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Timothy Glenn ~ 2013: A Call to Transmutation

Yay! My gifted Astrologer/Numerologist/Tarot expert and generally wise and witty friend, Timothy Glenn of Soul Purpose Readings, just released his latest article. Here you go, hot off the keyboard:

2013: A Call to Transmutation
by Timothy Glenn

We have navigated the waters of the Galactic Alignment and all the hoopla concerning interpretations of one of the Mayan calendars. The world did not manage to blow up, nor did the Archangels descend on the clouds and wave magic wands: Twang. There you go: instant paradise. Enjoy it.

So much for the kapoof theories.

For a lot of us, the Winter Solstice weekend of 2012 provided some entertainment, as people looked to the skies and everywhere else external for a sign of a shift occurring within. But reports have poured in from around the globe, describing subtle yet profound shifts happening within the energy fields of aware individuals.

One anticipated phenomenon involved a reversal in the direction of spin, whether in various forms of radiation or whatever. We have a lot of spin in this universe, where everything affects everything. As in mathematics, if we change one variable in an equation, we have altered the entire equation. Part of the fun of 2013 can center around observing how many reversals have manifested.

Reverse Field

In the early days of spiritual practice, back in the mid 1970’s, my body often spontaneously rocked, swayed or rotated, depending on what was happening within any particular meditative or contemplative session. When rotation occurred, the body would gently and slowly rotate clockwise.

Upon awakening on the morning of December 21, 2012, a morning meditation seemed in order. The solstice had occurred in the middle of the night, and a feeling of calm curiosity wanted to explore the energy field. As the session deepened, the words “this is so beautiful” kept recurring. Deeper, broader, higher and beyond; the experience became ever more sublime.

An external awareness floated on the surface; something had changed. An ethereal question mark wafted in the field, wondering what this new difference might be. Whatever it was, the words “this is so beautiful” still applied. Eventually, the realization dawned: my body was rotating counterclockwise. After more than three and a half decades of clockwise rotation, the energies had spontaneously reversed, and this not only felt wonderful, but perfectly natural.

A few days after the solstice, a friend called on her way back from dancing with the natives in Mexico. She relayed a perspective shared by the Mayans: that the clockwise rotation of the former age was for winding, and now the counterclockwise motion of the current age is for unwinding. There is no denying that our world had gotten all wound up, but now we can let go of the stress, and finally unwind.

We can also word it this way: we had devolved to the point that our Species Stress finally cracked open our Species Bio-Quantum Potential, so now we can reverse our field and evolve. A kinder and perhaps more accurate way to denote our previous process of devolution would be to call it involution.

Dancing With the Planets

While Pluto is still in the midst of dancing through seven exact squares from Uranus, the sextiles from Saturn can help stabilize, focus and direct the transformational energies. We will be encouraged to get a backbone for facing the challenges of a morphing existence. We can learn to “just say no” to authoritarianism. We might even receive the gift of a titanium reinforcement rod for our energy fields.

Pluto resonates with the number 13. In the Tarot, 13 is usually called the Death card; death of the old, birth of the new. Some Tarot decks designate 13 as Transition, Transformation, Transcendence, or the all-time favorite: Metamorphosis.

Nature gives us a fascinating illustration of our imminent evolutionary leap: the caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Within the chrysalis, the body of the caterpillar first liquifies, and then the transmutation begins at the cellular level. Typical of the old world, the obsolete caterpillar cells perceive the new butterfly cells as alien invaders, and try to fight them off. This corresponds with the internal struggle most of us experience when faced with change. And the process of the body liquifying gives us a little hint: Let go.

2013 = 20 + 13 = 33

2013 is more than an ordinary 6 cycle, in which we can balance the energies from the rowdy 5 cycle. In traditional numerology, 33 is known as the Christ vibration. This invites us to reach within ourselves to draw forth expressions of Divine Love, complete with knowledge and abilities that have lain dormant.

An interesting “coincidence” combines the numerological 33 cycle with the Saturn exact sextile to Pluto on March 8. We experienced the first exact sextile on December 26 of 2012, and another will occur on September 21 of 2013. But at the March 8 sextile of Saturn to Pluto (the ruler of death and rebirth), we will find Saturn visiting the fixed star Acrux, located in the constellation known as the Crucifix, during the year of the Christ vibration. Even though the year will rock and roll, there is no need to anticipate getting crucified. There are always higher octaves of every energy, and the 33 can get us really high on Divine Love, regardless of external distractions.

We have another numerological “coincidence” with 2013. Even a cursory glance at the Mayan calendars will show us the significance of the interwoven cycles of 20 and 13. Already fading away is the hubbub over “the Mayan calendar ending” and “the world ending” as a result. According to the Mayans and others, the only thing that ended was an obsolete approach to life. Now the human race can arise from its own ashes and co-create a peaceful, harmonious world. This is enhanced by the 6 energy of the year 2013.

Back to the Tarot: 13 is the Death card, and card number 20 is called Judgment, wherein the traditional image depicts Archangel Gabriel sounding a trumpet in the clouds, as humans rise from their graves. The 20 has also been portrayed as the phoenix rising from the ashes. The numbers again point to the death of the old and the birth of the new. And to use a common expression, every ending creates a new beginning.

Give Us a Break

As alluded to earlier, 2013 carries us into the heart of the long, slow square of revolutionary Uranus in Aries to evolutionary Pluto in Capricorn. The human world will continue getting rocked, and we cannot expect the Earth herself to sit still through this phase either.

Authority figures of the old world may cling desperately to their illusions of power and control, but the Light will burn though their fog of secrecy and conspiracy. With Saturn and Pluto working in mutual reception (each in the Zodiac sign ruled by the other), things hidden will be revealed.

How ready are we for genuine revelation? It could be revealed that we are living in a computer-generated Matrix where humans manifest as icons on someone else’s monitor. On a more mundane level, our true history could be unveiled. Spiritually, our Divine Essence could emerge, moving us into transcendence. The old, solid 3D world may crack and begin to break apart.

Many humans have tended to live in their bedarkened little worlds, praying for the Light of the Infinite to come in and enlighten them. Yet when that Light shows up, those people expect it to coddle them in their illusions. 2013 sets the stage for an illusion-shattering extravaganza. And yet our illusions need not be shattered. We can tune in to Neptune, and let our illusions dissolve gently and gracefully.

How Grand Can It Be?

The Grand Trine in July can give us a more refreshing kind of break. Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune will triangulate on us. Dreams can come true under this influence. But we might be wise to remember the proverbial cautionary advice: Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it. And if your dreams have been appearing more like nightmares, there is no time like the present for transcending the essence of what we are leaving behind.

The Light of this Grand Trine can show us what we are really made of, which could shock and appall us on certain levels, but it can also guide us in transforming what no longer resonates. Simultaneously, we may get a crystal clear view of what we are truly made of: the Love and Light of the Infinite.

2013 marks a turning point in our transmutative process. Old programs from the Matrix? Click on Uninstall. Shared files? Delete promptly. We have reached the Choice Point of Eternity. The 6 energy of 2013 encourages us to choose from a place of Love.

Timothy Glenn