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Beware the King Amendment

As consumers continue to demand Mandatory GMO Labeling laws at the state level, Monsatan and other biotech giants are trying to sneak in something called “The King Amendment,” which would eliminate states’ rights to mandate GMO labeling, thereby nullifying any anti-GMO laws passed at the state level. Not only does this outrageous (yet somehow not surprising) amendment violate the will and rights of consumers across the U.S., but it would violate state sovereignty as well. As usual, the Farm Bill attempts to derail and defund natural, organic farmers as well as defraud health and freedom oriented consumers in favor of biotech giants that few people really want around anymore. I guess you don’t get voted the world’s most evil corporation without trying to earn that badge of corruption and abomination.

Here’s the text of a MoveOn Petition:

“I want you, as my elected official in Congress, to know that you will lose my vote, regardless of your party affiliation, if you support the King Amendment, or any other amendment in the 2013 Farm Bill that would nullify states’ rights to label genetically modified organisms (GMOs). I belong to the more than 90% of Americans who want what consumers in more than 60 other countries already have: mandatory GMO-labeling laws. Even more important, I expect you to represent me, not a corporation, and to protect the more than 225-year-old right of states, counties, and cities to enact laws that protect the health and environment of local citizens. This isn’t just about GMO labeling. It’s about states’ rights.”

Click here to email your Congressperson.

Petition Background

“Monsanto has been poisoning our food and environment for nearly 20 years. Consumers are finally fighting back, by demanding labels on GMO foods. Will Monsanto try to take away our right to pass state GMO labeling laws? Monsanto already slipped a rider into the emergency Continuing Resolution, giving the biotech giant immunity from federal law. Now, there is talk of an amendment or rider to the 2013 Farm Bill that could take away states’ rights to pass GMO labeling laws.”

Again, if you care about this issue or your right to know — at all — then please click here to email your “Representative.” Make ’em earn their keep! Let ’em know that we are keeping an eye on them. If you’re involved in any kind of GMO labeling project at the local or state level, please make sure to follow through about the King Amendment and spread the word to the right people. Otherwise, all your hard work could be undone with the stroke of a sneaky, corrupt vote.

Action Alert: Another Health Freedom Power Grab

Thanks for the heads up, Anthony! We’ve got a major attack happening right now on Indiana Health Freedom. If any readers live in Indiana, please do take the time to call your legislators (details below).

I thought I left this problem behind when I left Wisconsin, as the Dietetics Lobby there was continually trying to monopolize and criminalize anyone besides Dietitians even mentioning nutrition, food and food-related lifestyle issues. Even Nutritionists, who have more extensive training than RD’s, would not be allowed to practice Nutrition until they received training and certification for the lesser degree of Dietitian. Alas, it’s a national problem, and Indiana is the latest power grab state. Please take a moment on February 20 or 21st to call your legislators, or to make any Indiana residents you know aware of the imminent threat to their health freedom. This legislation is potentially far-reaching, as once passed in one state, they will then have precedent and model for other states. Please spread the word far and wide. Reiki and prayers appreciated, too!

Dear NPA Midwest Members and Residents of Indiana,

We received this very urgent email from the CBNS earlier this morning. It is imperative that we unite and move immediately to kill this bill and protect your right to do business. Please read the information below:

Dear Supporters of Nutrition Freedom,

We are emailing to ask you to activate your networks of Indiana practitioners, retailers, supplement companies, family, friends, students clients, etc. to make calls to their Representatives in the Indiana House today 2/20 and tomorrow 2/21. HB 1272 is a law pushed heavily by the Dietetics lobby in it’s ongoing effort to monopolize the nutrition field. This law began as a law that would criminalize all nutrition advice that didn’t come from RD’s. And, in the worst bill we’ve ever seen, the RD’s expanded their scope of practice to include things like meal preparation or any intervention designed to improve someone’s nutrition-related behavior, or reduce health risks.

We pushed back heavily on that, and an amendment to take out criminalization for non-RD’s was added and passed. However, dietitians are still fighting to control the market for nutrition care that is covered by insurance, which everyone expects to expand. They want laws that by licensing them alone, in effect will preclude more qualified Nutritionists from having their services eligible for insurance coverage for services that are covered now, and ones that will be covered in the future. That ultimately will create economic harm to consumers if they have to give up insurance reimbursement in order to see the practitioner of their choosing.

It is one more way the Dietetics Associations are trying to dampen competition by funneling consumers to RD’s through economic pressure. There is no justifiable reason for members of only one private trade group to be licensed or certified, any more than there is justification for criminalizing nutrition advice in a country that so desperately needs more of it.

We are urging you to join us in killing this bill which is being heard in the IN House this Thursday morning before 10:30 a.m. Because of the very short time frame we are asking you to make phone calls to your representative (for both home and work districts if different) today 2/20 and tomorrow 2/21. The vote on this will be either Friday 2/22 or Monday 2/25.

Please GO HERE to find HB1272 information, Legislator phone numbers, Talking Points, and a link to find your legislator if you don’t know who that is.

In service of health,

Judy Stone
Legislative Policy Director
Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists
4707 Willow Springs Rd, Suite 203
La Grange, IL 60525
P: 734-996-0761