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Raw Fusion: Better Living Through Living Foods — Book Review

Book Review for Raw Fusion by LindaJoy Rose, PhD

In Raw Fusion — a companion duo of high raw food lifestyle tips and recipes — Dr. LindaJoy Rose offers strategies and recipes for increasing raw and living foods in the entire household while maintaining peace and what I call the “yumminess factor.” LindaJoy expands upon some of the integrative and non-judging ideas of my own ebook, The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide, but instead of a few chapters on these important topics, LindaJoy offers two books’ worth of living foods support, differing lifestyle coexistence, and a “fusion” of deliciously prepared raw foods and healthier mainstream meals. Indeed, Raw Fusion is one of the most family-friendly and practical tools I’ve ever encountered for high raw food living.

I’ll let LindaJoy explain her powerful premise:

“I have maintained a high raw diet (70-80% daily, sometimes 50% when I travel) for over three years now. During the first year … I didn’t know many people who were raw and had to figure a lot of things out on my own. I would have loved to interview other raw foodists about what they ate; I was particularly curious about what they were eating that was not raw. When I decided to write my own book on raw foods, [my friend] Jeff encouraged me to create a book directed to mainstream types like himself, who are open to making positive changes in their diets, but might find the concept of high or full raw intimidating and too far on the fringe. …My goal in this book is to help inform you about this exceptional lifestyle. I want to streamline and share all of the information that I gathered from my
research, both practical and educational … .”

This mainstream approach to a fringe lifestyle bridges gaps that can cause resistance, arguments, and division among otherwise loving and supportive family members and friends.

Victoria Boutenko, inspiring, author, speaker and one of the original mama bears of the growing raw food movement, provides the Foreward to Raw Fusion. Victoria describes her international travels and notes commonalities in eating styles of countries with very low obesity rates. In her Foreward, Victoria heralds a homemade, high raw and lightly steamed diet as the most obvious connection among places like Japan, France and Austria — places with far superior weight management compared to the U.S. This is exactly the kind of eating presented in Raw Fusion!

Although Victoria spent much of her early career advocating for a 100% raw food diet, her book Green for Life was the one that got green smoothies to go mainstream(ish!). Prior to Green for Life, I was the only person I knew who blended kale, raspberries and water together and called it a meal. Six years later, most raw foodies drink some kind of green smoothie every single day. LindaJoy includes a variety of unusual smoothies in Raw Fusion, and shares just how popular and revolutionary green smoothies have been for her loved ones. She even includes a “Formula for the Perfect Green Smoothie” and entire section devoted to “Getting More Greens.” In many ways, Raw Fusion enables ordinary people to “go green” with minimal fuss or weirdness.

Raw Fusion: Better Living Through Living Foods offers an extensive and informative pantry chapter, to help you prepare your shopping list. The companion book provides replacement recipes for SAD condiments like sour cream, mustard, mayo, and salsa. High on my list is the Kale Chips Series, including a nut-free version for people who prefer something lighter than the usual cashew sauce. Salty and sweet cravings will find relief in their own crave-buster sections: fast and easy antidotes to munchies and emotional eating.

Like The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide, Raw Fusion pools resources, featuring raw food chefs and educators like Angela Elliott, Tera Warner and many others, who provide question and answer style wisdom and recipes. Yours truly contributed an article on “Macrobiotics and the Raw Food Diet,” as well as my recipes for “Multi-tasking Crackers,” which use ground flax seeds and leftover veggie or nut pulp to make tasty snacks. My “Anything Goes Butternut Soup Base” and tips for tastily combining raw cacao and greens also make an appearance.

Dr. LindaJoy Rose (affectionately known to fans as “LJ”) holds advanced degrees in the fields of psychology, hypnotherapy, and the mysteries of the subconscious mind. In a world that contains so much negative programming around food, body image and health, I love LindaJoy's ability to offer not only tasty, nourishing food options, but also helpful self-programming tools for success in the raw food lifestyle. Clients and regular readers of my blog know that I’m a huge fan of symbols, Runes, mythology, past lives, decoding the body’s “language,” and Archetypes — all of which function as keys to understanding and thereby reclaiming our subconscious minds. In Raw Fusion, LJ offers decades of experience as a hypnotherapist, sharing tricks of the trade with readers to help them manage weight and increase vibrancy. For people looking to take the next step in weight loss, she’s also got an entire hypnotherapy program. (Click here for more details on Hypnovation for Health.)

You can also find LJ’s blog, sample recipes, videos and event information here.

With the approaching holidays and New Year’s Resolutions, or anytime you want to upgrade health and harmony, I highly recommend the Raw Fusion duo. These beautiful books will round out any raw, vegan, or healthy living collection, as they help you find more energy, greater health and higher awareness.