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Sian Howell ~ Amazing Results of a Facebook Diet

Today’s post came to me via email, but it’s too wonderful to keep to myself. I asked Sian if I could please devote a post to it, and it turns out that Sian has recently received some major nudges to begin blogging. Well, then! Sian’s blogging has now begun.

I shared with Sian that — although I left Facebook for different reasons — I felt the same wonder, expansion and relief from unplugging. Readers of my blog and Tania Marie’s blog regularly inquire if I’m on Facebook or if I intend to go back. Nope. So many of our local events are listed on FB that in 2013 I briefly (read under three minutes) created a fictional account for myself so that I could access those local groups. Before I had even finished the setup, my neck tensed, heart raced, stomach sank, world contracted, and I felt such a revulsion for my laptop that I wanted to knock it off my desk — just from logging into the Facebook page. I knew I didn’t like FB, but that level of immediate intensity shocked me. I closed my account before I even friended Tania.

David and I met through Facebook, and for that I remain grateful, but, like Sian, I’ve found so much more wonder and peace away from that particular social monitoring and control platform. In just four days, Sian’s had some incredible uplift and reconnection.

Sian Howell ~ Amazing Results of a Facebook Diet

I am from Darwin, Australia. I have followed your blog for quite some time. It has opened my eyes up to the REAL and VERY magical world around me. 🙂

In your latest blog you mentioned that we have been given a chance to correct our course in life. I feel that March has rolled along with open arms begging for me to change my perspective and change my world.

I have recently realised *or have been prompted to realise* that I have an addiction to Facebook, for no good reason. I don’t watch main stream TV, read gossip mags or take part with the idea of “being on trend”, but here I am mesmerized over a web-page? Like a bug to a fluorescent light- hooked with zero escape.

While using Facebook I felt exhausted, envious, remorseful and well… Angry.
I would wake up, fall asleep and use every waking hour to check out my friends lives.

They would be: airing their dirty laundry, taking “selfies” of them looking like supermodels, and “checking in” to cool hangouts….accompanied by pictures of them with all of their super cool friends.

I saw this amazing world people are living in….Then I’d snap back to reality, look around the room I rent from my parents, glance at my empty calendar and feel a pang of disappointment. I felt like I was missing out on a life full of fun and frivolity….Because I was!

I set myself a challenge this week, to indulge in a “Facebook diet”.
Talk rediscovering a wonderful world out there with SO much time to enjoy it!
It’s day 4 of the diet and already I have felt a major shift in my soul’s epicentre.

I have found time to read books, talk with my parents, book a holiday, meditate, have dinner’s with friends. Who really needs Facebook to keep in touch with friends when you can go and actually see them FACE to FACE! What a revelation! Haha!

It’s also the little things, having time to: notice the birds in the trees, the flowers in my neighbourhood, the constant orbs of light that flash before my eyes, the extremely detailed and vivid dreams… instead of wasting it to check our little electronic devices to see what the rest of the world is doing, to feel less alone.

The happiness and airy feeling I get from not using Facebook is unreal.

How did we all get so far from this serene state of living?

I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration to break free and live a wholesome life.
I can’t say I will ditch Facebook forever, but I will remember that we are always given a chance to feed our soul with beautiful thoughts, experiences and surroundings if we choose to,

I no longer want to be part of the zombie apocalypse that we have created for ourselves. Hello enlightenment! ^_^

Thanks again Laura.

Love and light. xx