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Oracle Report ~ Wednesday, September 19

I am so feeling today’s energy moving things along. I actually felt a powerful surge yesterday, almost like surfing a tsunami. As mentioned below, “we will need to keep up or get trampled.” Those of us who’ve spent months or years carefully imagining what we’d most love to experience in our lives, while simultaneously clearing away all of that which no longer serves, can dance and play upon this enormous wave.

The Oracle Report notes: “Squares make drastic changes in direction.” In addition to Uranus Square Pluto and Mars Square Venus mentioned in the Report, our Sun also squares the Galactic Center today. Talk about potent energy! If you’ve felt the split between your vision and where you’ve longed to go, know that you can catch today’s wave and ride it like a quantum leap to your intended destination. Surf. Is. Up.

(Thanks to Gillian for the original link.)

Oracle Report | Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Scorpio

Today’s energy is going to move things along and we will need to keep up or get trampled. It isn’t a stampede, but the energy is being carried forward with mass and with purpose. To successfully navigate this we will need to find the positives.

Depending on where you are at in the process of your life re-forming, you may need to find beauty in the change of the seasons, the warmth of the Sun, or the mist of rain. There is much to look at and all types of things will be on display today – including people’s egos.

Yesterday I wrote that people would have revelations about themselves and their lives. Today, people will see where things are too late. If you are experiencing this, you are holding on to a past that no longer exists. Everything has changed and a part of you is resisting. But you are holding off something better.

All of the changes since the turning point have been designed to upgrade (make happier, more aligned, easier, more fulfilling). What don’t you want to let go of and why aren’t you seeing that it is better that it goes? What are you afraid of? The nature of human experience in this stage of the Grand Vision of the planetary goddess is to correct and connect – correct what is no longer of service and connect with the vision itself.

Pluto makes the exact square to Uranus, the Moon will conjunct Mars and both move into square with Venus. Squares make drastic changes in direction. But with Uranus involved, the direction is often not what we expected. Don’t move along with today’s parade needing to have control or know what is going to happen. There’s no possible way to do that and it takes all the fun out of it. It will be much more enjoyable to let go and be swept along. The ability to do this is a matter of trust. Do you trust the divine vision of the Mother?

Carl Boudreau ~ The Astrology Of September 2012 –Video

Thanks, Gillian!

I haven’t watched this yet, but Carl’s forecasts are always engaging and insightful, so I thought I’d share right away.

Summary from Carl: “September looks like the beginning of the end of stalemate, indecision and partisan standoffs. People will see more clearly than before the wisdom or the error of their ways. The consequences of preferences, words and deeds will become readily apparent and help many make important choices. Personal alliances as well as large-scale political and economic alliances will shift accordingly. Although it probably won’t end the hard-edged partisan politics itself.

“… A more polished, written version of this analysis will be available on my [Carl’s] blog on or about the 1st of September.