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Selenite Healing Properties for Our Times

I’ve had a series of selenite synchronicities reminding me of how amazing this stone is. With all the Pluto in Capricorn destruction of old structures, and Jupiter nearing a Pluto conjunction again, shining a BIG light on issues of Truth and Shadow, plus Saturn making his last run through home sign Capricorn, selenite’s healing properties can help ground, strengthen and “give a backbone.”

I often call selenite “a chiropractor in a crystal” for its ability to realign my spine if my neck goes out. Your mileage may vary, but I thought I’d share this video here:

If you still find yourself struggling to make sense of the crazy world right now, have a look at my November astro weather forecast, plus your  November North Node Horoscope. I wrote that post anticipating a roller coaster this month. Your North Node sign helps you to deal with chaos and change in ways appropriate to your soul’s reasons for being here.