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Scorpion Wisdom for Deep Healing, Transformation & Limitless Perception

A lovely, deep message from Tania Marie about Scorpion energy, Scorpio’s and ways to embrace extremely thorough change.

Tania Marie

Lately I have found my body wanting more rest to feel at its best and to allow for the shifts being processed, to integrate. I feel big transformation taking form and this calls for being mindful of creating the optimal environment for this to take place and making sure to get back to, and remain in, balance to support that.

So I’ve been staying in bed a bit longer in the mornings, doing more of what I need to do for me, as well as am experiencing very deep sleep and dreams. And if I have a busy week, get up before sunrise multiple times, or over-extend myself in any way with a lot of appointments, too much driving, am not feeling in the flow of a current project, or anything that pushes outside of my natural flow, then it will show up right away in telling me to stop…

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