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Roseanne Rocks!

I’ve watched this video a couple times now. I love how Roseanne just calls “it” like it is and advises “laughing it to scorn.” To all the deriding comments about “Truthers,” she says, “When idiots are calling brilliant people stupid, you’ve got a real problem.” She cracks me up because she just doesn’t care what anybody thinks of her anymore — and that not caring gives her tremendous freedom. The only thing I would correct is that at the very end when she says, “Faith without works is dead,” it was James who said that, not Jesus. Also, there were some other ignored elements to 9/11 than just the House of Saud. Other than that … rock it, Roseanne!

From dismantling the patriarchy, to nuclear wars, to MK Ultra mind control … to calls to women having the courage to step up and change things … she certainly makes some excellent points. It’s not just women who need to step up, but I love how she places some (appropriate) responsibility for perpetuation of the patriarchy right back in the laps of mothers who raise their sons with those stereotypes and expectations. Stop being a default victim and using that as an excuse for non-action. Small actions of integrity and courage, seemingly unrelated to the bigger picture, can have enormous impact.


Excellent, excellent advice.