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Paige Bartholomew ~ Healing Trauma in the 4 Levels of the Heart

Today, I’m posting a valuable video from Paige Bartholomew addressing neurological and body trauma. As individuals (and as a culture) we have so much trauma embedded in our bodies, hearts and nervous systems that it often feels difficult to remain in body due to the pain. So many addictions, distractions and the ability to detach from instead of help to heal our world, stem from this desire to avoid re-triggered trauma.

In this video, Paige gives some simple techniques to help release the original trauma from the body so that we don’t immediately go back into that trauma every time we experience a trigger. She shares techniques for individuals, but “As Within, So Without.” The more we as individuals address our own, individual wounds, the more we heal our world.

At first, Paige keeps us focused on the body, rather than the story. “Whatever it is you feel, is the right thing to feel.” Say to yourself, “Now I’m going to find a place in my body that feels OK.” “If you can’t find a place in your body, then go outside your body … Find any place that’s ‘safe’ for you.” “Feel the sensation in the part of your body that feels good.” I love her gentle approach of asking the good feeling parts of the body to remind the traumatized parts of the body how to feel regulated and healthy. Paige makes an excellent connection between the healing of the heart and regulating the nervous system. Fight, flight, freeze? “Regulation of the nervous system is what you need when you’re dealing with trauma. … The heart wants to remember that it’s loved. It wants to hear that you love it. … It wants to know that ‘the Universe loves me and I matter here.'”

Paige has lovely energy, and from my personal experience as well as my Medical Intuitive experience, she’s right on that if you want to heal trauma embedded in the body, you really do need to go directly to the body itself. She asks, “Have you been working really hard on your spiritual practices, but still feel like you’re not able to fully heal, or become at peace inside? It’s vital that we understand what Trauma looks like on every level of the being – ego, heart, soul and unity – so that we can heal it appropriately for its type.”

As we attempt to shift our physical world — heal our bodies, our finances, political structures, poisoned parts of the planet, all those 3D things that can evoke such intense pain, fear and grief — we need techniques to help us release the pain so that we can release those experiences. Masking symptoms or putting band-aids on social structures won’t bring lasting, tangible change. But healing will.

Paige also gives insights on how to heal on the emotional and soul levels. “By giving Unconditional Love to each other, we can start to learn how to give it to ourselves.” She then addresses the level of unity, at which point we recognize our connection to All That Is, to everyone and everything. “On the level of the unity, there is no ‘wounded.’ … On the level of the unity, our body is calm, because it knows [that we are loved and that we matter.]”

Paige notes, and I 100% agree: “The important thing to remember is that we can’t skip over the levels. We can’t just go straight to the unity level and pray and meditate all day long and expect that we’re gonna be healed, because what happens is that people who meditate a lot will be fantastic when they’re meditating or when they’ve been praying for three hours. But as soon as they go back out into the world, they become activated in their body and they don’t know why. And there’s this subtle message inside of us that says ‘What’s wrong with me? Why am I not getting better? I’m doing all this spiritual stuff.'” It becomes a destructive spiral of self-judgment. As Paige explains, the reason you’re not getting any better is because “you can’t just focus on the unity and then expect the body and the heart to know the truth about themselves. We have to work with the level of the body, the level of the heart, the level of the soul, and we heal on every level.”

I talk a lot about “integration” … healing on all the levels, reclaiming all the levels and layers of our being. Yes, we are “All One,” but we are also Divinity expressing itself as individuals. This world is Divinity expressing itself through form. If we want to heal our world, then learning how to heal all the levels of ourselves will greatly aid us in that process. I highly recommend Paige’s video for anyone who continues to experience physical or emotional pain, despite excellent spiritual hygiene. We have souls, and souls are beautiful beings. We have bodies, and bodies are beautiful beings. We have hearts, and those hearts, though battered and broken, are some of the most beautiful beings in the world. When we reclaim all these parts of ourselves from old traumas, we free not only ourselves, but our entire world. In freeing ourselves — for real — we establish new vibrations that others can emulate. We can heal quickly, but we cannot skip steps.

Thank you to Paige for so compassionately articulating these concepts. Peace!