• How to send Reiki thru time & space

• Legal Responsibilities as a Reiki Practitioner.       

• How to amplify Reiki energy.


WHERE: Azure Clubhouse, 1 Indigo Dr., Petaluma, CA 94954

WHEN: Friday, May 29, 2009, 10 a.m. – 6 pm.

COST:  $350 if prepaid two weeks in advance, $400 if paid less than two weeks in advance.

TEACHER: Reiki Master Teacher, Medical Intuitive, Life Coach and author Laura Bruno, who has taught Reiki Certification classes since 2002. A popular speaker, Laura has taught all over the United States and also coaches Reiki Master Teachers on how to build a teaching and healing practice.