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Daylight Savings Time

Does anyone else dislike Daylight Savings Time as much as I do? My favorite thing of living in Arizona was no DST!

I’m the least linear time living person I know, but for some reason that shift into Daylight Savings Time throws me each year. I do a countdown for several weeks each Fall until we go back to Standard Time. When that happens, I feel a huge sense of relief, like some Big Lie has finally righted itself.

On the one hand, this cracks me up, because I’m not very tethered to linear time. Between precognitive dreams, past life readings, astrology (cyclical) and timeline jumps, I don’t know why I care about DST at all! I suspect my Virgo Rising feels like everyone around me is participating in a collective lie, and that bothers me. I want everything harmonized, ordered and true–even if that order has a boho casual feel to it.

Anyway, just sharing here, because I’m curious if this affects anyone else, too. If so, what do you like or dislike about Daylight Savings Time? How does it affect you?