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Government Program to Control Religious Thought?

Ben Swann’s “Truth in Media” explores a DARPA research program at Arizona State University. I’ve known about this program for about a year, but I didn’t know any details. It doesn’t surprise me at all, since anything associated with DARPA tends to be Creepsville City — all about control through psycho-spiritual-temporal means. This particular program is designed to control how Muslims and Christians view religion; however, the US government through MK ULTRA and PROJECT BLUEBIRD has also been instrumental in finding ways to mold the New Age Movement into a passive, resistless group of sheep. (You can research that on your own if interested, but be prepared to wade through layers and layers of conflicting psyop confusion.)

My point in sharing this video is just to underscore:

1) The importance of knowing yourself

2) Recognizing and integrating your Shadow so you don’t have huge blind spots

3) Taking responsibility for your own actions rather than needing to hang those on some external justification or rule book

4) Learning how to create your own electromagnetic shields to protect yourself from frequency and/or magnetic assaults.

It’s a weird, wild world out there, and “they” want your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Apparently, it’s not enough to control the food, water and constant media propaganda. They want your soul and spirit as well, which makes sense. Deeply held beliefs and stories that penetrate to the soul level — whether true or not — do act as filters for other control mechanisms that would like to dominate the system.

I’ve known of situations where one lesser narcissist’s tentacles actually ended up “saving” a person from an even darker and more insidious narcissist, only for the person to recognize the trickiness of both parties and eventually free him or herself of external control and undue influence. In many ways, that’s what’s happening now: religions have long kept the masses in line through all manner of disempowering programs. Now government, the big Kahuna (at least in the NWO sicko mind) wants to supplant religion’s “right” to brainwash and control. In this age of unmasking intentions and hidden associations, some of us enjoy watching the narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths turn on each other. Perhaps they’ll save us some of the trouble of removing them. Each false program holds some kernel of truth or we wouldn’t let it in. The trouble arrives when that kernel turns out to be a Trojan Horse.

For more information on ways you can protect and strengthen your aura, I suggest reading up on the THORN Rune, as well as practicing the Sat Nam mantra. Sat Nam translates to “I am Truth” or “Truth is my True Identity,” and it helps to dismantle and remove subconscious programs that run counter to your natural, non-manipulated Self.

I also suggest regular energy clearings, multiple times per day. One simple technique involves stretching out your left arm in front of you, then taking your right hand and sweeping it from your left armpit to the tips of your fingers while breathing out. Imagine yourself flinging off any energy residue that doesn’t belong to you. Repeat on the other side. You can do this after work, after negative encounters, after watching television or after spending time in crowds or on hold with corporations or the US government. Who knows what the heck is programmed into that music?!

Another clearing technique uses white light (or whichever color you feel attracted to) to “squeeze” your energy like a tube of toothpaste, beginning at the crown, then working down to your feet. For the way back up, tune in to the Earth. Ground yourself either in your imagination, or, if possible, by walking on the ground in bare feet. Bring the Earth energy through your body, up and out the crown of your head. Then seal this cleaned, balanced you with a bubble of light or a strong affirmation, “This is my natural state. I can always recognize and return to my natural state.”

Having given you some tools to resist the manipulation, I’ll now share the video that tells you what’s going on with all this US government enthusiasm to map the brain. Trust me on this one, if DARPA’s involved, it’s not the innocuous helper they want you to believe it is. But don’t worry! If you have the mental illness or spiritual disease of not believing US government propaganda, there’s now a cure for that. Just let them chip you or magnetize your brain, then you’ll see the light. Those NWO freaks will get their One World Religion by hook or by crook. It’s a Brave New World, dontcha know:

“At the end of the room a loud speaker projected from the wall. The Director walked up to it and pressed a switch.

“‘… all wear green,’ said a soft but very distinct voice, beginning in the middle of a sentence, ‘and Delta Children wear khaki. Oh no, I don’t want to play with Delta children. And Epsilons are still worse. They’re too stupid to be able to read or write. Besides they wear black, which is such a beastly colour. I’m so glad I’m a Beta.’

“There was a pause; then the voice began again.

‘Alpha children wear grey. They work much harder than we do, because they’re so frightfully clever. I’m really awfully glad I’m a Beta, because I don’t work so hard. And then we are much better than the Gammas and Deltas. Gammas are stupid. They all wear green, and Delta children wear khaki. Oh no, I don’t want to play with Delta children. And Epsilons are still worse. They’re too stupid to be able …’

“The Director pushed back the switch. The voice was silent. Only its thin ghost continued to mutter from beneath the eighty pillows.

“‘They’ll have that repeated forty or fifty times more before they wake; then again on Thursday, and again on Saturday. A hundred and twenty times three times a week for thirty months. After which they go on to a more advanced lesson.'” ~Aldous Huxley, Brave New World , Chapter 2

Who Controls the Children (Schools Deliberately Dumb Down Children)

This is an old video that synchronuosly crossed my path right after a discussion about the dumbing down of American education. I went to high school in Pennsylvania, and this videotaped meeting from 1992 may explain some of the reasons that I feel so grateful to have benefited from an elementary, middle school and high school education that emphasized individuality, critical thinking, soul-based decisions about right or wrong, intuitive and intellectual gifts, and actual instruction about how propaganda works and how to see through it. I’ve always realized that I had an unusual education, and I did watch my siblings’ curricula gradually get watered down as the years went by. Still, when I look at some of the (now retired) teachers that my siblings and I had, in contrast to the standardized test happy current education system I hear about from clients, I feel a mixture of gratitude and, “Wow! What are we going to do about it?”

I had heard that decades ago, the CIA hijacked the US education system with specific goals to dumb down the population and create workers smart enough to perform basic tasks but too dumb to question authority. It sounds like conspiracy, and yet, when I talk with teachers, retired teachers, parents and students and then look at course topics and required reading, it’s clear that something drastic has happened to our education system. Critical thinking certainly seems to get a lot of children into trouble these days! Until watching this video, I had been contrasting this with my own education, thinking things really ramped up after I graduated high school in 1991. The controls and standardized tests are in place now, for sure; however, this video made me aware of how long this battle had already raged before I became aware of it. I thank all the concerned parents in Pennsylvania who did what they could to stand up to the State. Perhaps their vigilance accounts for why so many of my teachers managed to buck the system for as long as they did.

According to this videotaped informational meeting, based on actual documentation, here’s what American schools were really testing, even as far back as the 60’s:

“Locus of control: are you internally or externally motivated? Will you go with the crowd or think for yourself?” “The correct answer is go with the flow.” In Citizenship, the EQA admits that it did not test anything in the factual domain [such as what is the UN, or what’s the history of your country]. Citizenship tested ‘threshold of behavior. How do I vary reward and punishment in order to get you to do what I want you to do?’ … [The State-desired response was], “Avoid punishment, but go with the group. … The goal was Collectivism.” “The State-desired response was ‘rapid adjustment to change without protest.’ That was the State desired response.” The EQA, which I remember taking as a student, measured attitudes and then rewarded or punished school systems based on how compliant their students were to the State-desired responses. “The tests didn’t just discover the students’ attitudes, but scored the responses. There is a right answer and a wrong answer and I say what it is.”

Education funding favored those school systems who created the most compliant students and deprived and ostracized those school systems in which students failed to demonstrate a “minimum positive attitude” — i.e. evaluating situations and choosing behaviors based on more than peer pressure or authority’s ability to intimidate and punish. Curricula needed to be changed in order to enhance “positive attitude.”

This video is about children’s education, but it asks important questions about how we each make our own decisions, and under what circumstances we might be willing to stand strong in the face of tyranny or abuse. As products of some sort of educational/propaganda program, we each have varying degrees of “automatic filters” imparted not for our own benefit, but rather for the State’s survival. In a world of Patriot and Ex-Patriot Acts, corporate fascism, anonymous drone murders, kill lists and dehumanization, these questions have become uncomfortably less theoretical.

I found this video fascinating, so I’m sharing it here. Perhaps it will start some parent-child or parent-teacher discussions. I know in Seattle, many teachers have already banded together to boycott administrating the MAPS standardized test. I see signs of life in the rising interest in homeschooling as well as Waldorf and Montessori schools. I do hope something shifts in public education, since that’s what most people get. For now, we have a free(ish) internet, but people still need to know what to search. This video shares how parents have stood up in the past. Perhaps we will see a return of self-respect and the recognition that the government rules by the consent of the governed. This woman’s got a lot of good ideas, energy, information and questions. As the YouTube channel says:

“PLEASE forgive the quality… THIS IS WORTH WATCHING.

“Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt was Former Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) in the US Department of Education under President Reagan. Due to her unique perspective she was able to observe firsthand the methods the Federal Government used to deliberately dumb down the American public education system with Soviet style “brainwashing”.

“Disgusted with the American Government’s policy to use a behavior modification system designed to churn out unthinking, uncritical “citizens of the world” trained to accept socialism, Charlotte set out to wake up her fellow Americans.

“This documentary is a MUST WATCH for any home-schooler, teacher, parent or anyone interested in methods of education or anyone wondering why we as a people seem to grow less intelligent and less able with each passing generation.”

From what I can tell at the end credits, the speaker is Mrs. Peg Liksick:

Wife and Mother
Panelist in White House briefings 1984-85
Gubernatorial candidate
Founder and CEO of Mom’s House International