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Pluto Retrograde, Venus Retrograde Shadow 2012

Today we have another guest blog post from the lovely Electra Jung. This post speaks for itself, so I will keep my comments to a minimum. Let’s just say, I’m feeling and noticing all these things — in myself, in loved ones, in clients, in the world at large. “Humanity is now fully immersed into collective agreements — after all we are in this together — that life must change.” Yep! If you’re feeling it, too, please know that even the heavens support your inner journey.

Awareness begins…again

April 2012

Pluto retrograde, Venus retrograde shadow

Venus’ retrograde shadow April 11.
Become aware of the situations arising and what it is which demands your attention over the next days — whatever it is, you will be working with these energetics on many different levels over the next several months.

The astrological meaning of retrograde Venus is the re-evaluation of a person or situation in your life. This timing represents the changing conditions involving love, attractions, partners and emotions! Especially the more uncertain emotional connections… which may no longer “feel” in a state of balance. This leads to misinterpreting the intentions of others…in love and in partnerships. The time you devote creating relationships with things…with material items, creates an ego-identification with objects. Finally you merge yourself with illusion…dreaming, desiring, and obsessing with some-thing which can never return the emotional investment.

This is the time to reconsider all relationships in terms of their true value before making final commitments. .. and this is only the shadow period! Venus retrograde begins May 15th so the subtle concerns are now taking form in your thoughts and feelings.

Pressure and dis-content encourage you to re-evaluate who and what is meaningful and authentic before continuing into deeper levels. It is the hidden motivations and inhibitions which disguise true expression of love that are now brought to the surface for fuller expression and understanding. During this time there can be a growing distance and withdrawal from close involvements with others as the need to reflect on personal issues of discontent, vague desires and uncertainties. This is the gradual process to spiritualize the expression of love.

The spiritual void becomes a way of life … soul-less and mechanical interactions become the predominant pattern of accepted social exchange. The inauthentic life of Ego projection denies the intimacy of True relationship with all that is — nature herself — your-self. Soul lives through relationship and it is in soul that we find meaning.

“Loneliness is caused by an alienation from life. It is a loneliness from your real self.”

— Maxwell Maltz

We can have meaningful relationships with people, animals and other beings, projects, ideas and ideals. Each moment, we begin to free ourselves from the conditioning of the past and the suffering that it so often brings.

Take awareness to new levels. Experience yourself in the act of being aware. Be aware of awareness itself. To do this, we need to go beyond our old mechanical patterns, compulsions and rejections. We need to uproot the arrogance of ego. Now is the time to change our ways before it is too late for us as a species. It is up to each of us to take responsibility for our actions;

Pluto retrograde April 10: Pluto brings cleansing and transformation. The process of death and rebirth activates the evolution of consciousness.

Higher awareness is conscious of spirit and form working together. We must be conscious and present within before we can tune in to the guidance of our soul. Develop awareness to hear the subtlest whispers of intuition and give attention to your thoughts, feelings and sensations.

We are fast approaching the end of a great cosmic cycle leading to a massive leap in the evolution of human consciousness. This time requires you to remain totally present and accountable for action/ reactions. The illusions of outer events are simply mirroring the divine shift currently expressed as chaos and confusion.

“Rebirth and change are the watchwords of the month as the cosmic work necessary to bring about balance and harmony tears down the barriers and structures physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or etheric – erected to create fear, separation, division, protection and generate differences.” – Rev Angela

With awareness, we are fully involved with life. Awareness is sensing deeply and sensitively for what really is. We can be open and attentive.

Sent from a forecast subscriber:

“As I read through it, customers come in voicing the very problems you are writing about! Their families are alienating them, they find themselves spinning circles and not knowing where to go. They need reassurance that they are here, they are themselves, and they are experiencing these difficulties and finding they have to reinvent themselves yet again to keep pace with the madding world.”

Peace is found in the eye of the storm…the center of your Being and a renewed connection with your Inner voice… it is there…it is here…it is where one always finds the divine…with-in.

Awakening involves the conscious choice to develop yourself spiritually …beginning with introspection, make dietary changes to strengthen your physical body and begin movement in nature as exercise to re-connect with natural elements. Choose to become more enlightened …choose to be a vibration of higher consciousness that permeates into your environment.

Create a vibration that is free from fear and full of love and light. Not only will this state of consciousness help us individually, but it will also affect others around us.

As quantum physicist David Bohm explains, “When matter is investigated, it is revealed as an ocean of energy and light.”

Your physical self… made up of matter… is also considered an ocean of energy and light. Every thought and every word leads to action…moment by moment…directing your life either through an awakened state or by the robotic trance-states of non-being.

Faith and Trust: Believe in yourself, power, and responsibility of free will, and April will be a month in which deep inner realizations surface.

Humanity is now fully immersed into collective agreements — after all we are in this together — that life must change. It is the “change” manifesting within your inner-world. The place where Soul has always resided during this most difficult and tumultuous upheaval: you are the Change.

“The way of the Creative works is through change and transformation, so that each thing receives its true nature and destiny and comes into permanent accord with the great harmony: this is what furthers and what perseveres.” – I Ching.

Human consciousness

If we remain unaware, we:

– repeat the past,

– remain stuck in relationships,

– live superficial, literal and one dimensional lives,

– lack experiences of love and beauty, and

– have limited connection to others and the universe.

Barbara Marcinak’s Pleiadians have suggested for a very long time that we get away from machine technology as much as possible and start returning to nature. They even go so far as to say that Earth will eventually split into two worlds; one machine world, where people walk around like zombies, totally relying on technology to get through the day, and one world where people get together in communities and help each other out, living with nature and can thus evolve, in our bodies, together with Earth.

Always Loving Life,


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Core Issues

It seems that a huge number of people have reached a crisis place this Spring, and particularly this week, in which core issues can no longer remain safely tucked away or hidden beneath the rug. If your life has suddenly spun out of control, please know that you are not alone. You are never alone! And right now, those people going through massive shifts have a lot of extra support around in the form of guides, angels, animals and unusual energy forces.

I decided to post on this topic because so many clients, friends and family members have been forced to face not only the skeletons in their closets, but the boogie men under the bed, and the creepy crawlies in the corner. Why is this happening and why so much right now?

From an astrological standpoint, Pluto went retrograde on April 7 and will remain so until September 13. You don’t need to believe in astrology in order to feel its influence. Pluto rules Scorpio, the death and renewal sign, and when it goes retrograde that death and renewal impulse grows even more intense. So yes, lots of old patterns, ways of thinking, relationships, plans and dreams are dying right now. I have clients from all over the world, and I can attest to some kind of global trend here, especially among people who have asked for spiritual growth. Ask and you shall receive, and Pluto retrograde provides some terrific opportunities for growth.

We are also living in interesting times as a planet, when lots of old modes of living have revealed themselves to be unsustainable long term. Some of the new solutions have yet to reveal themselves, so as a collective, humanity feels the pull of the precipice without knowing what lies below or beyond. Mass reality has lost some of its stability, and that perception can make even the most secure lightworker feel a bit off kilter.

How do we handle all this craziness? I’ve compiled a few tips here. Please feel free to share your own in the comments section.

1 ) Maintain your sense of humor. The Rune of Flow is also the Rune for Humor and with good reason! Laughter rolls out into the universe in the same way that our intentions, hopes and dreams do, but laughter keeps the vibe light and rolling towards the positive. Laugh well. Laugh often.

2 ) Know that there is SOME kind of plan at work. You don’t need to know all the details. Some of them are not even close to manifesting yet, but the level of synchronicity and healing that has characterized 2010, in particular this past week, leads me to feel fully confident that EVERYTHING is in Divine Order on a grand scale. There are some very cool things happening in a lot of people’s lives right now — dreams becoming reality in a big way. Yes, that involves cleaning out a lot of sludge, but the dreams themselves are shiny and brilliant.

3 ) Ask for and accept support. Through prayer, from trusted friends, a counselor or life coach, books, meditation, synchronous meetings. This is not a time to go it alone.

4 ) Fill yourself up with positive thoughts and positive feelings. As things in our lives die and decay, we need to sweep them away, but we also need to fill ourselves with something new. Nature abhors a vacuum. Having gone through the grief, anger and processing of core issues, do remember to reward yourself with elements of the “you” you want to be, the “you” you are becoming.

5 ) Know that “this too shall pass.” Limbo cannot last forever. Look for the blessings in the firestorm. Realize that life provides us exactly what we need at any given time, so if you’re feeling fire right now, then life is burning through things that need to burn. But after the fire, comes the mythical phoenix, rising from the ashes. The phoenix needs ashes in order to rise again.

Blessings and Encouragement on your Journey!