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Dream On: Why Sleep is So Important

The folks at sent me this infographic on sleep, and I thought I’d share it here. Having had my own brain injury and working with so many other TBI survivors, I know firsthand and professionally just what a difference a good night’s sleep makes for healing, brain function and mood. In 2010, I lived in an apartment with an old fashioned elevator pulley directly above my bed. That same attic housed many of the doors I painted that year, but, my goodness! Steady sleep did not come easily.

I do credit all the wake up calls for having so many dream downloads that year, but my waking life has infinitely improved since moving to a house where I often sleep the whole night through. I also see from close, objective observation how many factors sleep deprivation affects — as well as how such things miraculously resolve themselves during extended periods of sleep recovery. A high raw food diet certainly shaves several hours off required sleep, but the adrenals, brain, outlook, wound healing and general experience of life sure love some zzzzz’s.