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Catalog Housecleaning for the New Year

In case, like me, you have somehow found yourself on the exponentially growing list of direct mail marketing catalogs, I wanted to share two of the biggest “rent” sites that share all your data with companies you’ve never heard of. (Select Opt-Out at the bottom of the page, and then follow instructions to remove your name.) (Select “Privacy” at the bottom of the home page, and then follow the instructions.)

Although these both look like UK companies, they apparently cover the US, as well, since I could almost build a tiny house with all the catalogs I’ve received since October. New Year marks a fresh start, so why continue to pollute the Earth with “Earth friendly” shopping catalogs?!

For non-gardening related catalogs, you might need to phone Customer Service and specifically ask them to remove you from their “rent list.” If you can find a particularly chatty phone rep, s/he might even tell you what service rented your name in the first place. That’s how I learned about the two links above.

Bumped up comment from reader Sophia: “The best company I know in the US is Catalog Choice. Been using them for years and they are great.”

Wishing you all a Happy (de-cluttered) New Year!