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Healing and Sacred Geometry

Just thought I’d post some of these relaxing and healing videos I found with Sacred Geometry on YouTube:

In today’s world of increased “facts,” polarity, and fear mongering, it’s important to know how to find our Center. These ancient symbols speak to our deepest selves. They encourage us to remember who we really are and why we’re here. We can use Sacred Geometry as part of any meditation. The following one is particularly helpful to let go of anything you no longer want, or which no longer serves:

I have been using September as a sort of mini-retreat. I don’t think I’ve had so many massages, readings (for me!), and chiropractic since recovering from my 1998 brain injury. Whatever’s happening “outside,” I realize I live an incredibly blessed life in having the time, space and priorities to remain tuned in to Spirit. And so do you! Even if you spend five minutes a day quietly nurturing your soul, you will find deep benefits in this little recharge. We do need fully functioning and activated Lightworkers on this planet, especially right now, but in order to serve and inspire others we must each ensure our own rest, rejuvenation and knowledge that we are all loved and appreciated. We cannot rely on externals to prove this to ourselves. We must carry our own Light and embrace our own soul and essence. In doing so, we saturate our cells and radiate that Light and Love throughout all time, space and beyond what the mind conceives as “reality.”

Blessings, peace and much love! Laura

Heart Chakra Meditation

Here’s a quickie but lovely Sacred Geometry and Sound meditation for your Heart Chakra:

Peace and bliss to you! I’ve been portal painting, hence the blog hiatus.