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Scorpion Wisdom for Deep Healing, Transformation & Limitless Perception

A lovely, deep message from Tania Marie about Scorpion energy, Scorpio’s and ways to embrace extremely thorough change.

Tania Marie

Lately I have found my body wanting more rest to feel at its best and to allow for the shifts being processed, to integrate. I feel big transformation taking form and this calls for being mindful of creating the optimal environment for this to take place and making sure to get back to, and remain in, balance to support that.

So I’ve been staying in bed a bit longer in the mornings, doing more of what I need to do for me, as well as am experiencing very deep sleep and dreams. And if I have a busy week, get up before sunrise multiple times, or over-extend myself in any way with a lot of appointments, too much driving, am not feeling in the flow of a current project, or anything that pushes outside of my natural flow, then it will show up right away in telling me to stop…

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Lee Harris ~ November 2013 Energy Forecast

As usual, a lovely, highly resonant message from Lee Harris. I especially enjoyed his story and observations about Linda, his 81-year-old new friend. I actually know as many local people in their 80’s and 90’s as I do in their 30’s and 40’s, and I love spending time with these older friends, listening to their wisdom, trading stories, and feeling their energies. I often say about my friend, Martha, “I want to be like her when I’m 82!” Like Linda, she’s got a radiant energy, and she tells me that (thanks to daily green smoothies) her body feels younger and younger the more she interacts with younger people.

There’s such a beautiful synergy available when we remember to honor both older and younger generations. I love the Native American idea of making decisions based on how they will affect the “The Seventh Generation.” We could certainly use more of that! Even one generation on either side would be a vast improvement from the “just give me a fix” strung out mentality of our junkie culture. We would do well to remember that we may one day be the Elders or the Ancestors. In the meantime, we can learn from those who already are.

Anyway, here’s Lee with a special message about the fragility and potential of November’s energies.

Off-Loading Karma and Cellular Memory

Just a quick heads up: today’s eclipse and the next three days offer an exceptional window of opportunity to off-load a bunch of old junk — especially past life junk. I’ve noticed this in myself and during some sessions this week: the veils between lifetimes are particularly thin right now. If you’re experiencing major emotional or physical symptoms that have you stopped in your tracks, use that pause to inquire, “Is this even related to my current lifetime?!” Notice your body’s response. If you feel an immediate shift of the energy, a lightening of your load, or prickles of relief and hope, I encourage you to send that baggage off with the Universal Bellhop.

You are a VIP in your own life … this life … and you have arrived! Kick off your shoes, fluff up your pillow, open the curtains, and smile at your good fortune. If the Universal Bellhop loses your luggage, no worries there. You didn’t want that old junk anyway, did you? Go ahead, open the closet in your penthouse suite. Everything there’s a perfect fit for your new, healthy body. Take a deep breath and let your heart feel glad. Savor your new surroundings while you contemplate what “home” means. You’re not quite there yet, but you’ve moved out of the old digs. No need to drag the past — even the lengthy, distant past — around with you anymore.

Use these three days to smile with relief, clean yourself off, expand your horizons and plan a more suitable itinerary for yourself. If you like where you were already headed, you can hop back on that ride; just know that you’ve suddenly been bumped up to First Class. If you prefer your newly imagined itinerary, just know that the baggage you dumped has allowed you access to places you could not have otherwise gone. Physical limitations from past life cellular memory can evaporate when you decide to give away those old costumes. You’re naked now. You decide what to wear, and how you’ll wear it. From now on, you decide. Enjoy your stay and enjoy your going.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”
― Dr. Seuss