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Timothy Glenn ~ Autumn 2018: The Dominoes Begin to Fall

Here’s a new update from Timothy Glenn. The only thing I would add to it is that — given the presence of twelve nuclear reactors in the path of Hurricane Florence — including two on the coast of North Carolina, I looked at the astrological aspects for today in Southport, NC. I used 11:11 a.m. September 12, 2018 for my calculations.

Since Pluto rules nuclear power, and Uranus rules unexpected, chaotic events, I paid special attention to those aspects. While highlighted with an almost exact Pluto in Capricorn trine Virgo Sun (0 degrees, 58′ separation) and Pluto sextile Jupiter in Scorpio (0 degrees, 03′ separation), at least these are less intense than the square or opposition. Uranus in Taurus almost exactly trines Saturn in Capricorn (0 degrees, 31′ separation) and opposes Venus (0 degrees, 10′ separation). I love Timothy’s interpretation of Uranus trine Saturn (below)!

With the Venus opposition, please keep in mind that relationships and control/freedom issues could become triggers or volatile. As my friend Toni says, “Take a breath of God.” Inhale love before reacting. Pray for discernment regarding authority and communication. Uranus also rules ideas of “brotherly love” and “highest good of all.” Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is almost exactly sextile Mars (0 degrees, 17′ separation). This is about as easy as Chiron-Mars alignments get, not a picnic, but an opportunity to exert will power in regards to healing self and others. Combined, all of these aspects favor everyday heroes rising to the occasion with compassion that flows from their own awareness and experience.

Those on the East Coast, especially in the Carolina’s, no doubt face major challenges in the days ahead, but these aspects also favor strong will power, healing and regeneration. As Timothy mentions at the end of the article, Divine Love helps us shift into neutral and full empowerment. From this space, miracles occur. Please send Reiki, prayers and loving energy as you feel led. All that said, here’s Timothy Glenn with astro-insights into the coming months.

Autumn 2018: The Dominoes Begin to Fall

by Timothy Glenn

As we approach the Autumn Equinox during a midterm election year in the United States, the traditional “October surprises” will start popping up in September. This will most likely result in “September surprises” and “October shocks”.

The conventional planetary controllers have been backed into a corner, and are now playing “for all the marbles.” Continue reading

Rune Soup ~ Talking the Power of Eight with Lynne McTaggert

I finally had a chance to listen to what my friend Mitch describes as “one of Gordon [White]’s best podcasts ever,” and I agree. This one’s truly excellent.

Lynne McTaggert talks about her book, “The Power of Eight,” and their fascinating discussion touches upon scientific studies of prayer, intentions, Reiki, chanting, meditation and healing on all levels. I love how Lynne’s research backs up something I tell people all the time in sessions and Reiki classes: that offering healing energy and prayers for others has profound healing effects on the sender, as well as the receiver. According to Lynne’s research, the sender receives exponentially more benefits than the receiver!

This podcast runs an hour. Given that the powerful techniques described take mere minutes, you’ll likely find it an hour well spent.

Quick Updates and Flowers

Things are traveling at a whirlwind pace, but all moving along quite well! I find this very true in our own lives, and I hear equivalent reports from clients, friends and family. Once people experiencing any challenges notice that each challenge presents a chance to clarify, confirm and commit to the new, an energy shift emerges, turning the entire process into a blessing.

This happened to us last week, as initially, the sellers of our new home indicated they would not vacate by the Friday settlement date. A flurry of prayers, sacred chants, emails, texts, visualization, and a Reiki Healing Attunement apparently activated a much more positive timeline. Literally everything except the house itself changed overnight, including the individuals and situations involved — reworking not only to a fully vacated house, but also to major sync winks and uncanny blessings the whole day of our closing. Several “full circles” made everyone marvel at Divine guidance, and we just happened to meet the previous owner to the ones selling us the house.

She’s the now elderly woman who planted all the trees and flowers. On Friday, she just happened to drive by to check out the yellow irises she always loves to see bloom, whereupon she noticed the “Sold” sign and an open garage door.


She waited for us to come outside, introduced herself, gave us her phone number and offered to set us up with her former arborist and any information we’d like to know about the park like setting she created. She expressed sheer delight that another gardener is moving in, since Continue reading

Celebrating 19 Years Post-TBI

Today, May 19, 2017, marks the 19th anniversary of my life altering brain injury, and I am filled with gratitude.

Without that car “accident,” I would not be where I am today, would not be offering intuitive readings, Life Coaching, or teaching Reiki. I would not have explored Tarot or past lives, painted portal doors, learned Runes, explored telepathy, or embraced the enormous volume of energy flowing over, through and around my life. I would not have encountered so many amazing beings as I dead reckoned my way home.

Contrary to what my doctors pronounced, Continue reading

My Dad’s Prayer Speech and Obituary

Today’s post will be the last in this series sharing my dad’s final weeks. As promised, on the day of my dad’s memorial service, I’m posting the prayer testimonial he had my sister, Erica, deliver to five church services a few weekends ago. If you’ve read this full series, you already know that my dad did not always believe in prayer, energy and things unseen. Although he opted for different treatment routes than I personally would have chosen, his cancer journey brought us much closer: between “chemo brain,” miraculous healing and divine intervention, my father finally began to understand the way I live my daily life.

He considered this speech one of the most important offerings of his life, and it seems appropriate that the “Prayer Is” conference takes place this week in the same location as his memorial service. The night of my dad’s “aura” experience, he had also finally given me permission to send him Reiki and to request all the Reiki students and Master Teachers I had trained to send Reiki to him. Prior to that day, he had felt varying degrees of fear or skepticism towards Reiki, but since that day, he gladly received it. In fact, his final moments on this Earth passed with me providing Reiki to his heart until I could no longer distinguish between its beating and my own pulse. Having my sister read this testimonial for him when he was too ill to do so himself was one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given him.

I have also included as my first comment below the beautiful obituary my brother, Craig, wrote for Sunday’s Morning Call. My dad always enjoyed teaching, and last night we encountered many students, colleagues, ride recipients, bridge partners, friends, relatives and casual acquaintances my dad affected in profound ways. Somehow, the combination of my dad’s words and my brother’s words about my dad seem like the fullest way to complete this series. I’ve heard from so many of you how this journey has affected your own lives, and I know my father would feel honored and humbled by his impact. Thank you for all the love and care for our family during this sacred time together.

Steve Derbenwick’s Witness Statement

Good Morning.   My name is Steve Derbenwick.   Around here I am probably best known as Jane Derbenwick’s husband with the weird cancer.  I had no exposure to religion as a child and only a little bit of church attendance in high school and graduate school plus a rigorous undergradate course on the Old Testament.  I have struggled with religious issues for most of my adult life but it has been hard for a highly analytical science oriented academic introvert like me to find the answers I sought.   Although I have been coming to First Pres for over four decades, I never went through the process to become a member.

With that preamble you may be wondering why I am up here today.  The answer is what happened in July 2011.  I was hospitalized with a type of total intestinal blockage that rarely affects adults.  Before my surgery Jane asked if I wanted to be on the Prayer Chain.  I said yes, but I confess I wasn’t very optimistic then that it would make a big difference.

During surgery, my doctor uncovered a marble sized lymphoma that had triggered the blockage.   Subsequent tests revealed I had a very rare and highly aggressive cancer called Mantle Cell Lymphoma with many golf ball sized and larger lymphomas throughout my body.  My case was the worst of its four varieties. The quoted mortality rate was 95% at 4 years but before I could deal with this life threatening cancer I faced a more immediate crisis.

About a week after my surgery, I awoke from a short afternoon nap, rang my buzzer and told my nurse I had no idea what was wrong with me but I felt horrible.  That complaint triggered a whole flurry of activity ending with a CAT scan that revealed a very large pulmonary embolism that would eventually make my right lung virtually useless for over 5 months.  That night I lay in bed fearing I could die if another clot affecting my other lung came through.  I remember thinking how terrible it would be to die without being able to say goodbye to the people I loved.  I remember praying that they could forgive me if that happened.  But before I got around to praying for myself, something amazing happened that I cannot really describe adequately.

Suddenly a very bright gold or orange aura appeared inside or surrounding my head.  The accompanying message was an assurance that everything would be all right and I relaxed.  What I thought then and still believe is that the prayers of everyone who had been praying for me somehow coalesced and formed this amazing protective shield.  I survived the night and the next day my nurse told me I was already turning blue when I rang buzzer the day before.  A week later I learned that one of the new resident doctors had spent that entire night in my room or just a few steps away from it.

My battle with the cancer then began and followed the usual progression – chemotherapy, radiation, remission, and relapse followed by a different chemotherapy.  Along the way my body decided a 6 week long nasty case of shingles in my head would just add to the fun.  The second type of chemotherapy was a total failure.  When it was finished in December 2013, all my tumors had at least doubled in size and I had twice as many.  I figured I had a couple of months to live but another miracle happened for me – the FDA had just given super accelerated approval to a new daily oral chemotherapy drug for my cancer based on just a Phase II study with only 111 subjects.   I started on that medicine immediately and 3 months later only one tumor was left.  In the spring of 2015, that tumor was presumably destroyed with radiation treatments although its shell still appears on a CAT scan.

During this long ordeal it was very easy for the negative thoughts like anger, frustration, self-pity, and depression to creep in.  Every time that happened I remembered that special night in the hospital and I relaxed.

In May 2015, I made a list of my 12 personal miracles – things that went my way but just as easily could have gone the other way.  Just imagine the odds of flipping a coin and having it come up heads 12 times in a row when your life depends on it.  That has been my experience.

What do I think I have done in my life to deserve such good luck – absolutely nothing.  I attribute it all to the power of all those prayers being said for me.  I am constantly amazed at how many people tell Jane they are praying for me even when I am not on the Official Prayer Chain.  Many of you do not even know me personally.  Thank you all so much.  I won’t classify my life as easy now but the fact that I am here today is evidence that those prayers really work.

On March 13 through March 17 First Pres will be offering its annual Prayer Is event.  I hope you can appreciate how meaningful and emotional this opportunity is for me every year.   I think everyone can benefit from devoting as many moments as you wish to the solitude, peace, introspection, and opportunity to pray for yourself and others that this dedicated prayer time and environment provides.  Please try to attend.

When I prepared these remarks a few weeks ago I expected to deliver them from a position of strength.  Instead I again find myself facing serious health issues and extreme fatigue.  Nevertheless I am very grateful to be able to tell you my story today.  Thank you for listening.

Another Update on My Dad

(More recent updates in comments, too…)

Hi, and thank you again to everyone sending prayers, love, healing and support to my dad, me, and my entire family. There are an increasing number of moving parts and decisions, so timing and outcome are very difficult to predict. I spent much of yesterday in conversation, emails and texts with my mom, brother, sister and my neurologist uncle, as my dad’s situation keeps shifting hour by hour.

David and I are packing and have arranged for an immediate road trip if needed; however, the original timing still works best for everyone if things ease up. Much of that depends on my dad’s decisions, which we are all trying to honor, giving him as much dignity and agency as possible, while also still looking out for his short term health and overall quality of life. His health situation remains quite complex, with competing priorities resulting in highly different choices right now.

I am at peace with my father and on very good terms, as well as able to communicate telepathically, with repeatedly verified results, so David and I are just trying to ensure that the timing of our visit provides the most support and least disruption for everyone — including my sister, Erica, who is currently shouldering most of the local responsibility, while also being a mom to my two nephews, who are very close to their grandpa.

My brother is considering another trip to PA, but again, the on-the-ground logistics and my dad’s pending decisions largely determine what would be appropriate, supportive timing. My mom’s holding up pretty well and receives a lot of support and encouragement from her church, too. Speaking of church, my sister is reading my dad’s speech to all five of the services, beginning last night. He was unable to deliver his own stories of the power of prayer in his life, but he’s very grateful that my sister was willing and able to do so on his behalf. I’m sure there will not be a dry eye in all five services!

In any case, I appreciate the ongoing care, support and concern from everyone here and elsewhere. In terms of sessions this week, there are potential scenarios in which everything’s perfectly fine in PA, and David and I leave with the original timing, in which case, all scheduled sessions remain as is. With so many decisions, personalities and shifts, I need to have the flexibility to travel at a moment’s notice, and so it’s possible that I might need to make last minute changes. In that event, I promise to reschedule as soon as possible. I’m not not-scheduling future sessions (in other words, I am scheduling future sessions) because there are trajectories in which this week through six months are perfectly fine, and other trajectories in which this week, three weeks or two months from now become chaotic.

Until my dad’s situation stabilizes, I will just need to be a little more fluid than usual in terms of scheduling. Thank you for understanding, and again, thank you for your care and concern. This will likely be my last update regarding my dad until we have a much better sense of which path he decides to take.

Much love and gratitude, Laura


Update on My Dad

Thank you to all of you who have sent continued prayers and energy healing for my father! Several people have recently asked for an update, so I’ll share what I can here. For those of you who want to add him to your own lists, his name is Steve Derbenwick.

My dad was really struggling before I wrote last week’s post requesting prayers and Reiki, but my parents both said they could sense all the prayers coming their way once he got re-upped on my mom’s prayer list and with all my amazing blog readers’ energies, prayers and intentions. Truly, thank you! We’re deeply blessed to have such a worldwide group of powerful healers, shamans, Reiki Practioners and Master Teachers, prayer warriors, love beings, and adepts sending energy to our family.

I did some shamanic Dreamwork with my dad on Friday, the 19th, and felt the situation shift even more, which my dad confirmed the following morning. He was still very weak but felt much more “here.” He also let me know that he had printed out my prayer request/tribute to him so that he could read it every day. He felt it would “strengthen him,” and he appreciated everyone’s loving comments. Just knowing that so many people he’s never even met care about him has really touched his heart.

According to my sister and mother, who actually see my dad on a regular basis, he’s still very, very weak. My brother and I have needed to become more involved in his care from a distance, as well, but I am grateful that my siblings and I work well together, honoring our own different gifts and strengths in order to help manage things as best as we can. Yesterday, my dad had a platelet infusion and a bone marrow scan, though he will not receive his results for another week.

The test and procedure yesterday left him exhausted, but we’re all hoping he will rally enough to give his previously scheduled prayer testimonial at several church services tonight and tomorrow. My dad credits prayer with bringing many, many miracles into his life since his cancer diagnosis, and he wants to share his stories to help inspire others to participate in a prayer week at my mom’s church. My post last week describes some of my dad’s transition from total skeptic to open-hearted mystic, but it doesn’t capture the depth of feeling he has for being able to give back to those who’ve helped him.  My mom and sister have arranged a wheelchair for him and reduced the number of times he’s scheduled to share his story.

Even so, getting him there and having his voice strong enough to carry through the microphone, and his energy steady enough to do his talks remains a huge challenge. Any energy you feel called to send to support this process would be greatly appreciated. I’ve read my dad’s speech, and even though I’ve heard his stories before, it always starts the tears of Grace flowing.My dad feels this is one of the most important tasks he has right now, so I hope for his sake and for his listeners that he can share his story. If you knew my dad, you would know what an incredibly healing and generous heart-opening his desire to share such private stories with hundreds of people really is!

David and I made arrangements in case we need to change our travel arrangements to arrive sooner than our scheduled date in March, but so far, the original timing still seems Divinely orchestrated. We’ve even got synchronous house-sitters lined up. Thank you again to everyone sending positive energy to our visit. We’ve got special events on either end of the visit, too, all of which seem significant to the larger journey of everyone involved.

I know many people are ill, struggling or transitioning right now. Sessions are filled with people dealing with various intensities and life changing events. Clients, friends and blog readers keep privately asking me how I’m doing, so I’ll share a little here. Overall, I’m doing well, though, of course, a range of emotions flow through me in any given moment. Gratitude remains my dominant feeling, since we have already had an extra 4.5 years with my dad beyond his original prognosis. We’ve all used that time well!

I’ve also had the opportunity to observe many families dealing with crises, which makes me acutely aware of how lucky I am to have capable, caring and involved siblings who share similar ideas about what needs to be done when. This process has strengthened our three-way communication, and having watched our dad shoulder so much responsibility with his own mother, we’re all mindful of distributing responsibilities as evenly as we can, given our varying proximities and skills.  Thank you for including my whole family in your prayers, energy and intentions, because as any caregiver knows, the supportive roles need support, too!

Fortunately, David’s family’s ongoing crises that we moved to Goshen to manage have begun to ease, which means he has more energy and needs less support from me right now. Perhaps in anticipation of the increased focus on my own family, or maybe just due to the grey winter in Goshen, I’ve felt a deep need to cocoon myself in beauty. I feel fine for sessions and am actually enjoying them. But in my personal life, I need to go with the flow right now, so please excuse slower and much shorter responses to chatty emails.

Even before my dad’s health took this sudden downturn, I had withdrawn more into my permaculture design course, a lovely Druid course, and setting things up to support me writing books again, both fiction and non-fiction. This all feels good and perfectly timed, but with the increased family stress and responsibilities, it’s not a luxury. I need this inner time to rejuvenate myself, and I stay on path in order to walk through this time period with ease and grace.

I spent yesterday afternoon studying permaculture and drinking in the beauty of my new writing office. The windows overlook my snow covered gardens, but the snow didn’t stop dozens of birds from darting around the lovingly planted trees and shrubs. A robin visited me as I sat on my rocker, reading and smiling. Between the bright wall colors, gorgeous tapestry from sweet faery twin, Tania Marie, views of my growing food forest, and a magical mandala rug, yesterday transported me into the all encompassing beauty my soul craves. It’s chilly in that writing office, though, so I realized I finally have a perfect spot for one of those electric fireplaces or old fashioned electric wood stove heaters I’ve long wanted. I think the extra coziness of a fire element between rocking chair and computer desk will take that room over the Moon. 🙂

I’ll leave you with some of yesterday’s views from my rocking chair, as well as heartfelt gratitude for all the care and prayers of such wonderful, kind, and powerful blog readers. Thank you, thank you! Much love and continued blessings! ~ Laura


mandala rug




A Special Prayer and Reiki Request for My Dad

Some of you know that my father, Steve Derbenwick, has been extremely ill for many years. In Summer 2011, an unrelated health emergency led to the discovery of a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma with a very high, very short mortality rate. Through an incredible combination of synchronicities, answered prayers, Reiki, major lifestyle changes, an experimental cancer drug, and miracles that led to a vast opening of his heart and spiritual awareness, my dad has outlived his expected time by over four years. He has also modeled one of the most powerful and generous healing experiences that I’ve ever witnessed — and in my line of work, I witness a lot of healing journeys.

My dad and I have had our ups and downs over the years, especially as my 1998 brain injury led me away from his beloved academia and into realms he did not understand or — initially — value. More than anyone else, I think my brain injury devastated him, as his intellectual daughter with a full scholarship and stipend towards a PhD in English Literature became “permanently disabled,” cashed out her IRA to pay for alternative treatments, gradually became a professional medical intuitive and energy healer, and then married a gypsy with unstable finances and a knack for poking familial wounds.

My dad and I had some rough years, but a strong, often painful, love always remained. I will be forever grateful for the additional time my dad and I received to heal our relationship. A combination of my completion of three books with excellent reviews, ongoing proof (to me and to my dad) that a lot of people really do value the unusual gifts I offer through my work — and especially, my 2010 divorce and resulting reclamation of my family — have all rebuilt bridges that my sudden TBI and its long aftermath nearly destroyed.

My relationship with David has also provided great understanding and massive respect for how much my dad did when we were growing up. Recognizing how much energy, responsibility and caregiver burnout David endures caring for his parents with my support has given me major insights into the level of service and sacrifice my dad offered his own mother for four decades, while raising three children and supporting my mom, who had her own health crises during my teenage years, followed by my disabling brain injury right before I turned 25. We had our differences, but wow. I get it now.

On my dad’s end, he read my books, and became one of my biggest fans again. A potentially near death experience in 2011 resulted in him changing the ways he expresses love, and what he calls “chemo brain” resulted in him finally understanding how I must have felt with my brain injury. Instead of a gulf between our experiences, I’ve become one of the few people he knows who totally gets what it’s like to go from the need for rational, logical proof to having regular mystical experiences, inspired action, and inner knowing. Seeing and honoring the many miracles in my dad’s life has shifted him into someone who lives from a place of wonder and gratitude — looking for and finding ways he can to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Shortly after my brain injury, I received a vision of my dad living from this incredibly inspiring space, but he has far exceeded that vision. I’m so proud to call him my father!

My dad’s health began a rapid decline right around this past Christmas, and if we had not already committed to attending David’s daughter’s college graduation and those extremely important and deeply healing festivities, we would have gone to Pennsylvania for the holidays. Instead, we planned a trip for early March, and it looked like that anticipation and some other exciting developments might buoy my dad’s health for awhile. He and my mom recently purchased a new home in a 55+ community, and I already planned to help them pack during our time there.

This morning I received word from my dad that his health has taken a major turn for the worse, and we’re not sure what to expect right now. Although bone broth had been a miracle cure for his declining platelets, his platelets have recently declined so much that he can no longer remain on the experimental drug he credits with keeping his cancer at bay. In the past, he has responded well to prayer and especially to Reiki, so if any of you feel led to send healing my dad’s way, I would deeply appreciate it. I would so love to see him again and have a good visit this March. I’ve seen my family numerous times since moving to Goshen, but David’s familial responsibilities have only allowed him a short visit with my parents when they came to Goshen in July 2013. It would mean a lot for us all to get together again, and my dad, the man of many miracles … well … it would be nice for him to have a little more time with those he loves.

Thank you to anyone who feels led to offer healing energy and prayers for my dad and our family at this time. I have a very different attitude towards healing, living, dying and death than most people, but yes, in case you wondered, I’m totally crying as I type. Mostly with gratitude. I love my dad, and I’m so grateful for all of the extra time we’ve had together, for all the healing, all the heartfelt conversations, the increased understanding, deep changes, growth of both of us, and for all the mutual support both ways. But I’d love to give him another hug in person, and I’d love to see him smile again.

I pulled one of Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards “for my dad” this morning and picked:

“#9 The Eagle:

spirit, integrity, connection to the angelic realm

When the Eagle appears, it is a true signal of your connection to the angelic realm. With the angels’ help and guidance, you can soar above life to see the larger vista. The Eagle helps you make your choices accordingly, with integrity.

When you pray to your angels, they will always answer, for they patiently wait for you to call upon them for assistance. The angels reside beside you, always hoping to aid humankind in finding peace and manifesting abundance and prosperity.

The Eagle asks you to remember to soar high above life and look at the big picture. Don’t get too caught up in the tiny, unimportant aspects of life. The spiritual world is the real one — your physical life is the dream.

When the Eagle appears, it’s also a signal for prayer. It’s time for a moment of conscious contact with the Divine. Remember that you’re always protected and Divinely directed if you follow the guidance of Spirit as it appears in the form of the Eagle.”

Thank you.

I love you, Dad!



From Three Readers

The following links and/or information came through from three different readers almost simultaneously yesterday afternoon, with suggestions or requests that I post the material. Given the curious timing of three such requests within three minutes of each other, I thought I would, indeed, post them together. Some will require a click-thru to view. The third is a personal email detailing the personal struggles of a family in the Philippines after a second typhoon destroyed the other half of their home destroyed in the devastating 2013 typhoon. Even if you decide not to take 3D world action in any of these three cases, if you feel led to do so, please at least offer some prayers and energy in their direction. If you feel led to offer something else, then please let your heart guide you. Thanks and blessings, Laura

From reader Allison, who lives on Kauai:

Hi love! I hope all is well with you!!! 🙂

I wasn’t sure if you saw this without facebook so I thought I would send your way.

[This FB post shares some of Jon Rappoport’s work to help the islands of Hawaii reclaim their earth, sea and sky from experimental, secret pesticides and herbicides of the biggest GMO corporations spraying paradise. It also shares a video from the SHAKA movement led by Native Hawaiians.]

From reader Karen:

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Food Babe or not, but she’s a good resource and works tirelessly to benefit us all.  It sure feels like she could use some of our love right now.   I don’t know exactly why I’m sharing this with you, but it seemed like the thing to do. 
Hope things are wonderful in your corner of paradise,

Karen included a forwarded group email from “Food Babe,” aka Vani. When I followed her links and saw the vitriol and aggressive misogyny being sent her way via twitter, photos, emails and comments, I was appalled. This led me to research some of what Vani has been fighting for, because clearly, the BM’s (big “masters”) of the patriarchal cesspool have ordered their low life poops peeps to target her. Karen’s right: Vani’s a good resource and has been working tirelessly to benefit us all, but no one deserves the kind of treatment she’s received. Here’s the forwarded email, with working links:

Subject: A very emotional weekend

On Saturday I spent 10 hours stuck to my desk pouring out my heart and soul into a blog post I never thought I would have to write. Given the recent events, it’s time you know the truth, how I feel and how I am responding to the recent attacks on me and our movement.

There is a massive smear campaign going on across social media and media outlets to discredit all the work we have accomplished in creating a safer and more transparent food system. Part of the reason I am responding now is because their messages have started to infiltrate the mainstream media. I know many of you have been waiting for this response so you too can have the information on how to defend our position and address these hatred groups, skeptics and misguided people.

Rest assured, I will not let them distract us from the real issues at hand or let them silence us. To those of you that have defended our movement through countless discussions on the web, in forums and social media – I THANK YOU!

WARNING: The images in this post are VERY GRAPHIC and OFFENSIVE. I almost didn’t share these screenshots, but my team who deals with this vitriolic behavior on a daily basis wanted to make sure you saw just a glimpse of what we are experiencing.

Read this brand new post here.

I cannot do what I am doing alone, without you I am nothing.

Thank you again for standing by my side. The truth shall prevail.



P.S. Given the nature of the environment we are in, we need your reinforcing support more than ever. I have started a special group on Facebook and I invite you to join here.

This group is a place where members of this movement can meet, ask questions, post news stories, petitions, events, healthy recipes, and share their personal stories. It’s an encouraging place where we can support each other in navigating this over processed world during our journey to a healthier life. When you join, feel open to introduce yourself. The more we share, the more we’ll learn from one another.

From reader, Sky:

This is Sky.  I am writing to you regarding a family of 17 made homeless by Typhoon Ruby on Saturday.  This family of 17 people, ranging from toddlers to grandparents, once lived in 3 homes in Tacloban City, Philippines.  They are relatives of Herb Hamilton a man in Florida whom I’ve known for several years.  After last year’s typhoon, 2 of this family’s homes were destroyed and only “half” of the third home remained.  For the past year, all 17 relatives were scraping by in the half a home that was left.  Then, last Saturday, Typhoon Ruby struck, destroying the “half” of the home they were living in.  Now they are all homeless.  They don’t even have a manger to huddle in.
If you could send just $5 to the gofundme page Herb set up to help his relatives, it would be a real blessing.  Herb has dyslexia, so it isn’t easy for him to gather his thoughts on paper.  Hopefully, you can see beyond his writing skills to the critical need to help his wife’s relatives.  Herb and his wife Bing are their relatives’ only source of financial help.
Despite our own difficult financial situation, we donated $5.  Perhaps you and other people you know could, too?  Here is the link to Herb’s gofundme webpage:
Thank you very much,

Return to The Temple

Dance as prayer in motion:

Thank you, Amythyst Raine-Hatayama and wwomenwarriors .

From youtube:

A ceremonial prayer dance performed by Zola Dubnikova (זואלה). A small piece from a full length production written, directed and choreographed by Zola to bring voice to women who do not have the freedom to express themselves. Performed at Earth Dance Israel 2013 (Kadita)
Contact: for bookings and more information.