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Vandana Shiva ~ Seeding Deep Democracy

Scientist, activist, author Vandana Shiva talks about the importance of saving non-GMO seeds and her concept of ‘Earth Democracy.’

“Societies and economies can be destroyed by bombs. Societies can also be destroyed by locking every aspect of life like provision of food and water through an economic war.” ~ Vandana Shiva

“Gandhi is the other person. I believe Gandhi is the only person who knew about real democracy — not democracy as the right to go and buy what you want, but democracy as the responsibility to be accountable to everyone around you. Democracy begins with freedom from hunger, freedom from unemployment, freedom from fear, and freedom from hatred. To me, those are the real freedoms on the basis of which good human societies are based.” ~Vandana Shiva

“In nature’s economy the currency is not money, it is life.” ~Vandana Shiva

Help Save One of America’s Non-GMO Seed Houses

Another quick update, but one very close to my own heart:

D. Landreth Seeds, America’s oldest seed company, which carries 900+ varieties of heirloom and non-GMO seeds, needs to raise $1 million this month in order to stay in business. A paperwork snafu (detailed on their Facebook page) has resulted in them having less than 30 days to pay back lenders unwilling to give them an extension on their loans. In a world of Frankenfoods and a country with a former Monsanto lawyer appointed Food Czar of the FDA, we need to support all the non-GMO seed companies we can!

Biological diversity remains one of the keys to survival on this planet. Just this week, the news announced that Monsanto’s pesticide-corn crops have been destroyed by the bug they were designed to resist. Mother Nature wins again: bugs adapt faster than the fertility-destroying, health-wrecking GM corn with its own built-in pesticide. Monsanto would love to take over the entire world food supply, and anyone who’s watched Food Inc. knows about the thuggery and aggressive “legal” practices of this corrupt company. While other countries burn down GM crops, the US continues to allow, even encourage, Monsanto to rule the roost. Not only does this present health dangers to those who consume foods that turn on the obesity gene and mess with the endocrine system, but having only one (likely flawed) version of each food makes food famines a widespread and real possibility. When entire crops become decimated, biological diversity offers other strains in place of the vulnerable versions. Heirloom seeds protect this variety, and in turn protect us.

Not to mention taste! Anyone who’s eaten an heirloom tomato knows that the fresh, sweet, tangy burst of flavor puts supermarket tomato clones to shame. There’s just no comparison! Whether you shop organic, grow your own foods, or even just want to support the future of the human race, please take a moment to buy some seeds from Landreth Seed Co. You just never know when those seeds might save your life! Without support, this company WILL go out of business, taking with it a large piece of our own health and freedom. Here’s a link for more information and where to find your seeds. (I have no relation to Landreth Seed Co, by the way. This is just a crucial issue in a crucial time.) Many thanks!