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Why You’ll Want a Garden This Year

Long term blog readers know I love my organic garden and all the adventures and delicious produce it provides. I generally like to focus on the positive motivations of gardening: fresher produce, grounding with the planet, chance to observe and commune with Nature, greater independence and cost savings. This year, though, the world –particularly the US — faces some potentially major food shortages. All of the greatest food providing regions in our country and many others around the world are experiencing either severe drought, unprecedented snowstorms, or major floods. You can read articles like “How to Beat Coming Killer Food Shortages” and “California Drought Threatens Entire Country. Three Pictures Show How Bad It Really Is” to find very sobering maps, photos and statistics.

I’ve already suggested people on the West Coast build orgone chembusters to break up the geo-engineering chemtrails exacerbating the situation. You can find substantial evidence for weather manipulation if you look for it. Some theorize that “someone” is trying to keep the Fukushima radiation cloud from hitting the West Coast, but even assuming this as a “benevolent” intention, the fact remains that most of America’s food comes from California. After hearing that the Fed’s won’t provide them water (or worse, are trying to allow private companies to claim available water!), farmers have decided to plant far fewer crops or none at all. Fruit and nut orchards face devastating consequences from the worst drought in 500 years. Prices will skyrocket as the longer term effects play out — unless other regions step in to fill the void.

Every crisis presents opportunities to grow and thrive. With the technology and know-how now available for growing in small places and growing indoors in off-grid greenhouses, people looking to fill a definite need would be wise to investigate ways to produce organic foods in their area. Next winter will likely highlight the worst effects from the California and Western droughts, since the rest of the country doesn’t tend to grow food in winter. We have about 9 months to shift that dynamic, and we would be wise to do so. Those reading from other countries would also be wise to explore ways of becoming more self-sufficient, especially with an eye towards fall and winter. California exports a lot of food to other countries. If you value food, you’ll want to find ways of replacing those imports into your own nation.

People without their own land can join community gardens or team up with neighbors who have yards but don’t garden. Offering a share of produce in exchange for the land brings benefits to both parties. People who have a little space can learn from this earlier post about maximizing vertical growing space. The Organic Prepper article I linked to in the beginning also shares great information on intensive gardening. Those who have land but not much sun, can look forward to a future article I’ll post on tips for gardening well in moderate shade. For getting the most out of very small spaces, I suggest tiered raised beds like the InstaBed Cubic Foot Gardening system or The Garden Tower Project.


I used three of the InstaBed’s last year, and the black beds raised soil temperatures enough that we had tomatoes far earlier than anyone else we knew. In retrospect, I would suggest building those in concentric circles rather than the “cascade” setup and also splurging on the extra soil mixture to fill the beds completely, rather than backfilling them with compost. Ours sank a lot! We did, however, have highly, highly productive plants. The InstaBeds work better for backyard gardens, as they look less attractive until your plants cover the black plastic. The Garden Tower Project, by contrast, offers a complete system –vermicomposting, gardening, fertilizing and extra compost creation — and looks especially attractive in the terra cotta version. You could totally display a Garden Tower in your front or side yard! I plan to order one myself just to demo for our town. Maybe some locals will decide to buy them for winter gardening or an off grid greenhouse by next fall.

Those who already do garden and who love to garden: please consider planting extra this year. I’ve composted and mulched our entire front yard as an experiment but also because I anticipated the coming food shortage. I intend to plant edible ornamentals far beyond our own needs, just in case neighbors can’t afford their own food. If we don’t need all that produce, then it will still look pretty, or I can donate to food banks, but in the event we need an urban farm … um … we’ll have it! LOL, but seriously. I’ve layered up so much compost and wood mulch that I hope the front won’t need much, if any watering, especially after all this snow. You can’t put wood mulch right next to veggies, as it will rob nitrogen, but in between plants, the wood mulch stores many times its weight in water, slowly releasing it to the soil as needed. Leaf mulch works great closer to each plant, and the more organic matter you add to your soil, the more water it will hold.

All these tips represent practical, 3D things you can do, and I highly recommend doing any or all of them. Even if you can’t become 100% food self-sufficient, you’ll still save money on produce and eat fresher food. On more metaphysical levels, those in drought areas can pray for rain, make offerings to the water spirits, and/or do rain dances. I’ve shared before just how effective rain dances and working with the Elementals can be! Every time I mention this again, more people tell me their amazing stories of Nature’s response. We can also work with the plant Deva’s, asking them to nurture our gardens and farms. Organic and heirloom plants work best for this, since Nature and Nature Spirits don’t dig on GMO’s! At all.

Companion planting and certain “stinky” flowers will help with unwanted bugs. Marigolds and red geraniums not only look pretty; they also repel unwanted eaters. Various herbs and flowers like lavender, borage and zinnias attract beneficial insects that eat the eaters. By working with Nature, you can let Nature do much of the work for you. Gardening need not take massive amounts of time. Work smart and sacredly, not hard. 🙂

On an even more metaphysical/magical level, you can practice generating “supply” with your mind. This takes instant manifestation up several notches, so that you can actually create something out of the ideal in your mind. Thanks to Ariadne Stardust for the suggestion to read Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding. David owned this set when we first moved in together, and I’ve reached over it every day to answer the phone since we moved to Goshen! Whether or not you believe the adventures occurred exactly as written, the techniques work. I’ve long practiced versions of them just on my own — manifesting things I need within moments to days of visualizing and requesting. Someone either gives them to me, I find them on super-duper sales, or sales clerks remark that they’ve “never seen this item in inventory before. It’s not even in our computer!” Hmmm, well, fancy that. 😉

I don’t tell this to many people and no one believes me when I do, but I will share it here as relevant: I once created seven $10 bills out of thin air. They literally appeared as crisp, new $10 bills inside a previously empty hat. It freaked me out so much I never did it again that way, but I know for an experiential fact that we can supply ourselves with what we need. Emphasis on need, not for party tricks. My late friend Leigh went through a period of extreme poverty before she passed. She would often go to the grocery store with no money in her purse, select everything she needed to purchase, and when she checked out, she’d find exact change in her purse to pay for her goods.

While married, I went through a period in which money flowed out more than it came in, and I remembered Leigh’s experiences. I would select whatever we needed without tallying up the cost. Every time, it always came in just under what I had to spend — even if that took 75% off sales to make it happen. It always did. I also frequently found unexpected $20 bills in pockets or wrapped around credit cards, which I know did not exist until I needed them. I share these details here not to brag, but as testimony that we have many ways of meeting our needs. Whether food or money to buy food, the principle remains the same: tuning into the pure image of what we need and then allowing the Divine Spirit to respond and create through us.

I truly believe all the challenges facing our wold today offer opportunities to return to our Divine connection, spiritual tools and natural abilities. Faery tales — great repositories of truth — describe so many situations in which people with pure hearts receive even the most impossible gifts. People say with scorn, “Oh, that’s just a fairy tale, a myth,” in order to dismiss something as ridiculous. I could not disagree more. Our weakness, disconnection and “need” to struggle are the biggest lies ever told. Faery tales, folklore, ballads, and myths — real ones, not Disney — give us clues and wisdom for a return to more magical lives.

Blessed Be, and be the blessing!

DON CROFT: How to Build A Chembuster to Disperse Chemtrails and Improve the Weather

In case anyone wonders, California’s drought is not natural, and California provides a massive amount of food to the US and the world. Unless it rains soon, many farmers will lose their land in one of the sickest land grabs in history. Here’s where West Coast residents come into play: YOU, yes, you CAN make a difference. I’ve linked here to a post with instructions on how to build a chembuster to disperse the chemtrails and geo-engineering so that Nature can replenish herself with natural, much needed rain. Clients, blog readers and I have also had excellent results performing rain dances and working directly with the Elementals in order to override droughts. Research online about these chembusters, and you can find photo evidence and testimonials that they work. Wilhelm Reich created this technology in order to prevent unnatural droughts. He was persecuted and his work seized; however, some people have managed to continue and even improve upon his work. If you live anywhere on the West Coast, but especially in California, please consider making some of these chembusters. You do not want to know what my intuition sees for the US and the world if we don’t reclaim the skies from the psychopaths manipulating them. It’s past time for debate … if we don’t take immediate actions, the dystopia described in The Fifth Sacred Thing will become all too real. It’s already happening. Reclaim your natural, human connection to Earth, Sea and Sky … to Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Please DO WHAT YOU CAN … and recognize that you can do far more than you think you can.

Indian in the machine's Sylphs and UFO Cloudships

How to Build A Chembuster to Disperse Chemtrails 

and Improve the Weather 

Written by Don Croft <>
Edited, assembled, and originally posted by Stephanie Relfe at http//

Definition of a contrail:  A contrail occurs when a plane travels at a high altitude (about 30,000 ft. or more) and compresses the air into a water vapor or ice crystals through jet engines or the wing tips pushing through the air. This trail disappears after anywhere from a few seconds to 15 minutes, as the water vapor evaporates.

Definition of a chemtrail: The term “chemtrail” is a relatively new word, which appeared in the last few years along with the appearance of chemtrails. A chemtrail is very different from a contrail. At first a chemtrail might look a bit like a contrail. However, instead of disappearing like a contrail does, a chemtrail just keeps spreading out and forming a hazy…

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Working with the Elementals

People call our house “The Faery Cottage,” and it’s true, I always have quite a community of faeries around me wherever I go. I’ve worked with them for years in my personal life, painting doors with faery symbols, studying Runes, trees and Ogham, painting their symbols and generally trying to transform the rough or ugly into something more beautiful. That’s what I do. In 2010, I had a magical experience around my birthday. Tania Marie gifted me a faery portal door that instructed me, “Place these doors against a wall or skirting board and let the fairies into your home.” I did so, and the very next day, a blue faery arrived in the mail! I’ve kept them together ever since:

Faery Portal and Faery

In 2011, my work with the faeries increased in two ways: 1) I started asking the Elementals to help buffer some of the negative Earth changes plotted and planned by the psychopaths running HAARP, Monsanto, Agenda 21 and other nasties; and 2) I started gardening. I can’t know exactly how much to attribute to them, but last year, nothing happened with the New Madrid Fault or the Hoover Dam, despite numerous veiled threats and a few troubling nightmares. I know the Elementals did something, because they are even more sensitive than we are to perversions of Nature and the natural order. At some point, those concerns simply left my field.

The gardening process arose from similar intuitive concerns when Earth was on a pretty negative trajectory in early 2011. I love gardening now, but truth be told, I began it due to paranoia about access to fresh, organic foods, should the SHTF. What sprang from fear quickly turned into love, though. I turned into a gardening nerd, reading 30+ books in Winter and Spring 2011. Even with all that reading and being now in my second year of gardening, I found that certain common garden problems plagued me. Bunnies kept eating my choice greens; aphids sucked the chlorophyll out of some plants, and some plants just confused me on whether they needed more or much less water. I asked the faeries for help with these issues because I wanted to harmonize with Nature, not dominate it. This post describes them requesting “bling” in exchange for their assistance. David happened to read that post while traveling and surprised me (and our gnome and faery helpers) with some gifts on his return:

Begonia Tea Party

Miniature Adirondack chairs, table, mini tea set? Check. I situated these by an ailing begonia, which had gotten scorched outside in the same spot it had thrived last year. The sun is more intense this year! Despite my best efforts, this formerly gorgeous plant was down to minimal leaves and barely hanging onto its life. Definitely a job for the faeries! I figured if I enticed them to spend time with the plant, they’d start healing it. So far, so good.

For the downstairs, we now have spiral chairs, a table and other tea accessories. It’s been so hot outside, I offered the faeries a cool place to sit, next to the always on display “The Secret Garden” book. I thought they’d enjoy the feeling of outdoors while inside without any obligations whatsoever:

Secret Garden “Patio” Tea Party

I felt an uptick in faery energy after these additions. For the outside, David also procured us some faery and gnome statues to encourage additional garden visitors:

The Dandelion and Tat Soi Faery

A Moon and Star Faery has joined our Gnome (hiding under the tomatillo “bush”)

A Gnome and Faery welcome animals to the water we leave out for them.

All these photos look wet, because it rained for the first time in what feels like forever! That in itself is quite a magical little story of working with the Elementals. One disadvantage of being an empath is that I feel … pretty much everything. Acutely. Although our yard has held up remarkably well in the exceptionally dry weather, even my efforts at moisture assistance had begun to wither. The garden looks great, but my back and neck just got tired of hauling gray water to the back yard and front perennials. I did what I could, focused on Leguu/LAF, the Rune of flow; however, by yesterday morning, my nerves had begun to feel like roots with no water in reach. My nerves felt raw, parched and brittle. I know the astrological line up and solar flares influenced that, too, but I really think it was the plants.

I didn’t sleep well several nights in a row, just feeling neurologically thirsty and like something needed to shift very, very soon. One night, when I did fall asleep, every so often (and it felt very often!), something would fall, make a loud noise, or otherwise interrupt my much needed rest. It was weird, and not just in my head. We have a huge painting by Tania Marie in our bedroom, and it literally crashed to floor two nights ago, waking me out of my just achieved REM state.

Anyway, by yesterday afternoon, I was struggling. I ground myself a lot. I practice positive visualizations, sacred chants, get regular chiropractic, nourish my adrenals, imagine the world I wish to live in … but none of this tuned out the dryness of the non-garden plants. While I attempted unsuccessfully to nap, I finally cried out to the Elementals for help. I asked them for a protective bubble like the elves and faeries have at Skellig Michael in Ireland. I reminded them that as difficult as it sometimes feels, I stay in this world to help shift things in a more positive direction. Whereas the Elementals can hide when the energy gets tough, I’m still here: “Throw me a filter, please! I’m willing to act as your liason, but I need some help once in awhile, too. I feel things as acutely as you do, but I don’t run. I’m still here, working with the humans.”

I felt huge compassion after my telepathic outburst, and the Elementals gathered together to ask me what I most needed. “Rain,” I said. “Please, would you bring us some rain?” They assured me they would do everything in their power to bring some rain, and I felt a noticeable shift. Last evening, our next door neighbor and I stood outside, chatting over the fence. “It smells like rain, doesn’t it?” she asked. “Sure does,” I said, “30-40% chance over the next three days.” We joked about adding up the two 40%’s with the one 30% for over a 100%, crossed our fingers and reminded the Sky that it “could do it.” I went to bed feeling more relaxed than I have all week.

I slept next to a carnelian wand (crystals are part of the Elemental kingdom, too, along with gnomes, elves, faeires, leprechauns, animals and others). Early this morning, I heard singing. Not human singing, I decided … these sounds felt like windchimes just beyond ordinary human capacity to hear. In my drowsy early morning state, I tuned into where the sounds seemed to be coming from. They were in our backyard. Suddenly, in my mind’s eye and in my body, I saw, felt and heard hundreds of faeries dancing in a circle, while gnomes formed an outer circle and dragonflies fluttered around the group. They were singing and laughing and dancing up a storm. Literally! Thunder began to rumble, and pretty soon the raindrops began to fall. It poured and poured, and I felt my brittle nerves begin to rehydrate and join the party. Mr. Gnome tells us we got nearly 3/4″ of rain this morning:

Mr. Gnome keeps track of rainfall.

Our rain barrel is full, our ground wet, and my cup runneth over in gratitude. As my friend, Shelley, posted yesterday on her blog, “If we believe in the elemental kingdoms, the elementals become stronger, more real. If they are more real, they can sustain a vibration in our 3D world that will heal the destruction of our natural world. This in itself can be one of the launching pads to that ascension we drool and dream about.” I couldn’t have said it or experienced it better myself. Much love!

Rain Dance, the Hopi and a Water Rune

Part of today’s post comes from a lovely woman, named Andrea Louis, who has attended some of my local classes and Raph Channeling Events. We’re both a little bummed that her original, exuberant email disappeared from both of our email servers, but at my request, she has graciously recapped what she shared in that first email. We’re hearing a lot about a Midwest drought and the Colorado wildfires; however, given my national and international friends and clients, I’m actually hearing an equal number of people complaining about having so much rain they can’t grow anything in their gardens. I trust Mother Earth to balance herself, but I also know that we have influence. Our words, our love … our attention and intention … all of these can put us more in tune with our surroundings. We can wake up to the interconnectedness of all beings — not human-centric — and all live in harmony. It is not only possible, but our most natural state.

Here’s Andrea’s description of her rain dance (which totally worked, btw!):

“When I expressed my concern about our diminishing rainfall, “Raph” said to do a rain dance–they work! He said to do it before sunrise or early morning and after sunset or at night when you can feel the most moisture in the air. Express gratitude for all water and be respectful by being conservative with water usage. Because our bodies are elementals, use them for this purpose.

“So a couple days later, we got up early and created our ritual. We smudged ourselves and the crystal bowl while we called in the directions, nature elementals, our guides and angels. Then we filled the bowl with artesian water from a nearby well. I walked around the yard with the bowl, sprinkling water on everything and blessing the plants, trees, and earth. We acknowledged the water in everything, including our bodies, giving thanks for all the ways we are in relationship with water. As I was doing this, I began to notice that every plant that had been established at least a year before was green and flowering in a most abundant fashion. I was reminded of the intelligence of plant life. Somehow they seemed to know when winter was dry and spring came too early, they needed to send their roots deep. A good lesson for us; observe and prepare. When the bowl was empty, I placed it on a small table out in the open. At day’s end, to our amazement, there was more water in it. We got a shower!

“A couple days later, a friend asked if we did the rain dance. I said ‘yes’. She said “next time qualify the amount and duration.” She lived in Milwaukee and got quite a downpour that flooded her basement. Oops…

“Today I heard we should “befriend” difficult and unpleasant things. Perhaps we could befriend the drought. What would that look like? Maybe it means being open to some necessary cycle, like a cleansing. Just thinking out loud.

“Please join me in your dance, whatever you do. Even pausing to stamp your feet on the earth a few times while expressing gratitude and affirming the water in your body and in the atmosphere.”

**Thank you to Andrea for sharing her insights and experiences. We live in a deeply interconnected world. What affects one of us, affects all of us through the web of life. Please commune with the land in whatever ways you feel led, and if you need rain, never be afraid to dance for it! Click here for additional rainmaking tips.

In related news, yesterday, I saw an urgent message from the Hopi, asking people to stop Senate Bill 2109, which attempts to take away their water and redirect it to private corporations with permission to pollute at will. This is a harbinger of water wars to come in other areas. In 1970, Henry Kissinger said, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” How much more of an impact if you control the water! Also, for those who don’t know, the Hopi (as well as the closely connected Tibetans on the other side of the world), are especially tied into this 2012 shift. Attacking them is like a direct and efficient hit, taking out a (usually) silent opposition to the NWO. Hopi prophecies are very old, and I have several friends who regularly visit the Hopi (by invitation) to participate in ceremonies for world healing. Here’s the Hopi message to our world:

“The Hopi call on all people from around the world to protect the element of water, life itself, for all people, for all life on this planet.

“We, the Traditional Hopi people as Caretakers of the land are asking you to now come forward in your communities to protect the waters in your area as well as help us stop the United States Senate from passing Senate Bill 2109.

“For the first time in history the True Hopi Leaders of the Mother Village of Shungopavi are speaking to the public. They share a warning for the world that the Prophecies of the their Ancestors is now taking place.

“Each year we plant our Sacred Corn in the dry sand fields of the Arizona desert. Calling for the rain clouds to come and bless our people, our crops and all the world in our Ceremonies. We follow in the footsteps of our Ancestors we have followed for thousands of years.

“We the True Traditional Hopi Indians of Arizona request respectfully an immediate and complete stop to Senate Bill 2109 from being passed. This Bill and its companion Bill will give private corporations the rights to our water with immunity to pollute, waste and sell the element of life itself, water.

“Your support is needed to stop the prophecies of our Ancestors from unfolding and protect all life on the planet. This is a warning to the world, if the waters are taken from our people, the world will dry up.


“Join us in Protecting Life, Protecting the Future and Protecting the Life of Water.”

For more information:



Here’s a link to the petition itself.

**Potent, cleansing times, folks! I know many people this week have felt the intensity of 9 M-class solar flares within 24 hours burning through old belief structures, karmic ties and emotional wounds. Water and flow become even more important as we feel ourselves and our land parched, in need of relief. I will end here by reminding everyone that there is enough to go around. Focus on balance; focus on flow.

Leguu, also called LAF, Lagu, or Laguz, is the oldest Rune, symbolizing water, flow and laughter. When you feel dry inside or outside, brittle, unable to laugh or connect with the Source of all abundance, you can draw upon this Rune to shift your energy. Motion it over a drink or scratch it onto the land; form sticks into this shape. Runes are not just for divination! They are building blocks of the Universe. LAF will calm your emotions, allowing more positive manifestations in your life. Create and flow: