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Reiki and 2012

Wow, the energies on Earth have really amped up since Fall 2011! So many Reiki Level 2 Practitioners keep getting the nudge to complete their training and share Reiki with their own students. I used to offer RMT trainings only twice per year; however, I also am feeling a strong pull to help raise the collective vibration of this planet, especially in early 2012. Teaching teachers and empowering Lightworkers both carry potential for exponential ripple effects. I love it! The more people stepping into their own power and radiating healing, loving, universal life force energy, the faster and more thoroughly we can all collectively shift into the glorious new world that already awaits.

Thank you to all the people assisting this shift through your own personal transformations: as within, so without. Thank you to everyone finding courage to let your most radiant, clear, loving Self shine through to inspire others. Thank you to everyone imagining a freer, kinder, gentler world: as above, so below. And thank you to everyone for being right here, right now, at this very special time. I love you!

The next Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level III Master Teacher Certification Class will be taught on Sunday, February 26, 2012 from 10-6 at a private classroom in Madison, WI. If interested, please contact me (775-750-9140 cell or brunoleaf at yahoo dot com) so that we can discuss your previous training and make sure the RMT training makes sense for you at this time. Students must have at least Reiki Level 2 training in order to register for this class. Pre-registration and a deposit are required because participants will receive handouts ahead of time for review.

Taking this class also entitles participants to audit (free of charge) all additional Reiki Certification Classes taught by Laura Bruno, space permitting. Many students value this chance to observe earlier levels from a Master’s perspective. Class size is limited, so please contact me soon if you have interest and wish to reserve your spot.

This workshop is for those who would like to deepen their healing gifts and/or who feel a calling to teach. The instruction includes:

• How to give attunements for every level.
• Master symbols and attunement.
• Anthakarana, Tibetan, and Usui Master symbols.
• Violet Breath.
• Complete Healing Attunement instructions and practice.
• Hui Yin exercise.
• Handouts for Reiki Master/Reiki Master Teacher.
• How to teach all levels.
• Discussing the 21 day cleansing.
• Reverence for life.
• Giving self attunements.
• Beginning a Reiki teaching practice.
• Attracting students that resonate with you.
• Teaching in different settings.
• Special positions for specific imbalances.
• Reiki and Manifestation
• Special uses and applications for Healing Attunements.

Please contact me at 775-750-9140 (cell/text) or brunoleaf at yahoo dot com (email) to set up a time to talk about the class. You might also find this article helpful in determining if you feel ready to take this next step and if you resonate with me as a teacher. I am a Medical Intuitive, Life Coach, author, artist, and Soul Reader. I became a Reiki Master Teacher in March 2002 and have taught Reiki Certification Classes around the United States for nearly a decade.