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Owls, Dragons and Zebra Elephants: when dreams spill into “real” life

Yesterday, we took a lovely morning walk along the shores of Lake Michigan in Van Buren State Park, which we had not visited since March 2018:



It always feels so good to get in or near a large body of water, especially since I continue having disconcerting, yet encouraging dreams. Yesterday was no exception.

What’s weird is that the entire day ended up echoing a series of three dreams I had on 6/26/2020. One of those dreams featured a professor from Africa — a world renowned owl expert — and her daughter living in an apartment with cheerful pink bedspreads and a massive amount of zebras. When David and I saw this mural with the hot pink background, he wanted to take a photo since I kind of looked like I could be on safari anyway:


Who knew the rare zebra elephant roamed so close to Lake Michigan?

I immediately flashed on my dream with the pink bedspreads and all the dramatic zebras, but I didn’t realize until later in the day how much 6/26/2020 dream bleedthrough the day had already been bringing. Continue reading

Precognitive Blues, Part 3: Astrology, Card Divination, and Spirit Animals

If you’ve not read the first two parts, you can click through to Precognitive Blues, Part 1: Dreams, Warnings and Blessings and Precognitive Blues, Part 2: Guilt, Law of Attraction, and Meanings that Change Over Time. You don’t need to read these posts in order, but this one references the earlier posts, so I’ll link for context. At this point, I feel this will be the second last post in the series, but even with strong intuition and foresight, who really knows?! And when?

The most annoying and pressing question around suspected precognition is: how do I know what’s true?

Dreams can be symbolic, literal and/or both. So can signs and synchronicities. Even in retrospect, we cannot know the full meaning of any vision, dream, relationship or event, because life continues to radiate around and through us, backwards and forwards, breathing in and out until we die. After death, some kind of “life” continues — at least according to the various “dead” loved ones who appear in dreams or sessions and give credible warnings and advice. The Ancient Celts took life after death and reincarnation so seriously that you could legally carry a debt (even a financial one) into the afterlife. In a never-ending story, how can we establish the “ultimate” truth and meaning with any certainty?

That said, people who sometimes (or often) experience prophetic dreams and/or the clair’s, cannot just ignore their messages, because those messages tend to get more, not less insistent. Ignorance=ignore-ance. There are two types: the kind where you don’t know any better, or the kind where you pretend you don’t see what you see. Denial: where you try to convince yourself that you don’t know what you do know in your gut, your third eye and/or your heart of hearts. Willful ignorance precedes a rude awakening. How much more so with willful ignore-ance! See Precongitive Blues, Part 1 for details.

Using Astrology for Discernment:

“Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.”
~ Dane Rudhyar Continue reading

Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Claircognizance

This post began as “Precognitive Blues, Part 3: Astrology, Tarot, Synchronicity, and the Trickster.” My description of “The Clair’s” grew so long that it demanded its own post before Part 3 shows up. (I also discovered a Part 4, so that series will continue until I learn otherwise. You can find Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.)

By “The Clair’s,” I Mean:

Clairaudience: hearing sounds or words beyond “normal” frequency, usually with greater insights into the apparent reality. Telepathy and animal communication also fall under the heading of clairaudience.

In sessions, for me, clairaudience comes as a specific word, name or phrase, either right before the call, when I scan a client, or as the client speaks. Sometimes what they don’t say shouts much louder than their voice. Other times it comes to me as a kind of stage whisper or voiceover. When I bring up the word, name or phrase, it clicks in all sorts of insights for the person.

Clairaudience happens to me outside of sessions, too, but at least in a session I have permission to share intuitive hits! Not everyone welcomes that information, and conversations with liars or those in denial become especially boisterous inside my head. When someone lies to me, the true words echo louder and louder until I need to decide what to do with them. In the absence of “real world” evidence, it feels nasty to accuse someone of lying. For this reason, I do my best to avoid habitual liars or those in deep denial.

Fruitless confrontation or blaming myself for having “negative thoughts about someone” feels bad either way. Autoimmune reactions are very common in this scenario! I have many, many clairaudient Lyme clients turning against themselves their anger, frustration and negative thoughts about the narcissists or gaslighter’s in their lives.

It takes courage to allow yourself to live and hear from a place of truth rather than beating yourself up because you hear something so different from the spoken words. Of course, this creates other complications: if you suspect you have clairaudient awareness, then you need to make sure you examine your own Shadow and projections. An old post called “Rejection, Projection and Reflection,” can help with this.

My favorite method of clairaudience occurs most mornings in the hypnagogic state between sleep and waking. I hear song lyrics or a melody. When I search the full lyrics of those songs I find exact answers to my questions or concerns.

This can also happen with “radio roulette” where songs playing in stores or the car shock you awake because they seem to answer an internal question you just asked. The “random” play of Pandora, Alexa, or Spotify gives recently passed loved ones a way to send love or other messages to those they left behind. This is very, very common! Although not technically clairaudience (since the music plays in “normal reality”), the messages coming through the music bring a deeper resonance and awareness than ordinary listening. If this happens to you, you’ll sense it: goosebumps, an inner “Whoa!” or a delightful wonder help to flag clairaudient messages. If you keep hearing the same song over and over, you might also want to explore why. Continue reading

Precognitive Blues, Part 2: Guilt, Law of Attraction, and Meanings that Change Over Time

“Man needs reckless courage to descend into the abyss of himself.” ~ William Butler Yeats

This is Part 2, in what feels like a three part series. If you’ve not read “Precognitive Blues, Part 1: Dreams, Warnings and Blessings,” you can do so here. Today’s post deals with some of the other biggies that complicate precognition. According to “The Mystica“:

  • Precognition is the direct knowledge or perception of the future, obtained through extrasensory means. Precognition is the most frequently reported of all extrasensory perception experiences, occurring most often (60 percent to 70 percent) in dreams seeing the future.
  • It may also occur spontaneously in waking visions, auditory hallucinations, flashing thoughts entering the mind, and the sense of “knowing.” Precognitive knowledge also may be induced through trancechanneling, mediumship, and divination.

Because I’ve lived with “future memories,” psychic dreams, Cosmic Heads Up, and premonitions for my entire life, I’m no stranger to the challenges of precognition. I also coach and do readings for many highly intuitive clients, so these topics arise in sessions, too. This blog series attempts to provide a map or guideposts for what often feels like strange new territory.

Dealing with Precognitive Guilt

Tied with Precognitive Anxiety, aka pre-TSD, Precognitive Guilt weighs in as one of the biggest emotional challenges of seeing, sensing or dreaming future events. This guilt comes in a variety of forms. I’ll share some personal examples to illustrate. Continue reading

Precognitive Blues, Part One: Dreams, Warnings and Blessings

The title and topic of this blog post have been rolling around in my dreams and waking life for several weeks. Whenever I’ve tried to change the title, I get a “No,” and so far, whenever I’ve considered sitting down to write this piece, I hear, “Not yet.” Until today. Apparently, today’s the day. It strikes me that the process I just described illustrates much of what this post will cover.

Idea/insight. No, don’t change the title, but you can add a subtitle. No, not yet. Not YET. NOT YET. …. No, no, Now!

Because I write about precognitive dreams and work with so many people who’ve had brain injuries and/or Lyme disease, I have a fair number of psychic clients, too. Precognitive dreams and related topics arise in sessions, and people feel grateful they’re not the only one. Some of my clients work as professional intuitives, others could but haven’t gained confidence yet, or their life path involves using intuitive skills in different ways. Whatever the career or path, though, an influx of seemingly precognitive messages tends to disrupt the present.

On the one hand, people appreciate a Cosmic Heads Up. On the other hand, “future memories,” premonitions, timely warnings and extreme time bending complicate ordinary life, even while trying to simplify it.

If loved ones or coworkers live only in linear time, then becoming “unstuck in time” threatens not just your, but also their sense of “reality.” Few people let their sense of reality go without a fight. I don’t recommend these, but traumatic brain injury and/or lightning strikes are two of the most effective ways to become unstuck in time. There are easier, slower ways, but TBI and lightning seem to fast track the process. I also find extreme precognition in war veterans and people who suffered childhood sexual abuse. The death of a loved one or other foundation shattering trauma at an early age also seems to trigger precognitive abilities.

Despite its complications, precognition offers many advantages — especially for people with a very insistent life path or mission. In my opinion and experience, it pays to learn to work with this process, because it seems to happen anyway. Like it or not, the rules and perspective of life operate in different ways for precog people. I find the Cosmic Heads Up intends to help, comfort and prepare. Some people try to numb out with alcohol, drugs or nonstop trauma drama, but this loss of control seems to increase and intensify the messages until Something throws them from the Tower for a chance to start again.

Rider-Waite-Smith Tower Card from the Tarot

Not all precognitive dreams and synchronicities are bad. William Butler Yeats’ favorite Tarot card was actually the Tower Card, because it offered so much creative potential and a chance for rebirth. We tend to fight change — even positive change — because the familiar feels more comfortable. When we sense we need to change and grow, we often underestimate the degree. That’s probably by design, because if we knew everything we needed to release before we have the new in place, we would feel temporarily untethered. Feeling untethered, unmoored, and unhinged precedes a breakthrough, but this stage of breakthrough often feels like breakdown.

Since strong emotions tend to trigger precognitive awareness, the Cosmic Heads Up often brings “negative” awareness, but we can also invite insights into upcoming opportunities. I’ve written a lot about changing timelines, and a Cosmic Heads Up can help us to choose the most optimal future, based on extra awareness of likely trajectories or unalterable events. Carl Jung said, “Whatever is not made conscious will be experienced as fate.” I find that obvious after 18 years working as a medical intuitive. But Jung also said something a little more difficult to swallow: “Free will is doing gladly and freely that which one must do.” Continue reading

Michigan Staycation with Friends

Just wanted to post a little update about the wonderful time we spent with David’s old friends (now mine, too) from Amsterdam. David played driver and tour guide, giving us all a full, yet delightful week, perfectly paced and musically curated. Most people don’t know that David owns thousands of CD’s from around the world, and one of his favorite creative outlets is finding just the right versions of songs in just the right order to set the mood. We have “musical wallpaper” for our home and thousands of songs at his fingertips in the car.

Our visit’s selections ranged from 80’s and 90’s to classical, to obscure 70’s and lots of German and Swedish hits. Seth (pronounced “Set”) works in the music industry, so they’ve shared music over the years. Seth’s actually the person who sent David the song “Haus Am See,” which became the name of the blue house I rented as an office in Goshen. If I had to choose one song to sum up our time together, it would be The Hot Sardines, “Bei Mir Bistu Shoen”:

Dorothea (Dor-o-TAY-uh) is an artist and a psychological therapist, so she and I have lots in common. Somehow, everything worked out with everyone very much enjoying everyone else. David and Seth hadn’t seen each other or even connected at all in the past 6.5 years due to life’s craziness and I had never met Seth or Dorothea. We kind of marveled at how risky them traveling to stay with us for a week was, but from the moment they arrived, everything just clicked. So much laughter, love and fun. Seth’s North Node is right on David’s Sun, so they have one of those fated friendships that endures long times apart and fits even as they change and grow.

This visit’s activities included multiple trips to Lake Michigan — sunset at St. Joe’s while driving home from O’Hare …


… walks and swim at Holland, Michigan: Continue reading

The Octopus’s Garden and Shadow Work

So many people –friends, clients, the collective, and myself included — continue to feel buried trauma, memories and emotions bursting from deep waters of the subconscious. Intense stuff, launching from ocean floor to the surface! Despite the Shadow nature of this gunk, I keep sensing waves of healing and liberation.

Last night, David and I were digging around for clarity about certain relationships, and I went to sleep asking for some kind of dream commentary. I awoke after about five hours of sleep with a joyful song and visual still playing. Continue reading

Prophetic Dreams

In another round of plagiarizing my earlier self, I decided to share some dreams I recorded in 2000. I have to admit, I have freakin’ awesome dreams. 🙂 I download door ideas, find places to live, receive information to help clients and friends, and sometimes just feel overwhelmed by the beautiful images, colors and music. Yes, music. I often awake to chants or songs that continue to play through my brain as it fully embraces each new day.

During the year 2000, I lived in Evanston, Illinois, on the north side of Chicago, also right by Lake Michigan: essentially, the inverse of Hyde Park, with Northwestern instead of University of Chicago as the “college” in that neighborhood. Still completely disabled from my 1998 brain injury, I spent most days lying on the couch and meditating, going to visual therapy, listening to books/lectures on tape and eating out with friends. Despite the massive headaches and brain fog, 2000 remains one of the richest writing years for me. I could not reread what I wrote, and it’s possible that right now is the first time I’m unearthing many of the gems I left behind. I’m so glad I did. A decade + later, I see that the following dreams and journal entries have proven uncannily prophetic in my life. I hope you find them inspirational and insightful in yours as well:


“Go, Your Faith has healed you.”

“Even youths grow tired and weary
Even young men stumble and fall
But those who hope in the Lord shall renew their strength.
They shall soar on wings like eagles
They shall run and not grow weary
The will walk and not faint.”



Last week:

I looked up and saw a brilliant white light which shot down into my mouth. I ate it like food and asparagus stalks sprouted from my head. They surrounded my face like rays of the sun, and people would pluck and eat the spears. The light fed me and the spears continued to regenerate as people ate them.

(asparagus=sign of prosperity
circle, sun, spiritual food)


Mandala. I stood in the center while four vortexes spun around me. I woke up knowing it was my calling. The shaman was the central point. The calling was four faceted:

spiritual leader



Focus point. Special place to focus through the hole that allowed you to see from an eternal perspective so that huge distances looked small. Depressed people were stuck because they couldn’t find the spot to look. But once you “got it” it was so easy to jump “impossible” distances. It was fun. I jumped like a somersaulting canonball across the ocean and it was like diving two feet off the end or a bed through a hoop. You had to look up at a special point and your perspective changed.

“What is impossible for man is possible with God.”

Another Dream:

I was hiding in a maze of hedges, looking at a man inspecting those hedges and hoping he wouldn’t see me, because I didn’t know where I was and I couldn’t move. To my horror, he turned and walked along my path.

He spoke to me and brought me to a trainer. I had to jump on a trampoline outside a small round window and attempt to jump inside it. This dream was the inverse dream of the one about jumping from the bed outside. Same principle applied. It was a LEARNED technique, kind of like visual therapy. There was an “aha!” moment that I just didn’t seem to get.

Lots of light blue and bouncing up and down. Then I accidentally ended up in the room. I didn’t yet know how I’d gotten there, but the teacher, who like my honors thesis advisor, was really excited and kept telling me to look at different points above me. There was one point that put the scene into the “proper” perspective that allowed a human to jump across the sea of over six feet of obstacles or into a light blue unknown.

It was like the circus. Fun! Once I figured out where to look. The “aha!” Once I knew where to look I could jump consistently. It brought joy and the sense of knowing not only that this world is just a matter of perspective, but the senes that with the right focus, one could easily move from time to the eternal and back again.

It looked like magic or impossible to an observor who didn’t know where to look, but “correct” vision showed how tiny and insignificant the gap can be. “My kingdom is not of this world.”

[Lots of fun in 2000! I was just starting some “serious” “funny strange” studies back then due to massive synchronicities that remain my primary life experience to this day. Wishing everyone clarity and love … Laura]

Premonitions and Affirmations

This is another email turned blog post. I decided to share it here because it addresses several questions I get asked a lot. In no particular order:

1) Why did I stop traveling to Reno/Tahoe when I have so many friends, clients and students there?

2) How do premonitions present themselves and how do we know they’re “real”?

3) Do I have any intentions of returning to Reno/Tahoe, at least for a visit?

4) Can we have any flexibility with premonitions or are we slaves to that perceived information?

5) Do I (as in me, Laura) only have blissful, amazing dreams all night long?

The original question was just about why I felt I had some sort of “cosmic block” about me returning to Reno. Here’s the message, with a few things added for clarity:

“The story of the block is that before my last class there in January 2008 I had two weeks of awful nightmares and would have cancelled the trip except I had so many people registered for the classes. It’s not like me to have nightmares so I asked for a solution. Solution was not to take a cab and to be very careful about where I went on that trip, listening to and following my intuition w/o deviating at all.

I did and had some very specific instructions and near misses of not-good stuff happening to me. On the last morning there, I needed to go to the ATM in order to get enough cash to pay for the classroom rental. I use Bank of America, and there was a BofA right next to my hotel. I remember I was lying in bed, mentally timing out my morning before the class. I suddenly heard in my head a very firm voice that said, “Do NOT go to the Bank of America ATM today. You have long hair and you look like a teenager today. That makes you a target. Do NOT go to the Bank of America ATM this morning.” I don’t normally operate from a fear place, so this felt like a random and cryptic message. I almost argued, but then a goosebumpy, creepy feeling crept over me. I opted to get cash from the hotel’s ATM and just pay the $2 surcharge.

I checked out of the hotel and realized I had left my carefully selected and much anticipated lunch in the room’s refrigerator. I started to turn back, as I stayed at this hotel regularly and figured I could get them to let me back in my room to get it. Again, I heard this same unexpected instruction, “Do NOT go back to the hotel. You are done with the hotel. You are done with this area. Get on the bus, go to class and leave. Do NOT go back.”

By this time, I felt quite weirded out, as my little intuitive instructions usually arrive as positive nudges, i.e. “Say hi to that person” or “Why don’t you peek in that shop window?” I am always pleasantly surprised by synchronicities when I follow those hits. These instructions felt ominous and I needed to work hard to stay in a high vibe state to teach the day’s class. As I got off the bus and walked to center, I realized I would not be back in Reno for a long, long time. This saddened me greatly, but the moment I agreed to that, everything shifted and I felt like my usual light and airy self. I taught the class, got a ride to the airport and exhaled when the plane took off.

When I got back home to Sedona, I had a bunch of emails from people who had been very concerned about me all weekend, even though they knew no details. I told Stephen I had never been so relieved to get home. Five minutes later we got a fax from the Reno police department with a photograph of Brianna (I think that was her name–the one who was missing and eventually found murdered).

We had never before received anything from the Reno police dept and have no idea how they even got our fax number, but the photo they sent of her as a missing person looked a lot like me. Strikingly so. Several people even commented to that effect. Then we learned a cab driver was “a person of interest.” Then a few weeks later we got another fax from the Reno PD, saying she had been found murdered and I think it was the cab driver who did it? I don’t remember all the details but every time I plan a trip to Reno something happens with the reservations to make it very clear that they’re not going to go through. Either the internet locks up, or I can’t stay where I planned or the credit card won’t work or blah, blah, blah, it’s just uncanny.

Anyway, that happened the first time we moved to Tahoe, too. We had intended to move to Reno, but when we got there it was just not right. I could feel really aggressive energy towards me that was just intolerable, like being raped. We moved to Tahoe instead and a couple weeks later, that energy passed and I felt fine about hanging out in Reno. I researched it and the area we had planned to move there had had a string of rapes right after we would have moved there–again, with victims that looked like me.

In 2007, Stephen and I had plans to move back to Reno. We even got ourselves prequalified for a beautiful rental house on the Truckee River. The day before we left Monterey, the realtor called with news that she could barely process herself: the rental had fallen through. Some bizarre series of events had forced the current residents not to move out, and the owner was allowing them to extend their lease without notice.

We wondered if this might be a sign, but continued with our plans. On the way to Reno, our Uhaul trailer began swerving uncontrollably. Accidents on the other side of the highway prevented us from turning around, so I called Uhaul’s 1-800 number to find the nearest center that could repair the issue. They sent us right instead of left, away from Reno, but indicated we would not go too far out of our way. Well, two hours and several near accidents and flips later, we found ourselves in Paso Robles, CA, just north of San Luis Obispo. We found an open Uhaul center and they examined the trailer, thinking it would just need some minor tweaking.

Um, no. Their faces turned white. We had no brake fluid and the chains were so loose that they could not figure out how we had survived a two hour journey. When we told them we would have been driving on the windy Sierra Mountains, they all but screamed. We needed to have everything unloaded and then reloaded, at Uhaul’s expense and discretion, so they put us up in a nearby hotel. By the time they found loaders and reloaders, several days had passed and we felt clear we were NOT meant to go back to Reno at that time. We opted to move locally, since we had considered the SLO area many times before but never moved there.

Meanwhile, I still really loved Reno and kept wanting to return to my friends and clients there. And of course the beauty of Lake Tahoe. We tried once more in May 2009, with equally bizarre and synchronous redirection.

So … I love, love, love Reno and all my friends and students there, but I also listen if there’s a perceived block because I’ve had some uncanniness with it. Something about that area is just make or break with me. When it’s good, it’s awesome; when it’s not, it’s blocked for me to go. Very much anticipating a green light time. 🙂

… [end of email]

What does all this say about premonitions and free will? A few thoughts:

In determining if a dream or feeling is a premonition, it’s important to know your usual experiences with intuition. If you live from a fear-based place most of the time, then it makes sense to question nightmares and scary thoughts because they are likely symbolic. They may have a component of truth to them, but if they do not jump way out of your normal state, then they are less apt to be something foreboding.

In my own, personal dream and intuitive life, I happen to know that negative dreams and nudges tend to correspond to real events. When I dream of “bad stuff” and call whoever was in the dream, I very often learn that they either just had that happen to them that night, or they are going on the trip or making the decision that leads to the situation in the dream. I can give them a timely warning, and they tend to listen because, again, this is unusual for me. I do not normally have nightmares.

Another important discernment technique is to question your actual emotions about a place or event. Do you secretly want to avoid it, but don’t feel you can without an otherworldly excuse? If that’s the case, you will benefit from being honest with yourself, because it helps you learn to trust your intuition and know its subtleties. Premonitions don’t always mean imminent disaster. They might simply indicate a subconscious longing for something else. And that’s OK!

I find that prayer helps greatly. You can ask for clarity. You can also keep yourself in a high vibe state, or raise yourself into a high vibe state with sacred chants, more raw foods, yoga, deep relaxation, and time in nature. If your intuition starts screaming louder when you do these things, then it likely does require your attention.

Journaling about your questions often brings hidden things to light. Talking with a trusted friend can also help. I also receive many requests for sessions from people who feel inexplicable, “irrational” nudges and just want an uninvolved person to tune in and cut through the swarm of competing channels and information. The important thing is to realize that you can make the most of everything that comes your way.

Jean-Paul Sarte says, “Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.” I would add, that Freedom is also what you do with what’s slightly down the road. Your trajectory does not need to remain fixed. If you catch hints of things you’d like to avoid, you can respond. We live more than once, but why waste a lifetime? Or even a moment? 😉