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Sarah Anne Lawless ~ Rewilding Realities in Small Towns

This is such an inspiring and creative article! Thanks to Ann L. for forwarding this piece to me: “Rewilding Realities in Small Towns.” Anyone interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle will enjoy the tips, observations and possibly even some of the opportunities Sarah shares in her story of finding the home and lifestyle she always dreamed of but could never afford in the city.

Ann said this post reminded her of Willowcrow (from The Druid’s Garden) and me due to our work regenerating landscapes in forgotten places and “promoting the viability of small towns.” Although Goshen, IN is technically not a small town (over 30,000 people), it often feels like one, and our location certainly enables me to walk to nearly everything I need within a mile or at most two. I see why Ann thought of me, because many of the advantages Sarah shares are ones I’ve received by downshifting from city life in more exotic places. There’s a lot to be said for rewilding wherever we are and wherever most needs our help. Small towns (and even small cities in the Rust Belt) in Canada and the US offer tremendous opportunities for quasi-homesteading, which means you provide for many of your needs but also live in an area with infrastructure and community. Walkability, fewer regulations and much lower cost of living open wide possibilities for sustainability and freedom.

On a personal note, renting two houses with full yard gardens, a mini orchard, and two garages in Goshen costs me substantially less per month than most postage stamp apartments I’ve rented elsewhere. No, I don’t walk outside to Lake Tahoe, Puget Sound, Monterey Bay, or Lake Michigan. LOL, not by a long shot! But it feels so good to create beauty, wild habitat, and abundance rather than consuming beauty and wild habitat and having nothing tangible to show for the (formerly huge) expense. It has definitely been a lifestyle shift, which initially took getting used to, but I love having the writing office/classroom/guesthouse/root cellar/fermentation kitchen/indoor garden growing station next door and a permaculture demonstration garden just steps away.

In any case, if you’ve ever fantasized about having your own little plot of land or living more sustainably without needing to become a millionaire or go fully off grid in the middle of nowhere, check out “Rewilding Realities in Small Towns.” You might find yourself pleasantly surprised!