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March 2, 2022 ~ New Moon in Pisces

My March 2022 Forecast shared:

March 2 New Moon in Pisces, 12:34 p.m. Eastern time. This New Moon in the most spiritual sign of the zodiac occurs during the quadruple whammy, destiny level re-alignment involving Venus, Mars, and Pluto in Capricorn and the North Node in Taurus. In addition to those powerful players, the Sun, Moon and Jupiter conjunct in Pisces. Jupiter co-rules Pisces with Neptune, and his regal presence expands, uplifts and inspires. Our capacity for faith soars. This is the final New Moon before we begin a new cycle. Do we have the willpower to change? Will we claim our own personal Excalibur and fight the good fight? This is primarily a spiritual battle: “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

Typical of the more negative expression of Pisces, we’re currently in a miasma of illusions, evocative of Arthurian legend. Never mind the Mists of Avalon: whether through magic, media, or misdirection, the fog of this war is thicker than pea soup.

And yet …

… the higher expression of Pisces opens us to mystical experiences, alternate realities, and the power of prayer.

Ask for clarity to slice through swirling lies, illusions and delusions. Like sorcery, so much of what we’re shown is not real. At least — it isn’t real yet. With enough attention and fear energy, a shimmery thought form acquires more matter. This New Moon reminds us to use willpower not to fall victim to the spell.

According to Dane Rudhyar, the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon degree is:


KEYNOTE: Through the effectual use of his will a consecrated man can become a symbol of courage for all those who follow in his footsteps.

Will power is the ultimate spiritual weapon, and its undeviating use is the certification of individual worth. Wherever found, this symbol emphasizes the imperative need to make use of the will in meeting the basic challenges of the inner life as well as outer adversaries.

With this third symbol of the sixty-ninth sequence we see singled out and strongly emphasized the one power in man which is an assurance of victory in the contests generated by social (or occult) processes in which he has become an active part. The individual must use that WILL POWER, yet it is not really his own once he operates at a spiritual level. It is God’s will operating through his mind which focuses its thrusts. It is, occultly speaking, the power of the Brotherhood — the energy of the Whole operating through the one-pointed individual who has made this Whole aware of the need for its use in a particular situation.

I can’t think of a more appropriate symbol for these times. Clear away the cobwebs. Summon your courage and pull that sword out of its rock. Who are you to change the world? Who is any of us?

In terms of Tarot imagery, the collective is moving through the entire Suit of Swords from Ace to Ten. Swords represent the mental realm — both its power and weakness. Briefly:

Ace of Swords: The essence of the mental realm. Pure thought form. A great idea. Success. Focused will. Birth of a great child.

Two of Swords: A difficult choice. Blindfolded and stuck between two evils and a stormy sea. Pay attention to “the still, small voice.” You can succeed even in these difficult circumstances.

Three of Swords: Misery. Break up. End of a relationship — or end of the way we think about a relationship.

Four of Swords: Retreat. A need to rest and recharge. Retire from the world’s distractions so you can refocus on something better.

Five of Swords: Law of Attraction is in effect. If you get your thoughts focused in the right direction for you, outer reality shifts. It looks like you got a lucky break without “doing” anything, but looks deceive. By focusing your mind, you manifested (or can manifest) that “lucky break.”

Six of Swords: Safe passage. An invisible guide steers the raft. The shore is within sight.

Seven of Swords: Lies, deceit, but also discretion, subterfuge for a higher purpose. Keep your plans close to your vest. “To know, to will, to dare, to keep silent.

Eight of Swords: Blindfolded and unable to see your way forward. The mental realm is handicapped, but you can still feel your way forward by paying attention to your feet, to the physical and emotional realms. Comparable to the first trimester in pregnancy. Pay attention to cravings and aversions that protect the unseen, growing baby. When you can’t see your way forward, get back in touch with your instincts.

Nine of Swords: Awakening from the nightmare. Seeing horrors and then realizing these were illusions. You’ve been living through a bad dream. Unplugging from the Matrix.

Ten of Swords: “It’s always darkest before dawn.” “Things are even worse than you thought,” but also, “A new day dawns.” When we reach the Ten, we’ve already moved through the cycle of Swords. Old thoughts, filters, expectations, and attitudes fall away so that we can recognize and receive something fresh and new. Brighter days lie ahead.

Having reached a dead end, it’s time to face the rising Sun and reclaim our Ace of Swords:

Rider-Waite-Smith deck

Happy New Moon in Pisces. Blessed Be and be the blessing …

Doreen Virtue ~ Weekly Angel Oracle Card Reading, March 11-17

Finally, some relief from all the intense energies these past few weeks! I wanted to post this one because it mirrors what I’ve felt myself — a relaxation of some of the deeper, denser slog through old “stuff,” whether my own or helping others trudge through or transcend theirs. This week brings results from all that hard work. Enjoy!

“Health, happiness, and high energy are the themes for this great-looking week, as you take charge of your life with your newfound healthy lifestyle. You teach others about peace, health, and happiness by being a role model of applying spiritual principles. Although issues may swirl around you, you live in the eye of the hurricane this week with centered peace, which is the best way to help your loved ones. Special guest appearance by Pumpkin ‘The Mayor’ who demonstrates peace during the reading.”

No, It’s Not Just You!

I’ve got a busy day of sessions ahead of me, but I felt called to post an acknowledgment:

If you’re feeling weepy, intense, overwhelmed, terrified of seemingly dire health issues, horrified at recent government/NWO moves, and/or just wondering if all your dreams and progress are merely an illusion … you’re in excellent company.

We’ve got so much Pisces and Chiron energy whirling around these days that most sensitive people can’t help feeling it. That’s why, even though I’m not an Astrologer, I post others’ Astrological forecasts on this blog. Whether we follow the stars or not, they influence us. As Joni Mitchell so eloquently put it, “We are stardust, we are golden,” but physicists and mystics have also expressed that fact. As Above, So Below … As Within, So Without. Astrological trends influence, but we need not accept them as unalterable destiny. It just helps to know what kind of world we’re swimming in, and we’ve got whirlpools and a bunch of scary looking sea monsters right now.

Relax. Nurture yourself. This, too, shall pass.

Trends I’ve noticed in clients, friends, family, and on the world stage: underlying issues (especially health or survival issues) that I have seen and warned about (often for years) have suddenly made themselves undeniably known. A switch has flipped, so that people can no longer hide from the decay, depletion, infection, condition, conspiracy or whatever they tried so hard to ignore. I’ve experienced this myself, as well.

Yes, seeing a giant boogie man seems overwhelming, but I still view this as a positive shift. People who’ve lamented their “failure to thrive” now have much more clarity about the parts of themselves (or of governments, churches, financial sectors, etc.) that have run sabotage programs and drained resources. With this clarity comes initial alarm, but once the shock wears off, this new found willingness to look at scary things head on allows decisive action.

Yes, decisions need to be made. When deep discomfort arises, we would all be wise to assess, “What’s working in my life, and what areas really aren’t? Am I willing to settle for the yuck, or am I willing to make choices, shift awareness and take actions towards thriving?” It really can be that simple. Solutions appear when we’re willing to admit that we could use them. Now.

If life has you feeling down, use this Mercury Retrograde and major Pisces and Chiron (the wounded healer) period to clear out the cobwebs, face your Shadow and reclaim sovereignty over your life — body, mind, emotions and spirit. You don’t need to accept mere survival or getting by. If you feel dissatisfied, you can rise above wallowing in that and use that dissatisfaction to invoke cures, solutions and inspiration. Life is what we make of it … and in the Freudian typo pool, I just typed, “Life is what we make of us.” Indeed, it is. As Pisces makes us all watery, and Mercury wreaks havoc on our rational side and communication, and Chiron shows us our wounds, let’s use this time wisely. Find support — from within, from God/dess, or vulnerably ask for what you need from someone else that you can trust.

Most importantly, know that we are all moving through intense energy right now. We’re not alone. Ever. Even when it most seems so. If you feel alone, that’s part of the Piscean illusion. Neptune rules Pisces and the ocean. For some reason, that reminds me of Kabir’s line, “Everyone knows that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.”

I will leave you with this watery bit of loveliness, also from Kabir (Songs of the Divine, translated by J. Das):

Kabir: Ocean-Heart of Mercy, and, O Lily-Like Soul!

O lily-like soul!

Why are you withering?

Your stem is in water,

The water is in the pond,

The pond is God.

It is while in the water that you grow,

And in it that you live

You ARE always in the water!

There is no heat below you,

And no fire above you.

So what flame is afflicting you,

That you are withering so?

Kabir says, “Those who remain in the water,

And continue to absorb and be absorbed by it,

Kabir knows they will not die.”

Ocean-Heart of Mercy

Keep on doing your work.

Keep on reciting God’s name,

And you will live pleasantly in the world.

With true love as your master,

Your life-map will change.

Remember the promise you made [in the womb],

That you would use your body wisely?

How easily you have forgotten it.

You have earned no merit.

You have become quite intoxicated with the world,

And lost the true wealth you possessed.

At the end of life you will be compacted,

Into innumerable birth forms.

You obtained human form,

After enduring sufferings and difficulty,

So set your vision straight ahead,

Walk the path of life.

Your feet have become delicate,

And at anytime, they could give way.

Abandon treachery and deceit,

Lose attachment and illusion,

Avoid strenuous effort.

Instead, develop love for God,

Seek refuge at God’s feet.

The ocean heart of mercy is like wax,

As soon as conditions are right,

It melts with love for you.

Timothy Glenn: Pisces Gets Loaded

Yay! Another update from my Astrologer friend, Tim Glenn. Get ready for off the charts Piscean energy. This article’s a bit more technical than usual, but he gives us both specifics and a panoramic view of how this upcoming New Moon prepares us for “the Grandest of Trines” in July 2013. Many thanks, as always, to Tim. Enjoy!

Pisces Gets Loaded
New Moon Plus: March 11, 2013

By Timothy Glenn

Venus entered Pisces on February 26, joining the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Chiron and the Piscean ruler Neptune. The stage is now set for a powerful New Moon in the watery Dreamland of Pisces. If we can navigate our way past the illusion, delusion and confusion often associated with this sign, we can set sail on the Cosmic Sea; dreams, mysticism, spirituality, creativity, empathy, and all those other Piscean qualities we long to develop more fully.

The Moon will dive into Pisces on March 9 at 10:18pm Pacific Time. From that moment until the wee hours of the morning on March 12, Pisces will be playing host to the following list of illustrious guests: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron and Neptune. The Moon will cross over each of the other celestial bodies in this order:

1. Neptune. Sure, register your intentions with the sign’s ruler first. Secure assistance and sail forth.

2. Mercury. This guy will still be retrograde until March 17, so don’t bother trying to intellectualize the process.

3. Chiron. Receive some emotional and spiritual healing, and let go of any blockage that wasn’t released at the Full Moon.

4. Venus. Invoke her love and creativity. Dress up the ship, and arrange some flowers around it. Venus excels at interior design, and this gracefully extends into spiritual matters. She can help set the inner environment for setting our intents.

5. Sun. This combination gives us the New Moon, the heart of the transit, so make a wish and throw your heart into it.

6. Mars. Fire up and launch your new dream. With Mars involved, you can do it with gusto.

Intense Intents

Lunar Cycle fans love to tap into the energy of a New Moon to reboot their life support systems, start afresh, and set intentions. Sporting a lineup like this, March 11 offers a massive boost to any such effort. With all this power packed into the last of the water signs, the overall potential looms larger than life as we have known it. Wimpy dreams and half-assed intentions feel out of place and utterly inappropriate in this context. Here we have an opportunity to cast a Dreamspell onto the waters of the Universal Ocean of Divine Love, and watch our Dreamspell in turn cast a long shadow: all the way to the Major Grand Trine in the water signs in July of 2013.

Viewing this New Moon as a foreshadowing event for the Grandest of All Trines, we can observe ourselves and our experiences in mid-March, to discern what adjustments we might choose to make as we wend our way toward July. In the interim, we will traverse the stormy fates of late spring, featuring a series of three eclipses along with Uranus exactly squaring Pluto. Whew! That merits a separate article, because it heralds a momentous shift and carries the potential for upheaval. The voltage of our emotions in setting our intents at this New Moon would do well to propel us beyond the New Age Fluff Bunny level. Dream it, think it, feel it, say it, and profoundly mean it.

Weighing In

In the wonderful world of Astrology, we use a few systems of what we call weighted scores; numerical quantifiers for the amount of influence exerted by the various celestial bodies. Here is a basic example:

1. Sun and Moon, 3 points each.

2. The inner planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) 2 points each.

3. Everybody else (Jupiter, Chiron, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) 1 point each.

For the more observant among you, yes, those three sets comprise six points each; 666, but don’t let that throw you off. Keeping it simple, we have a total of 18 points. (And may the Vedic Astrologers forgive the omission of the Lunar Nodes, known as Rahu and Ketu, or also known collectively as R2D2.) To illustrate the potency of the Piscean Overload in mid March, here’s the math:

1. Sun and Moon = 3 points each = 6 points.

2. All three inner planets = 2 points each = 6 points.

3. Chiron and Neptune = 1 point each = 2 points.

Using this system for these few magical days in March, Pisces will score a whopping 14 of a possible 18 points. The remaining 4 points will be scattered across the rest of the Zodiac. The Grand Trine in July will score 14 points for the three water signs combined. Forgive this if it seems like superfluous Astrobabble, but it was presented to emphasize the potency of this New Moon. Our emotive abilities will be enhanced, not merely foreshadowing the Grand Trine, but helping create what will be manifested. Our thinking shapes the template of our lives, but our feelings form the engine that drives us forward.

Loaded Questions

The current Pisces adventure offers a bounty of opportunities for everyone to access and utilize its universal energy. But where this occurs in your personal chart creates another adventure altogether. The same will apply with the foreshadowed event. Some our natal charts are impacted by these influences to the point of going “off the chart”. When discussing the Major Grand Trine of July 2013 with various clients, I have asked: “Just how big a blessing are you willing to receive from the universe?” A pertinent question indeed, and we can all ask ourselves: how massive a gift are we capable of assimilating into our lives?

We can start answering these questions right now. At the Pisces New Moon, a related question arises: “How big do you dare to dream?” Especially if we invoke our Soul’s Dream as we set our intentions for this transmutative year, are we finished playing small? Are we ready to stand tall as the Divine Beings we really are? We can dream, but can we dream with genuine Faith?

Inside your Heart of Hearts lies an Inner Sanctum, from which you can help co-create a world of sanctuary. Infinite Love is the only Reality, and 2013 gives us a golden opportunity to Get Real.