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Explosive Virgo Full Moon (Video)

This my YouTube channel video version of my Full Moon in Virgo post. As always, I aim to keep my videos more accessible to people who don’t understand all the astrology, while my written posts are more detailed. Happy Full Moon. This is a big one!

Full Moon in Gemini ~ December 7-8, 2022

My December 2022 Forecast shared:

December 7 Full Moon in Gemini, 11:08 p.m. Eastern US time. This “Long Nights Moon” almost exactly conjuncts Mars in the 16th degree of Gemini. Rounding up to 17 Gemini, the Sabian Symbol for this conjunction is: THE HEAD OF A ROBUST YOUTH CHANGES INTO THAT OF A MATURE THINKER. Dane Rudhyar calls this “a process of MENTAL METAMORPHOSIS.” This Full Moon/Mars conjunction happens right between the US natal Descendant and the US natal Mars, meaning questions about relationships, war, and known enemies are “up” for the United States. With double Mars involvement, answers to these questions will demand decisive action.

Saturn in Aquarius loosely trines the Full Moon. The day prior, the Full Moon’s ruler–Mercury–enters Capricorn, which Saturn rules. This double whammy of Saturn energy adds to the “maturity” theme. The next month pushes us to grow up, especially in the mental realm. As new information arises, we can’t stomp our feet like children having a temper tantrum or youths spouting off. Instead, our minds will need to accommodate sober concepts and revelations.

Mars conjunct the Full Moon in Gemini suggests the idea of “information warriors” bringing worldview changing details to light. The Sabian Symbol adds to this Mars energy with a KEYNOTE: The transformation of physical vitality into the power to build concepts and intellectual formulations through which knowledge can be transferred. We will see increased fights to “control the narrative.” Such battles may include strategically tossed “grenades” that explode former talking points. Gemini rules early childhood education, so tensions between parents and School Boards could also increase at this time.

The Plutino Orcus squares the Gemini Full Moon from Virgo. Orcus energy is somewhat similar to Pluto, another God of the Underworld. Orcus wants to go deep and challenges our integrity, especially if we have taken oaths. This could apply to the Hippocratic Oath, military and police oaths, or the political Oath of Office. Anyone involved in these areas would be wise to reread any oaths you’ve taken and honestly assess if you’re doing what you swore to do. It could also include journalistic codes of ethics. Make course corrections before Orcus forces your hand, because “just following orders” won’t cut it. As information continues to spread worldwide, things could get interesting!

Asteroid Thereus also squares the Gemini Full Moon from Virgo. According to

In mythology Thereus was the bear-hunting centaur that dragged the poor creatures out of their dens, rudely carried them home very much alive and certainly with sore heads. Thereus experienced a big shift in orbit in 1924 due to [its] proximity to Saturn, Zane Stein observed at that time Lenin died, while Stalin had been waiting patiently in the wings. He called it “Lurking, then pouncing”[1].

[This lurking is] a little more subtle than utter stalking. With Thereus he is quietly observing his prey, trying to influence their thoughts, a voyeur, not physically doing anything to depose them. Thereus types wait patiently for years until they finally get their prize.

Thereus is patient, but a bit sinister, like a vulture wishing [its] dinner would just hurry up and die.

I think that means being in the right place at the right time, maybe this is someone who inadvertently benefits from the misfortunes of others. It’s not deliberate!, they just happened to be there when the lead singer fell of the stage and broke his leg, or when those plasma screens fell off the lorry… Still if you are always there.

Panning back on the world stage, we may wonder, “What’s really going on here? Are we being prepped for a big switcheroo?” If so, how can we benefit from the changing landscape? Individually, we can look for and follow clues to ensure we experience big shifts as upgrades rather than tragedies or trap doors. Remember, in astrology, squares create productive friction. The square from Thereus (lurker) in Virgo (patient analysis) triggers the Sun (light) in Sagittarius (truth), plus the Moon (emotions, intuition, security) and Mars (warrior) in Gemini (information, negotiations).

All of these issues are “up” during this Full Moon. Gemini, also known as “The Twins,” corresponds to the Lovers card in Tarot. Whatever the shift, we would be wise to intend, “If not this, then something better.”

In addition to Orcus and Thereus, the asteroid Aphidas also squares from Virgo. According to Zane Stein:

Ovid, writing in Metamorphosis about the chaos that occurred during the wedding of Pirithous, had this to say: “Aphidas was one of the Centaurs who attended the wedding of Pirithous, became drunk on wine and, following the lead of Eurytus, who assaulted Hippodame, began to assault and rape any women they could grab. He passed out drunk before the Centuromachy started but was seen by Pirthous who took advantage of the situation and threw a spear at him, piercing him through the neck and killing the Centaur in his sleep.”

Basically, Aphidas, exhausted from attacking and raping several women, and drunk from too much wine, passed out, and was killed in his sleep. His executioner, Pirithous, saw this as fit punishment for his crimes.

The meaning of the name Aphidas is not certain, but most likely meant, “Not sparing”, as even this centaur, fallen asleep, was not spared from death.

Taken together with Orcus and Thereus, the square from Aphidas suggests that whoever is “waiting in the wings” won’t spare rapists and murderers. This could be literal or metaphorical. It implies a kind of karmic retribution–consequences for whatever the Full Moon/Mars in Gemini “information warriors” reveal. On a personal note, we might feel this as a resolution of split intentions or points of indecision. Factoring in the Aphidas-type harshness can inspire decisive moves towards easier timelines.

In more poetic terms, Anais Nin said, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Two more conjunctions to this Full Moon deserve mention. The Trans Neptunian Object Altjira sits at 17+ Gemini. Altjira is the Aboriginal God of Dreamtime. The presence of Altjira signals alternate realities, and our ability to cross into Dreamtime in order to find new timelines. The Gemini Full Moon also conjuncts another TNO named for the Namibian mythic character called G!kun||’homdima. Please don’t ask me how to pronounce that one! The language uses clicks and does not easily translate to English. But G!kun||’homdima is a female protector and defender. Her presence amplifies the Mars energy and suggests a defensive rather than aggressive quality to this Moon cycle.

Overall, we find a potent mixture of fighting for alternate realities, Big Dreams, and maturing into this larger concept of reality. Different facets of “mind” come into play. When we harness all that mental energy, we can direct it and create new worlds. The stakes are high, but the rewards become real.

For some reason, finishing this post popped this Bob Marley mashup into my head. I had never seen the video before, but it evokes some of the high strangeness, “twins,” tension and integration of this Gemini Full Moon: