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Finding Peace with What Appears to Be

Thanks, Lucas!

So many people keep asking me how to stay positive without going into denial. I could write or talk on that topic for days, but this video offers some excellent suggestions, focusing on peace. If we’re at peace with the illusion, then we can receive and reclaim our creative power. I have another post percolating in the background, but it’s not quite brewed yet. Plus, I’ve got a busy weekend ahead, so I will leave you with these little reminders:

Accentuate the Positive

Law of Attraction, Perry Como-style!

Dork alert: I’ve been trying to find this version of the song for nearly 14 years and finally found it today. Having watched “Blast from the Past” initially while brain injured, the Perry Como reference totally escaped me until we watched it again tonight. Actually, I missed it again, but when I started singing along, David nonchalantly said, “Perry Como” and found the song on YouTube. I haven’t felt so giddy about a silly quest since I found the Golden Beet after five years of searching for what I thought were yellow pickled turnips made by my Korean college boyfriend’s mom.

Synchronously, as I was relaying the tale of finding the Golden Beet and comparing it to the satisfaction of finding “Accentuate the Positive,” I realized I happened to be eating … a golden beet. (We made roasted root veggies to eat while watching “Blast from the Past.”) My life is a Möbius strip, but it sure is fun! Enjoy. 🙂