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How To Detect Covert Hypnosis

Here’s a nice little FYI for people trying to free themselves from automatic, controlled programming, including the formation of “appropriate opinions.” If you become familiar with this topic, you’ll notice all sorts of people trying to squirm out of all sorts of situations by using covert hypnosis. If you find yourself in a situation of outrage, for example, and then someone talks with you (or at you) for fifteen minutes and then you suddenly can’t remember why you ever felt anything but approval for what previously outraged you … um … kind of a warning sign, especially if the outrage was about something like torture, thievery, murder or other abuse. Another common sign of covert hypnosis is also when you feel extreme confusion about something that would normally be very clear cut — spinning your wheels into non-action.

“Covert hypnosis is very subtle.” It’s designed to shut down your analytical mind. Unfortunately for most students, analytical thinking is no longer taught in schools, and it’s often poo-poo’d in religious, channeling, or spiritual circles as “not having faith” or “being negative.” Faith is a powerful, wonderful tool, but so is critical thinking. When we integrate all aspects of Awareness, we can transcend base attempts to manipulate us into living smaller, controlled lives that aren’t our own best Self.

We can embrace real, positive scenarios instead of slapping a happy sticker on atrocities and calling this passivity and non-responsibility “Love and Light” or “Enlightenment.” Just to clarify, Love and Light are both extremely powerful, but there’s a difference between ignoring, excusing and allowing abuse to continue vs. shining the Light of Truth and Unconditional Love onto and into a situation to effect real change and provide tangible alternatives. It sounds obvious, but when you’re under covert hypnosis, it becomes really difficult to discern the difference.

This video shares some key word triggers as well as real life examples like when buying a car or meeting someone at a bar.

“Signs you’re not using your analytical mind:

1) You’re completely absorbed in a conversation
2) Inside your mind you vividly follow along with what someone is saying
3) You take in information without questioning its origin and validity
4) You strongly respond to emotionally descriptive language (language patterns)
5) You go with your feelings rather than evaluating the decisions critically.”

Please note, when the video’s speaker says, “Subconscious,” he actually means “the Unconscious Mind,” as per his YouTube comments.

As readers and clients know, I’m a huge fan of paying attention to feelings and to intuition; however, I’m also a huge fan of whole brain and whole heart processing. Human Evolution encourages greater Consciousness and the ability to recognize subtle differences among similar sounding concepts such as “Community,” “Oneness” and “Collectivism.” I’ve written on those differences in the post, “Uniquely You, Divinely One.” In these times of revelations, psyops, coups, counter coups, and the increased need for discernment, I just thought I’d share this useful little video. If you’re interested, you can research the topic further on your own. 😉

GoDaddy False Flag Psyop

Since I’ve immediately posted regarding False Flags in the past, I didn’t want my omitting to comment upon this one to seem like non-recognition. The following linked article contains lots of links and information regarding the GoDaddy site outages yesterday. Thanks to Mike Adams for calling a spade a spade, and thanks to Gillian for posting his article.

On this 11-year anniversary of one of the biggest, most destructive and far-reaching False Flags ever, please don’t drink the Kool-Aid. It’s poison. … And if you already have imbibed or even mainlined that crack, there’s still a little time left to spit it out.

No time like the present to reclaim sovereignty over what goes into mind and body. When it comes to exercising sovereignty, use it or lose it.

Not all is as it appears. On the contrary, I’d venture to say very little is as it seems. 🙂