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Wake Up World ~ New Moon in Scorpio — The Resurrection of Desire

Wake Up World ~ New Moon in Scorpio — The Resurrection of Desire

New Moon in Scorpio - Resurrection of Desire 1

23rd October 2014

By Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

After conquering the wasted lands, the quest of the warrior again commands that we march into a world unknown – the wilderness we call our home.

We are entering Hades’ lair. Don’t be afraid! The new lunar cycle in Scorpio brings with it a powerful cosmic flush in which the process of total inner transmutation is available for us. In order for us to do so we will need to confront the inner core vibration of who we are. We have to dig deep, to the soul level.

Welcome to dark inner landscape of your own soul.

Happy birthday Scorpio!

Understanding the Vibration of Scorpio & Pluto

The vibration of Scorpio is linked with evolution. In nature we observe it as the caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly – the original form transmuting into a totally different form. This is why Scorpio energy has been labeled as rebirth energy.

When we reach the vibration of Scorpio, we begin to recognize that there is more to the reality than what appears on the surface. Through the human condition, the vibration of Scorpio plays out the role of the deepest psychology of our consciousness. Through intense inquiry into what lies beneath the surface, Scorpio wants to know the bottom line. As we begin delving deeper into the nature of our psyche we become aware of our motivations, intentions obsessions and compulsions. You see, this is actually where our deepest unconscious securities lie; our fixations and attachments to things in our lives, even to life itself.

Scorpio has a dualistic nature of desire to it. On the one hand, through Scorpio we have the desire to evolve and change and on the other hand we have the desire to feel empowered, which comes through experience and knowing, from past experience. However the very thing that empowers us will eventually cause limitations, which in itself is disempowering. This is where the desire to change is born – to evolve past limitations. Old and outdated patterns of behavior cause limitations. These limitations then come up for renewal. An action of involution takes place; letting go as it were. This allows space to be created and for new psychological patterns to be born.

So let´s take a look at the cosmos…

Saturn in Scorpio

The Shadow Self.

This will be the last time for at least another 29 years that the sun will travel through the constellation Scorpio while Saturn is also in Scorpio. This is a very special cycle in terms of our evolution because an entire chapter is coming to a close. With this comes the final awareness of the lessons that are related to the Saturn in Scorpio transit.

For much of the last two years we have been dealing with intense dark truths about the nature of humanity. We have become completely aware of the nonsense that today’s authorities and institutions project into our perception about what is real and what is not – even to the point now where we look at the recent Ebola outbreak as a hoax.

Saturn in Scorpio has been showing us exactly what is happening in the transit of Pluto through Capricorn. It has been giving us a preview, and we certainly became aware of our own individual and collective karma. With this mutual reception we have been greatly aided in ripping down all the outdated definitions and cleaning our perception of our outer world. Along with this came the undoing of the authoritative power we give to the hierarchic structures. Essentially the veil of illusion that governments, institutions, corporations and corporate media has hidden behind has now been removed and the truth is there in plain sight, allowing us to flush out these deep dark distortions that existed within us.

We were also, during this time, becoming aware of our external security patterns and how we placed them in the hands of these authorities. We learnt the biggest spiritual lesson during this transit; total security can only be found from within. What has emerged during this time for humanity is that the year of 2014 has been one in which we have become awake to our own freedom. Our spiritual freedom. We have been learning that we are sovereign spiritual beings of this earth. We have begun recognizing our own authority.

It is time now to establish that personal, inner authority in the world. This is the key to actualizing our desires and becoming awake to them. With this knowledge we are able to make choices to move away from, and stop supporting, these outdated structures one step at a time. This will inevitably lead to their fall.

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Dana Mrkich ~ Sun Flares

Dana Mrkich ~ Sun Flares

danaMrkichThe sun is flaring faster than I can keep up! The expected strong one today happened around 45 min after my last post coming in at a M9 ranking which is the next one down from an X flare. It was followed by another M class a few hours later. 

This week it has energetically felt like the Earth is a swaying ship riding some pretty mighty waves (so far 1 X class, 8 M class and some pretty high C class since Sunday). Everyone is holding onto the railings with that feeling of: “Woah, woah, here comes another one, woah another one up ahead, hold on everyone!” 

We’ve had physical symptoms like headaches, restlessness, adrenalin, heart palpitations, some people can’t sleep, some are sleeping more than usual. We’ve had emotional releases: old anger, grief, sadness, and deep gratitude. We’ve had spiritual and mental shifts: huge insights around old patterns and feeling yourself letting go of them finally, increased awareness around whatever you most need to be aware of, vivid dreams and ancient memories are all coming up. 

Whatever you are going through, be gentle with yourself. There is no right way to be feeling. Your body and soul are receiving and experiencing these energies in the best way for you. Trust. You might need to let go of some plans whether little ones in your diary for today, or bigger ones as your soul re-directs you and re-balances you. You might do these things later or not at all. We have to let go of our ego-mind now, of our need to control and to know everything. It is time to trust our soul, our heart and our feelings. 

While the ego-mind or some other inner hard task-master rattles off your to do list, it’s time to say, “actually you know what, I feel like not doing that today, I feel like doing this instead”. We are also being called to let go of controlling other people. Often when we do that it is a way of saying: “if you do this, it will make me feel better.” You are responsible for you feeling better. 

Step away from your computer and devices if you are on them all day. Breathe. Go for a walk. Get out in nature. Eat good food and drink plenty of water. Dark chocolate works for me, as did lemon in my water today.  Do what makes you feel good. 

Jax, (our nearly 3 year old) helped me make mocha/vanilla shortbread twists today for our friend Sam’s wake tomorrow. Sam loved coffee, and so in went the coffee and I had to have a cup continually next to me while we made them. So there I am sipping my lemon water, alternating with sips of coffee! He was a man full of life, and I can’t remember a time with him when he wasn’t laughing and talking to anyone who would listen. He would be the first to say: if you feel like a coffee, have a coffee!!! 

What a week, and it’s only Wednesday!! How are you feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Thanks, G!

In Case You Wondered …

No, it’s not just you.

A lot of people really are going bonkers right now, and even if they manage to keep it together upstairs, people’s bodies are making up for that apparent sanity by manifesting all sorts of crazy symptoms and outbursts. If you work in a healing capacity and you’ve received emergency phone calls, emails, texts and various other requests or demands for help, no, it’s not just you. If your calendar has so many things crossed out, added in and rearranged that you can only write in the margins, no, it’s not just you. If you’ve lost a cat, objects, friends and/or your mind, no it’s not just you.

Mercury’s Retrograde; we’ve got unknown planetary and other things pulling on Earth’s magnetic field; and in general, life’s a bit wild right now. Learn to surf those waves, because we’ve entered a period of chaos. I am personally doing fine after a nice autumn walk, fresh green juice, restorative music, and time on the BioMat with a Still Point Inducer, followed by copious grounding snacks. Then again, I’m a Gemini, so I kind of thrive on chaos. 😉

If you feel less excited about these turbulent times, then maybe it will help to know you’re not alone. Reach out for human support if you need it, and remember that if you’re doing spiritual work in the world, then you also have a perfectly legitimate right to request and accept spiritual support. Ask and you shall receive — unless this happens to be one of those times specially designed to prove to you your own strength. 🙂 Even if that’s the case, though, you can  expect your hidden strength to reveal itself in surprising and satisfying ways.

Regarding the Peanut Gallery — the doubters, the pokers, the prodders, the trick-or-treaters? Yep, they’re out early this year, ringing your emotional bells, demanding attention, threatening to trick you if you don’t provide exactly the treats they want. No, it’s not just you. I’m hearing from others and have experienced this myself. Be kind. People are struggling right now, and they feel increasingly off-kilter and ungrounded. It seems to be most intensely affecting some of the most usually “together” folks. If even the rock solid ones are struggling, then just imagine how people who don’t normally have it together are feeling.

A few other related tidbits that came through in sessions today:

Regarding ley line work and the fact that Masonic Temples, wifi towers and other not-so-positive things have been built on ley lines and their intersecting power points:

No, you don’t need to travel all over the world to find an old ley line and reactivate it. Work wherever you are. Connect with and love the land beneath your own two feet. Haven’t you heard? The North Pole is on the move. What Colette of Bealtaine Cottage calls “The Great Creatrix” is, indeed, radically reorganizing herself. That ongoing pole shift affects the ley lines, too. New intersections and sacred paths and points will arise where individuals have loved and nurtured the land back to health or where people (and there are many of you) have felt called to act as guardians of already beautiful power spots. All land is sacred.

ALL of it.

The Sacred Feminine will aid this process of activation and reactivation. Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit: Five Sacred Things. Terra has greater wisdom and resources than most people imagine. We just need to show up and do our part, however small or large that seems. And we are not alone. Not on our planet, not in this galaxy, and not even in our own challenges. Instead of isolating, let’s band together. “Many hands make light work.”

Speaking of the Sacred Feminine, if you’re working to release this vital, creative energy into the falling patriarchal empire, then guess what? You don’t need to go about it via the old, patriarchal means. Seriously, why would you do that? Why would you try to fit this wonderfully emerging, wild, voluptuously abundant, unstoppable Sacred Feminine Force of Nature into tighty-whitey’s, neckties, button down shirts and three-piece suits? If you just realized you’re trying to do that, then please feel free to join the belly laughing Earth Mama and her attendant faeries playing tickle monster with you, you silly goose. It’s time to flow, baby, flow. (Drilling is so 2008.)

One client today said, “But it’s scary to live a magical life in a culture that doesn’t honor or support that.”

The sudden force of my reply surprised us both:

“About that ‘scary’ magical life … you mark my words:  The days are coming when it will be far scarier not to live a magical life than to live one. The patriarchy is dying. Why would you put your faith in something that’s already at death’s door? Something that has already proven itself to be a completely unsustainable wreck? Especially when your own natural path really is the magical, synchronous, sacred path! I don’t know exactly when, but mark my words, the days are coming when living anything but a magical life will be terrifying, so you might as well get used to it. Start now and enjoy the benefits. As you continue, you’ll create new pathways for others to travel when all the old roads crumble.”

We covered more today — much more — but I need to go back to my regularly scheduled rejuvenation. I’ll leave you with some Hildegard, who was kind enough to join me earlier on the BioMat:

Fare thee well upon the journey. This, too, shall pass.

Ann Kreilkamp ~ Do What Is Yours To Do

This post shares an excerpt of Ann Kreilkamp’s extended commentary on various writers’ recent articles, but I love Ann’s riff even more than the articles that inspired it:


The energies are rising. We can feel it all around us. More importantly, we can feel it in ourselves.

Keep going. What is yours to do? Do that, whether it be inside you, in your household, your yard, your block, your neighborhood, your community. It’s YOURS. No one else can do what you came here to do.

But, you whine, “How do I know what I’m supposed to do?”

Here’s how. Do that first thing, the one that nags at you; the one you’ve been putting off as unrealistic and impossible, or just “Too hard; it would upset too many people, too many habits, too many systems. My security, and that of my family, would be at risk. Just can’t.”

Well, then,  so why does it still keep following you around? Just do it. The impossible has a way of morphing into miracle. I know. I’ve been there. At this point, when the momentum for doing that first thing — and it may be infinitesimally small and intensely potent, both! — has ignited your aliveness, then the next thing you’re to do will show itself! Do that, and then the next, on and on. Pay attention to synchronicities, dreams, chance remarks. Yes, pay attention to the miraculous unfolding of your unique life!

Don’t worry about results. Or others’ views of you. Instead, demonstrate, by your own unflinching integrity, your willingness to show up and be counted; demonstrate how, when you do empower yourself, no bogey man will grab you and slit your throat. Or, maybe he will! After all, it’s Halloween time, and zombies are all around us. But YOU ARE NOT A ZOMBIE. Right? Prove it. Prove it to yourself.

If you do not find your voice, and if your voice does not call out it’s intention and act upon it, then there’s a hole in the universe where you’re supposed to be.

Two Weeks Left


$77 Medical Intuitive Sessions

Lots of healing in the works these days! As such, I’ve been “informed” that the first October Special is a Medical Intuitive Session sale to help support people getting over that healing hump.

Medical Intuition is the ability to access information about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through reading the energy field around the body. A Medical Intuitive Session decodes the message(s) from soul to body into language your conscious mind can understand and begin to address. (It is not meant to replace traditional medical treatment, but rather to empower your healing via whatever modality you ultimately choose.) Medical Intuitive Readings are normally $175 per hour or $90 per half hour.

Medical Intuitive sessions purchased today through 10/31/14, will be discounted to $77 (13% off) per half hour, which can be doubled or tripled for longer sessions.

Intuitive Preparedness Check-In

This is a brand new offering based on many comments, questions and private emails requesting my take on the question “What can I do right now?”  — for specific individuals, rather than general guidelines and suggestions. With so many people feeling the structures and safety nets of the old world slip away, clients, friends and blog readers continue to voice concerns that preparedness strategies seem too overwhelming even to contemplate, let alone implement.

This hour session gives you access to my own intuitive scan of what areas of focus will provide you the greatest payback and sense of abundance, peace and security, with the least amount of resistance. Those looking to make larger lifestyle shifts can ask me to scan various lifestyle, location and/or community options to see which ones fit best with your vibration and heart’s desires. You can also use our time together to discuss energetic/magickal protection and manifestation tools and techniques, along with troubleshooting your most pressing concerns in various areas of life, including finances, food security, faith/spirituality/soul nurturing, relationships and/or land.

I feel so strongly about helping people take steps from fear, denial and overwhelm into abundance, joy and freedom, that I’m keeping this pricing a simple $123. As Tolkien said, “Little by little, one travels far.”

Please contact me if you’d like to sign up for one or both of these specials. (Offers valid if paid on or before Halloween 2014.)

Oracle Report ~ Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Today’s report from Laura Walker brings more confirmation of this Dickensian energy:

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.” (Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities)

I might, instead, call it, “A Tale of Two Realities,” and I’m not surprised to find Eris as a key figure today. The energies feel simultaneously very dense and yet fluid and light, as well. We decide what we do with these energies.

Oracle Report ~ Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Third Quarter Moon in Cancer: take personal responsibility

Skill: yield to the feminine energy

Negative Imprint: control, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, hopelessness, suicidal, genocidal, negative rituals

Positive Imprint: mystery, happiness, wisdom, freedom, truth, hope, the good kind of anticipation, alchemy

The Goddess of the Earth meets up with the energy of rebirth today, as the Earth makes conjunction with the planet Eris.  Gaia Sophia, the Goddess Who Is The Earth, blesses us with a release from the old ways and opens a gateway into the new ways.

The archetypal energy of Eris is primarily concerned with freedom from controls and unification of the fragmented or divided parts of ourselves.  She seeks to free our minds and meld us into wholeness.  She helps us integrate our shadow sides, where wells of personal power are bound by fears.  She brings darkness to light.

It is a mystical day in that Sophia’s hand reaches up from the ground to lift us higher.  She takes us above things today.  This enables us to have a better view and a better sight line of the future.  The energy of destiny is still very much present, as is the ability to transcend the past.

The Sabian symbol for the degree of the Earth and Eris today is “a woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load.”  In other words, a Trojan Horse or a great heist.

From the vantage point of the energetics today, we should get a much better idea about the Trojan Horse or great heist that is being enacted upon humanity.  Is what is hidden inside a package that looks like “abandoned borders” and “the brink of possible viral pandemic” a monstrous new system of control via global economics and banking?  This may seem US-specific, but the plan requires that the US must fall.  This will not happen no matter how far things break down, but the plan is underway.  I will discuss this more in a new audio in the next few days.  For today, watch the forward movement and see inside the Trojan Horse.

Eris energy also has a way of bringing truth to those who need it most but can hear it least.  If a compulsion to say something comes over you, try to interrupt the circuit and give it some thought first.  This is very difficult to do because Eris energy cannot be contained, but we can moderate the force of the “apples of discord” that we lob.  (Eris’ Apple of Discord is what launched the Trojan War in the first place!)  Mars, Eris’ fiery twin brother, is in trine, adding even more impulsivity.  Remember also that Mercury is retrograde, which naturally leans toward miscommunication.  A tip: commanding is better than demanding.

Eris energy brings revelations and awakenings of hidden talents.  I’ve talked about this a few times this month, but the energy for this is very strong today, so if a hidden part of you that seeks freedom or expression has not revealed itself to you yet, today is another day.  Focus on your HAPPINESS and it will find its way up.

Venus will also be discharging the energy of Eris, bringing the element of relationships into focus.  Venus and Eris are sisters and symbolize the unification of the light and dark parts of ourselves.  This day is heavily laden with energy to unify ourselves – to bring back the parts that linger in shadow in alien lands.  Turn your back on whatever haunts you or whatever is keeping you lost or hidden.  When we do this, we disempower the fear.  Those haunted, lost, and hidden parts of ourselves can then come right back to us.

Be aware that whenever Eris energy is involved, there are usually two sides to things.  Two sides emerge.  Just like a Trojan Horse seems to be one thing but turns out to be another.  So don’t judge things too fast.  Also keep in mind that Eris energy is Black Moon energy – they are the same thing.  So people will be projecting their own fears onto others through nagging, outbursts, conflict, and attempts to emotionally manipulate.  See through it.

Sophia lifts us up today.  Her touch feels like home.  Ultimately, the Eris energy is the Mother Energy.  It nurtures us, but it also teaches us.  We learn best in environments where we are comfortable.  Let go of the controls today and let her lift you to another place.  The Sun will rise again tomorrow, but in a different place and space.  Today, it’s Sophia and Eris’ place and space, and we yield.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

Oracle Report ~ Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Another spot on Oracle Report I feel called to share today. The animals really are helping us out!

Oracle Report ~ Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Gibbous Moon in Aries: trust

Skill: understand that changes for the best are afoot today

Negative Imprint: repeating negative patterns, underestimating ourselves or others, dullness, gullible, infantile behavior, miscommunication, shooting off, lost in details or mind loops, resisting changes

Positive Imprint: cosmic rhythms, flexibility, hope, shields, rising above, rebirth, gaining wisdom, clarity, alchemy, rest, calm, messages, stories, security, comfort, accepting changes

Uranus rules the energy today, as the Sun makes exact opposition to it at 4:38 pm ET/8:38 pm UT. We can expect the unexpected all day long. Uranus brings the power of lightning strikes of change, surprise, and sometimes shock. Uranus works swiftly, making our heads spin, and often leaving us wondering what happened.

But there is a beauty to Uranus that puts us where we need to be no matter what. So if you experience a dramatic change, rejection, or revelation, it is a great gain – not a loss. We can practice the art of trust with Uranus because it always works for the good (though most of the time it is very hard to do this because of the shocking nature of Uranus).

Today’s energy also tends to produce the feeling that we are back at the beginning or doing the same thing (making the same “mistake?”) all over again. The Sun is at the degree of “circular paths” so we feel like we are going around and around and maybe getting nowhere. Old habits often surface with this energy.

We should remember that even if we feel back where we started, truly we are not because we have gained wisdom and experience from the journey, even if it feels circular. We want to spiral UP, not round and round. This requires that we analyze our pattern and choose to do things a different way. Remember that things are changing dramatically this month. A big shift is on. Accept the changes that are happening for you, knowing that they are for your highest and best purposes.

When we spiral up we have a new perspective. We are able to see how things better fit together and relate. There is a high degree of alchemy in today’s energy which allows us to remix and rearrange elements of our lives so that they are more fulfilling. Mix it up today.

Pay close attention to any symbols that jump out at you for recognition. Our minds are prone to scan for symbols that will relate messages, insight, and information to clarify something. Animals symbolize various things also. I always recommend Ted Andrews’ book Animal Speak for the best interpretation of shamanic understanding of animals and their “medicine.”

Our journey this month is very much a mystery and we are led farther along it today. We are guided on this journey and there is much to see, as a lot is happening on the way to today’s destination. The destination, by day’s end, is insight or revelation. It’s the eve of the Red/Blood Moon which brings the ability to see through to the truth of matters. Be brave and look at what is being shown to you. Don’t turn away. You are a strong spiritual warrior on the path of wisdom. We aim to know.

We have ample protection and shielding in place today, but we remain vigilant to the desperate attempts of the new (unnatural) world order as their best-laid plans are crumbling before their eyes. They know they have lost control so they will continue to lash out. Tomorrow’s Full Moon and October 13-15 (when the Sun will oppose the Eris Point and Eris) are the days that are highlighted for hijinks by the minions of the Archons.

It’s an electrifying day today with the power of Uranus and the Sun on the eve of a total lunar eclipse. What is in shadow? What is revealed? What is alchemized? What is beginning? We gain wisdom of these things today. It’s a good day to be a wise owl.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

Oracle Report ~ Monday, October 6, 2014

Oracle Report ~ Monday, October 6, 2014

Artistic Representation Of A Trinity Of Morepork Or "Ruru" Owls, The Last Native Owl Remaining In New Zealand.  Photo By Peter From The Place On Earth That Greets The Day First.  Much Love To All The Owls In The SouthArtistic Representation Of A Trinity Of Morepork Or “Ruru” Owls, The Last Native Owl Remaining In New Zealand. Photo By Peter From The Place On Earth That Greets The Day First. Much Love To All The Owls In The South

Gibbous Moon in Pisces: trust

Skill: respond by emotionally detaching and witnessing

Negative Imprint: settling, waste, denial of reality, base instincts, taking unfair advantage, lies, soul hunger, abandonment, aggression, targeting people for hurt, dishonor

Positive Imprint: independence, clarity, seeing what is truly valuable, integrity, honor, trading up, alternative, options, new depths to relationships, mediation

The Sabian symbol for the position of the Earth says it all today: a serpent coiling near a man and a woman. Wisdom is coiled next to us today like a serpent, but serpents also tend to strike, so we will be wise to the potential. Much of today’s energy centers around relationships.

As we move to Wednesday’s total lunar eclipse of the Blood Moon, the emotions in the blood are boiling and emotions are also turning cold-blooded. The key to navigating this is to take yourself out of the emotional churn. Emotionally detach from situations and take the stance of the wise owl watching what is happening. This is the point from which we will gain wisdom about what is being revealed to us.

Every day this month is like a Full Moon and this brings lunacy. People are saying things, doing things, and thinking things that can be very wild. The energy is wildly creative, but some are using this to create wild scenarios. Things are going crazy.

This is not a surprise to us because we have anticipated this month’s energy since March, when I first highlighted it. At that time, I discussed how the new world order (unnatural world order) and the old world order (natural world order) would clash this month. This is the month when the collective consciousness of humanity pushes back and begins to overtake. Remember that the Sabian symbol for this month’s energy is “the light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh,” which describes the shift that is happening to take us to the next level.

We need to honor this time instead of letting the R-complex of the brain, our “inner reptilian,” get carried away with instinctual responses. We are much stronger and smarter than this and will not allow ourselves to act ugly to others. We will, however, defend ourselves from ugliness any others are project at us. Projection is very high right now under the month-long effects of Full Moon phase energy. Shadow sides come out.

The other thing that is high is clarity. The Full Moon will be bright and clear but it is also bloody. The truth can be brutal, but it always serves to set us free.

This one sets us free from settling for scraps. People are scavenging for shreds of anything they can grab on to. Desperation can set in. We refuse that which is in not in integrity, holding ourselves to another level. We recognize that better things are coming to us and we don’t settle for less. We turn our backs to what is not worthy.

Mercury is trying to crawl off of 2 degrees of Scorpio and the energy of “a broken bottle and spilled perfume.” This energy has been with us for a week now, but today is the last day. Lingering emotions related to events that have broken out, broken apart, shattered, erupted, or exploded recently will begin to dissipate.

Take frequent breaks today because this will enable you to step out of the fray of the energy. When things become chaotic, we turn to nature. We go outside, connect to what is real, and answer the call to the spiritual warriors. We respond to a higher order – the dreaming of Gaia Sophia. Act with the integrity of the warrior that you are.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

Flash Silvermoon ~ Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for October 2014

Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for October 2014

By Flash Silvermoon  

Fasten your seat belts folks because this month of October has all the bells and whistles that can really make life interesting if not challenging! I know that the last 3 months have not exactly been a piece of cake for anybody so cut a piece of whatever cake makes you feel good, be it gluten or sugar free or a thick piece of rich dark chocolate. Now take some good bites and read on. Chocolate always makes the news feel better. Last month I spoke of massive saber rattling and the rising of the women and I do believe that we saw both manifest in a big way. This month both of those energies will be even stronger.

Have you noticed that THE CONVERSATION has been about Domestic Violence and violence against women? From the NFL to Washington to Hollyweird and a new group made up of many powerful women called “Why I stayed!” So often women get blamed and persecuted by others for not jumping right out of an abusive relationship when most often they do not have the where with all to support themselves and kids immediately. The Why I stayed women are suggesting that one should get a plan together and put some $$ aside so that they can make a well thought out escape unless of course there is extreme and immediate danger.

Astrologically things will really be heating up even more for women’s rights and rebellion. More about that as we approach the Full Moon in Aries on the 8th. Before we go there, Oct 4 Mercury goes Retrograde in Libra til Oct 25. I have spoken on many occasions about the challenges present during Merc retro cycles. Clearly no one can afford to stop everything for 3 weeks nor should we. However, we should be extra mindful during this time about our communications and try not to begin or sign anything binding or permanent til after the retrograde. This is a great time for good prep so that when Mercury goes direct your projects and ideas are ready to fly. Sometimes this retrograde can bring old loves or other relationships back from the past. Just be sure that old problems are corrected before diving back in all the way. I encourage everyone to NOT make a defining decision about a relationship of any kind during the retrograde as you may have to  re decide a couple of times before you are done. Mercury retrograding through the Venus-ruled sign of Libra will put even more emphasis on relationship during this month.
Some of the good news,things that you may have lost can sometimes return from the black hole where they have been hiding. Important projects that have been left unfinished can be completed now and that can be very empowering and satisfying.  Because retrograde means that the energy must move backwards before it can go forward, everything slows down a bit and I for one do not mind slowing down the War Machine for a bit more diplomacy or other less violent solutions.
With both Chiron, the planet of the Wounded Healer and Neptune all in the Neptune- ruled sign of Pisces, we are dealing with many challenges with water from flooding again, torrential rain and residual oil and toxic chemical leaks. Besides the water, Neptune energy rules toxins and disease as well as deception. Clearly we are dealing with some possible diseases spreading and the possibility of a disease spreading. Do we know for sure? Who do we trust when the story keeps changing as to just how dangerous or real the Ebola threat is. Once again we are dealing with a time when we must trust our own inner compass our own third eyes to know what the truth is. Are we still dealing with Weather Wars even though HAARP has been dismantled? Who is Isol? More questions than real answers I am afraid so just don’t drink the fear laced Kool-Aid to keep your stress level manageable and occasionally a NEWS FAST to just keep it real and peaceful. We are living in times when our own psychic abilities are getting stronger and are much needed. Use these eclipses to help turn on that Light to see the truth in all its brilliance.

October 8 will be Full Moon in Aries with a total Lunar Eclipse! Yes this will be a very powerful time and all Full Moons tend to bring the energies to a head. This lunation will certainly do this as not only will it be a Full Moon in Aries which was referred by the Ancients as the Blood Moon, but the Moon will be conjoined with the planet Uranus.Uranus always brings a lot of surprises to the party too so in some ways the energy will feel very unpredictable. The intensity of this time may show itself by more volcanic and tectonic eruptions. Where there is imbalance we will see the most difficulty.
I learned a lot about the energies at play for this particular moon listening to the late great Marion Weinstein who used to have a wonderful show on WBAI FM in NYC called Marion’s Cauldron. She explained how this moon can arouse some of the most violent energy for the entire year. This makes sense as Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, considered the planet of war. Marion also shared that this was an ancient time of animal sacrifices in some cultures.  It is best be very careful of our animals during this moon, keeping them indoors at night and making sure that their potential aggression is well managed. [See my posts below Astroflash re.Gem Elixirs, Flower Essences and Healing Stones to help you and your animals get through challenging times more easily.]

I have also lived through a few harrowing events during this particular Full Moon that keep me very mindful about where I go and how I care for my animals. The police even concur that this and the Scorpio Full Moons are marked by more crimes of violence so………. not to try to frighten but rather to arm you with information so that you may be more aware and cautious.
Seeing how full moons bring  things to a boiling point, perhaps some of the violent criminals that have been at large will be caught. There is much more to say about this most prominent full moon. There are many planetary players interacting during this time, The Aries Full Moon is conjoined by Uranus and the South Node and they are all opposing the Sun,Venus and North Node in Libra with a wide square to Pluto! In plain English the world will be in a  pressure cooker. This can surely be a time of life altering changes for the good because Venus really has her loving arms wrapped around this potentially volatile energy. Because of the Mercury retrograde the warlike tendencies of Aries could be softened or at least postponed. The South Node in Aries will provide us with the courage and drive to release old patterns and the North Node in Libra will help us more creatively meet our aspirations with love and kindness. This needn’t be an either or proposition but rather a both and solution. We are to be integrating the energies of Aries and Libra internally and externally to achieve a greater balance particularly in relationship.
Women everywhere have been rising up in large numbers in all walks of life like never before and this is showing up boldly on much of mainstream culture from Talk Show hosts, famous actresses, singers such as Carole King and so many more coming out as survivors of domestic violence. Even stick waving sisterhoods in India are taking their lives and safety from rape into their own hands! For those of us like myself who are long time feminists, lesbians and woman identified this rising of the women brings pride and joy to my heart. Yes, finally and we are not going to take it anymore as a class. Violence against women effects every socioeconomic group,every race color and every religion and we are experiencing a huge Wake Up Call. The energy of this full moon connecting with Uranus and Pluto can actually inspire and conspire all of us to break free from the Patriarchal paradigm which is not great for anyone or anything and is bringing the whole planet to the brink of catastrophe. Patriarchy does not serve good men, the animals or the planet so this is not just some feminist rhetoric and the astrological aspects are giving us all the energy and impetus to elevate the Sacred Feminine and make this change! I do not see violence against men as a solution either long term as we all need a break from the violence laden Patriarchal model. That being said, when women as a class rise up against oppression, it is a great thing and a path of liberation.
Venus at the same time is in a tight square with Pluto and squares indicate conflict and a potential turning point so we are right on time to manifest Woman Power, not power over but shared power. We must endeavor to manifest this paradigm shift in all of our relationships too.
Eclipses offer us exceedingly potent energies. They can tend to erase and or highlight any point in the horoscope that they conjoin so if you have personal planets in any of the Cardinal signs, Aries,Cancer, Libra and Capricorn at around 14 degrees, this transit will effect you most profoundly. I have also noticed that both Gulf Wars began and ended on eclipses. All this being said, be mindful and let us all keep positive vision about our future and especially for this Full Moon in Aries, Practice nonviolence in your thinking and communication as we can determine a better outcome when we let our positive energies collect and connect for the highest good of all.

One of the great things about being an astrologer is that you can see the trends and the energetic flow so that you can ride the good waves that will take you where you want to go and ideally take a pass on activities that will not likely bear fruit. The cosmic road map stretches out in front of us and a good astrologer can help you navigate while using your personal free will to manifest your best choices.
I know that I am spending a lot of time talking about this full moon and there is yet another huge planetary aspect that will be affecting all of us. A Grand Trine in Fire signs will be warming things up considerably. Big Fire can manifest on many levels including inspiration, creativity, courage and passion. We are gifted with more heart centered energy so it behooves us to find a loving way to problem solve as well as basking in the sweetness of such fine energy. Fire literally can be a problem when it manifests in excess and has already burnt thousands of acres in California with no end in sight. Temperatures are blazing and the ground water is disappearing. Arsonists are partly responsible here as well as setting to flame the airport in Chicago. Both fire and water in excess can clearly have a more destructive side. While the grand Trine is seen as a most beneficial aspect it does signify the ability of whatever element represented, in this case fire, to get out of control. So yes fire in the belly, raging creative and loving fire and passion but let’s have a more peaceful relationship with fire when it comes to a more earthly manifestation.
On October 23 we have the New Moon in Scorpio with a Solar Eclipse. Venus is also conjoining the Sun and Moon here which sweetens the wonderful light that will be emanating as the result of this New Moon. There will be a major consciousness download as we shift into new and deeper understanding. A time of awakening to the wisdom of the heart and climbing out of the shadowy places that may have seemed to imprison us with past realities.

We can live in love or fear and it is time to give fear the boot. There is a major choice at this time between Light and Dark and I do not mean that in a racist way. I am speaking of the difference between destructive and constructive energies. Scorpio ‘s energy tends to put us in the deep emotional water and once we dive into the deep end of the pool we can run into old buried fears. This eclipse turns the light on and from there we can heal and emerge refreshed and renewed. Awareness is good and enables us to make wise choices. Fear can sometimes keep us from engaging in risky behavior however nothing hurts the heart and keeps it from staying appropriately open like fear. Trust is the key to forming loving balanced relationships and will provide healing. Part of the shift in consciousness that is occurring, should we choose, is a shift from the Reptilian brain “fight or flight” reaction to life.There is a much better way as many of you are beginning to appreciate as we connect more to a 5th Dimensional reality. 
Venus in Scorpio is very different from Venus in Libra.Venus rules the sign of Libra so She is very comfortable in Her own sign. While the Libran Venus sought balance and beauty, Venus in Scorpio adds Pluto to the mix and the proper sharing of power becomes crucial. Once trust is established and you know your partner is deserving of your trust, the most important thing is to release the need to control and replace it with acts of sharing and empowerment. One does not heal by becoming the one who has the upper hand in the situation. Upper and lower are just as diminishing positions for each party and will essentially lock you in to the Patriarchal power /over paradigm which is a system of domination liberating no one. Seems like Venus and Pluto are very key planetary energies this month as are the Solar and Lunar

Oct 31 is Samhain or Halloween, the New Year, celebrated by  many Witches, Goddess Worhsipers and various Earfth- based Religious practitioners. The Goddess as Crone presides over this Holy Day. It is a time to remember our Ancestors and the Burning Times so that this level of persecution is never repeated. The Veil is thin and it is much easier to commune with those who have passed as well as our Ancestors a this time. Our intuition has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last several months and this will be a peak time.
Saturn in Scorpio will be the focal point of a T Square to the Moon in Aquarius and Jupiter in Leo which is likely to bring some very heavy energies into play which is very much in tune with a holy day for the Crone, the Ancient ones. This is not a light- hearted holiday anyway so we will want to use these planetary vibrations to right the wrongs and elevate the place of women and particularly the aging women that they may be honored having renewed inspiration and a better way of life.
The Moonhaven Mystery School of Earth Magic for Women will celebrate here at Moonhaven Friday Oct 31 more info below.  Happy New Year to all who welcome this new beginning.” When we know better we do better!
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Lee Harris ~ October 2014 Energy Forecast

Another resonant Energy Forecast by Lee Harris: this one focuses on observing the feelings that you’re having so that you can find your own balance, your own areas that feel right for you to embrace and create, and your increasing awareness of multi-dimensionality.

Good news for people who’ve felt disconnected from their usual guides and ethereal support: this month begins a return of recently withdrawn, behind the scenes support. This will come as a welcome relief for empaths who’ve been slogging through the rough spots for months without feeling their usual connectedness to other realms.

We are never alone, but sometimes solitude calls. I’m reminded of both the Hermit and the Hanged Man cards of the Tarot — not always the easiest archetypes to embody, but potent and valuable nonetheless. In any case, as Lee notes and many of you may have already begun to feel, the tide has turned with waves of extra comfort, guidance, peace and support amidst the “spinning” maelstrom.

Many blessings to all!

Full transcript:

Hello and welcome to the October 2014 Energy Forecast.

Good to see you all again as we go into a very different season on Earth, and going into a different season on Earth is true in more ways than one.

Every month I do a live Q + A broadcast. This is open to members of the public but it’s also offered to all members of The Portal. In the first half I answer questions on energetics submitted by Portal members and offer tips, and in second half I answer questions, in channel mode. So I channel The Z’s and they answer questions that people submit.

This past month in September, a very interesting message came through in the first few minutes before any questions were answered by The Z’s. They explained that in the last few years, to some degree, certain guides and higher energetics and channels, have stepped back a little from the planet while we went through an integration period.

The point they made was that over the last two years, we on Earth have been trying to catch up with the high doses of energy that were coming into the planet prior to 2012.  And so post-2012 to now, life has felt very stasis in ways for many of us as human beings, compared to those years leading up to 2012.

What they explained was that this integration period is just about to finish, and everything is about to open up again energetically. They also said that we as a result will experience even more guidance, energetic and angelic support than we have had in the last couple of years. This begins now.

This is going to be felt in a very close way.

For the very sentient among you, (those of you who directly perceive and feel the unseen), you will experience that very literally. You will feel that there is more light available for you to connect with than there has been. So this is a great time to focus on manifestation and higher communication.

And those of you who perhaps don’t necessarily experience the sentience I’m talking about in a literal way, you will notice that provided you stick to certain guidelines for your life, things will flow and move for you in an easier way in the coming year or so than they have in the past two.

Now, what are those guidelines for your life?

One is:

If it isn’t flowing, stop and wait. Wait for something else to emerge. Or just temporarily step back. Give it either time and patience, or perhaps through stepping back you’ll look at what you are trying to create and you’ll realize you need something different.

Your stepping back will make you see (for example): “Ah, yes. I wanted to move to Broadway, but the reason it’s not working is because I’m not actually supposed to move there. The benefit of time has shown me that aiming there for a while helped uproot me from where I’m living; got me used to the idea of moving over there, and now that I’m ready to move, suddenly from left field this other place has come in and I can go there instead.”

We can get very linear and literal in our human mind because that’s the way that we’ve been conditioned.

So, I often find I am answering questions for people at live events or online around their visions; and why they had a vision several months ago and why did it not play out exactly as the vision told them to?

Well the truth is: our destiny changes every single day. So there is a destiny path for all of us, but the details around that destiny are quite non-specific, if you like.

So your destiny on Earth in your lifetime might be to experience great love in human relationships because that’s something that your soul has never experienced before. Or it might be to put your voice into the world because that will be an expansive experience for you and others. But, for example, there are many different ways you can do that. You might put your voice into the world by being an author; you might put your voice into the world by being somebody who just speaks the truth to every single person that you meet at a really high level.

So you see, the details of our destiny can change and reform.
And we are very detail-focused in our human mind and we are very linear about the way we live our lives. But herein lies the issue that we are currently experiencing: we are multidimensional and we are at a time when multidimensionality is coming back to us as human beings at a mass level.

There have always been incredible pioneers throughout history and throughout time who have held great levels of light, great levels of multidimensionality. But we’re at a tipping point now where, as a mass, this multidimensionality is starting to affect all of us and infuse our way of being.

So for example, those of you who are stressed right now about all the different plates you have spinning in your life. Many of you go, “I wish I didn’t have so many plates spinning.” But it’s not the plates that are spinning that are the problem. It’s your relationship to them.

I see this as a truth for myself all the time. I constantly have to adjust to my new environment, my new experiences. And the freer I can become around letting go of what I thought was true two months ago or three months ago, the easier a time I have.

So this way of being is essentially becoming less-linear about everything and a little more multidimensional and a little more sensory-based. The two are the same thing. Multidimensional people tend to go with their feeling more than their mind.

So there will be many of you who’ve had those awkward conversations with your friends where you say, “Yes, I’m going to Peru because I have a gut instinct.” And some of your friends might be judging you about it – they might not like your choice, because to them you’re operating completely outside the realms of their understanding.

But trust yourself and don’t worry about what others think.

More and more people are living this way now. So this happening at bigger mass levels creates a forward surge in all of us, that is grounding that energy as a collective.

Some of the challenges within living this way can sometimes be that you feel like you have so many plates spinning, or you feel like you have a million thoughts going on on any given day.

You see, the monkey mind (the constant chatter we can have when off-center) becomes multidimensional as well. It comes with you, until you get used to letting it go, either through meditation or other methods that develop an inner calm and an ability to return to center.

Awakening is often greatly prized in people’s minds. But it’s not always an easy path the more you awaken. I think this is one of the great myths on our planet. There is an idea that awakening into greater spirit, awakening into greater consciousness, is just ‘unicorns and rainbows’. And those of you who’ve been through or are going through it, we all know that actually you start to feel so many more things that you perhaps were never feeling before.

So some of the keys to watch out for in your life are:

  • If it isn’t flowing, stop and wait. Wait for something else to emerge. Or just temporarily step back. Give it either time and patience, or perhaps through stepping back you’ll look at what you are trying to create and you’ll realize you need something different.
  • If you’re feeling like everything is spinning too fast, go slower; because everything outside you is spinning in relationship to you and if you withdraw your energy from it, it will stop spinning. If you step back, it will stop spinning and you can reconsider whether or not to rejoin that piece of your life.
  • Watch out for mental desperation/desperate thoughts as solutions to your difficult feeling. Are you somebody who is finding yourself currently saying, “I’m so unhappy and if I just had more money it would be solved, or if I just had that job, or if I just went to live over there instead of here…” It’s not going to be solved in that way. What you have to catch in those moments is this strong emotional density that you’re feeling and focus on that, rather than your desired external solution. 

If it’s a density that you are not liking and are placing your faith in solving through some outside circumstance, know that it may not come true. The change in circumstance might NOT take away the emotion. But a change in emotion can change the outer circumstance. So deal with your inner world to change the outer. Deal with the “ARRGH!” inside you, because that feeling isn’t going to go away.
And we as a society are often capped in our anger.

I see this a lot with people who are out there in the world wanting to make change. It’s a very difficult argument right now; because the new age is often accused of being people sticking their head in the sand. You constantly see people out there saying, “Well, if you just focus on love and light and your own energy, you’re completely missing what’s going on with all the problems in the world, and you’re not creating change.”

My experience and witnessing of energy is that the opposite is actually true. The more compassionate you become in yourself and the more you can ground your openness in the world, the more you want to make changes wherever you go. And it is a natural occurrence that begins within and emanates outward.

But none of us can deal with bringing change to every area of the whole world, for we are individuals. So if we as individuals step towards the areas that we feel we can bring change to, and we constantly check our own sense of energetic balance within our doing of that, then the energy we’re offering to an outside element (another person, group or organization) is one of balance.

You see this a lot with the anger that activists will throw at both the very thing they’re trying to change and also the people they are trying to encourage to be an activist with them. If you are somebody who is turned on by somebody’s anger about a cause they’re trying to get you behind, then you’re in the same dissonance energy that they are, and you’re running the same sense of dis-empowerment and fear; because anger has dis-empowerment and fear in it as an energy.

So that’s not me saying that you are un-entitled to feel those feelings.
But what I’m asking you to consider, is to observe the feelings that you’re having and their density. As they will have an effect on your life circumstances.

The broader perspective that we now have on Earth – all of these free YouTube videos, all of this information that’s out there – it’s beautiful, but it can be misleading if you don’t discern what’s true for you and what isn’t. It can be a rabbit hole. There are people out there proclaiming their way of being as “THE way”. And these things are tricky, because there is no “THE way” unless you find something that really works for you.

You’re going to constantly try on experiences and pieces of information in life that give you light bulb moments; that bring you into more clarity of feeling.

That’s multidimensionality at work, and yet, we forget that we are multidimensional on Earth. That’s what’s changing for all of us now.

In the old world, we were taught to go into our lives as a multidimensional external force – you have a relationship with this person, you have a job with this person, you love going over here, but it was all externalized. It was, “I feel things in here in tandem to these people and engagement points I am focusing on.”

Now, it’s happening within you first. That is the opportunity. Create from the inner world first.

So this is why many of you will feel a bit bored; because you step back from everybody, because no one is making sense. Again, this phase will pass. You’re first encountering your inner multidimensional senses and when you’re more used to them, you will go back out to those people and have a very different experience of the same people and the same places.

So be as patient with yourselves as you can. This isn’t an easy process for any of us to go through. But it’s also filled with a lot of light at the moment and particularly in the coming months.

So even as you see certain darker energies raising their heads and going through the battles that they’re going through around you, you will notice that if you keep focusing on a higher perspective in yourself and a higher perspective of the way that you’re working in the world, you will constantly upshift into more experiences of flow.

Then, rather than life being hard or difficult for you, you will be able to appreciate the things that you have and not try and run out into the chaos and become a part of the chaos.

Chaos is very seductive. It seems like it’s something to do, an activity to engage with, and the tribal impulse in us is to join the tribe.

But as I’ve said for many months now in a row, joining the tribe is not going to be what most of you want to do; because you’re slightly on the edge of a large growing mass of people who are learning to live and feel in a different way and that takes time.

So sending you lots of love for this coming month and I just want to say a huge thank you to those of you who donated last month for these forecasts. It does take time, money and energy for us to put these together and to release them. So your support on that level and also the lovely messages that you send, it makes a huge difference to us, this small team here, who are doing these. So thank you!

If you wish to donate, we will put the button for donations just here and thank you very much. (If you wish to donate from the transcribed forecast, there is a Donate button at the top right of the blog page.)

And finally, I’m thrilled to have my second book coming out this month – October 1st – Energy Speaks – Volume 2. It’s full of channeled information on transformation in our rapidly changing world and we will put a link to that on the next screen.
(For a link to the book from the transcribed forecast, click HERE.)

So thank you everybody.

See you all next month.

Lots of love.