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Radiance ~ The Negative

This came through as a comment on “Alternative Views and Considerations about CERN,” and I loved it so much, I asked Radiance if I could turn it into its own post. I write so often about the importance of Shadow Work and of the value of darkness (seeds sprout, embryos grow, plants and animals rest …), reminding people that a world of all light all the time would be just as destructive as a world of only darkness. I love where Radiance takes the theme of “the negative” and how this analogy offers so much potential creativity. Here’s Radiance’s comment:

The negative

I could write a book about this subject. I will only write a few sentences here.

The negative is the infinite well out of which the positive arises. By simple analogy, a photographic negative can produce an infinite number of positive images. The negative is — feminine, unseen, dark, nascent, undifferentiated. The negative is the very screen upon which the positive appears and does its dance. The universe knows nothing of the superiority of the positive. Only the human mind could come up with such a bizarre concept. Modern “civilization” with its “science” rests on the shaky sands of this strange idea.

I’m sure that some people will say– “but that’s not what we’re talking about, we’re talking about, you know- negativity.” And what is this “negativity”. It’s a fancy word for bad or badness. Show me this bad. Where is it? Does it exist “out there”, somewhere in the universe?

If you put manure in your garden, your flowers will grow stronger. If you listen deeply to someones “badness” you will find fertilizer for amazing celestial experiences. When I listen to people, I invite their most “negative” (previously unwelcome) aspects to come forth bearing gifts for both of us.