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Left as my comment on “Fruit Loops and Perilous Pitfalls”:

Good post! Yes, judge a tree by its fruits … or, as my beloved loves to say while suppressing a giggle and patting my hand, “We need the eggs, dear.”

(in reference to the joke):

“My brother thinks he’s a chicken.”

“What?! That’s terrible. Why don’t you get him some psychiatric help?”

“We need the eggs.”

Humans are capable of so much more than most people realize. Go with what works. If it’s not empowering and it makes you feel puny, scared, isolated, derailed and victimized, then reach for something beyond that “truth.” It’s there for the embracing. Unconditional Love heals all wounds — but sometimes that Love comes in the form of Mama Bear protecting her tender cubs. Sometimes Love comes in the form of silliness and giggles. And sometimes Love says, “Whoa, the Mystery is so amazing and so mysterious. Thank Goddess there’s something bigger than my little pea brain and its malfunctioning tape measure.”

Perhaps Joni said it best: “We are stardust, we are golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.” Peace!


Setting the record straight, beginning with a partial comment bump up from “Happy Halloween.” You can read the rest of the string by clicking here:

Hi Doreen, just checked out the link. Please see my comment to Cindy. Not all pagans or witches are Satanists. In fact, very, very few are. If you’ve not read John Lamb Lash’s “Not in His Image,” I definitely recommend it, along with Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor’s “Great Cosmic Mother.” It has taken centuries to divorce people so far from the land and from the Mother Goddess energies that these things are now demonized as the male “diety” thought form invented by Christians and known as “Satan.” It’s the psyop of all psyops how the Luce Sophia (the organic light of Wisdom) was completely bastardized and turned into a patriarchal Luciferianism focused on destruction, decay and transhumanism. The synthetic instead of the organic. True paganism honors the Mother in all Her organic forms as Nature births and rebirths in all Her beauty and abundance. Seriously, if you’ve not read those two books, they’ll blow your mind. 😊

Posted by James G on November 2, 2015 at 12:05 pm  edit

Very cute Laura! I was a wizard. Great minds think alike. 😊 I celebrate Samhain too. Everything bad about paganism was invented by the church, to scare people from even looking at it. Just like Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel were created to scare people from leaving towns, cities and villages. Pagans were out there and we wouldn’t want you to know the truth. Besides people are easier controlled in towns and cities.

Posted by laurabruno on November 2, 2015 at 12:13 pm  edit

So true, James. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Agenda 21 mega-cities anyone? How about demonizing anyone who loves Nature or calling organic food lovers “eco-terrorists”? Sheesh. My friend, Tim, just sent this link: Reading that, one sees some parallels to today, including why it’s worthy of people like George Soros to bankroll the Muslim invasion of Europe. Divine Feminine the key to overturning the patriarchal mess destroying the world? What better way to subvert that than bring in millions of young men trained in Sharia Law in which women are good for raping and not much else? Apparently, the King Prince of Saud’s going to bankroll another $32 million towards bringing Sharia Law to the US. [Arab Bill Gates Could Turn Sharia Creep into Full Trot] Time for the witches and wizards to draw increasingly wider sacred circles! The Great She is rising. She (hopefully) learned Her lesson from the Middle Ages and won’t be stopped this time.


If in your politically correct naivety, you don’t understand how Sharia Law oppresses women and children in ways even beyond the psychopathic Medieval Witch persecutions, please peruse this link. If you don’t yet recognize the correlation of a re-emerging Divine Feminine and Earth healing and reclamation, and/or you’ve not read Sharon Blackie’s recent post, please do: “Marrying the land: how we broke the ancient bargain.” Sovereignty, the land and the Goddess go hand in hand in hand.

Remember who you are. Remember on whom you live!

Subtle and Overt Attacks on the Goddess, Nature, and the Sacred Feminine

In an uncharacteristic pattern, I’ve been working on this post for a couple weeks. Normally, if I don’t finish in one go, then the post gets deleted or forever floats in limbo. I signed on yesterday with the intent to delete this one as too obvious, too alarmed, or too unnecessary. Then, I stumbled upon so many attacks on Nature, the Goddess and everything associated with the Feminine that I realized I needed to finish this piece and post it. You see, the attacks weren’t just coming from men and the military industrial complex; they were also spouting from the mouths and keyboards of people who usually recognize and honor the Sacred and Divine Feminine, especially the Mother Goddess energies responsible for creation, seasons, nurturing, and growth. I post the following links as examples of just how insidious and desperate the attempts have become to eradicate the very principle of Life. When we recognize the patterns of suppression, we can also discover clues of what reclamations would break the chains.

This destructive, perverse impulse pervades society, but it is especially strong in both the medical mafia and the New Age Movement, neither of which celebrate or honor Life. Monica Sjöö has written entire books about this topic, including Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon?, which I reviewed here and reblogged yesterday. For today, I will simply include a few headlines, comments and links to the full articles, asking that while reading them you look for both the symbolic and the very real physical side effects of the actions these articles describe. What’s the unifying theme from so many “helpful” and “empowering” angles? If we follow this trajectory, what happens to our bodies, to our planet, to our poor, fragmented souls? Conversely, I wonder what happens when instead of rejecting and destroying, we –men, women and all children —reclaim our alignment with this true Source of power, wisdom and love.

Cutting Out the Feminine

Here’s an excellent piece from Green Med Info, called “Beware of Organ Removal for ‘Cancer Prevention’: Jolie’s Precautionary Tale.” While more focused on the medical misrepresentation of facts than on the broader philosophical and spiritual implications, this article gives a clear, detailed and difficult to deny run-down of traditional medicine’s war on women’s distinctively female body parts in the name of “safety” and “protection.” I had written “About Those Breasts” when it was first reported that Angelina Jolie lopped off her breasts as a precaution against a “genetic marker” for breast cancer. While I support Jolie’s decision to do whatever she wants with her body, I mourn the media’s propaganda to try to make such unnecessary butchery a trend. The Green Med article explains the tricky manipulation of statistics, along with frequent (documented) misdiagnoses.

Again, it’s not really a philosophical article, but I ask you to use wider vision and awareness when reading this in context of other things happening in our world. One such thing includes plans to separate women into categories of gene donors, fetus carriers, and “mothers,” thereby fragmenting and effectively mechanizing women in the name of eugenics and social engineering.

Disabling the Moon

We may or may not know whether there’s a base on the Moon, whether humans ever landed on it, and whether or not it’s hollow. What any good researcher does know, though, is that the Moon has long been associated with the feminine, with Goddess energies, feelings, creativity, and intuition. The Moon allows for seasons on our planet, fosters the tides that keep areas from becoming totally flooded or complete deserts, and it reminds us of the ever present ability to fade and renew. Things spring to life, die and grow again, like the cycles of Nature, the cycles of Life, and the ancient archetypes of Maiden, Mother and Crone. Farmers and witches alike know that working with the Moon can enhance outcomes — whether crops or intentions. As a reflector of the Sun, the Moon also represents the receptive quality, which is just as important on all levels as the active Solar Male Principle. Before electric lights, women menstruated in harmony with the Moon, strengthening connections among women and with Mother Earth Herself.

As with most alternative media topics, when the talking heads share “truth” about the Moon, we never hear them talking about women’s wisdom or the Goddess — unless someone decides to pervert a real tradition of life into some kind of masculine or transhumanist co-opted “lunar death cult.” Whenever people bring out the “truth,” it tends to reveal just a stronger, more acute angle of the same old, same old denigration, fear, co-optation or suppression of anything associated with the empowered Feminine or Goddess energy.

All of which brings me to the second link — a mish-mash of New Age dogma, rumor, David Icke revealed half-truths, and pseudo-science: “How Disabling the Moon Will Dissolve the Matrix.” While I’m sure these people mean well, they do not recognize or celebrate their bodies as part of Earth; and they have so disowned anything to do with the Dark/Light Mother that they can’t even see how they’re playing right into twisted anti-human, patriarchal programs, while claiming liberation from those very things. I found some encouragement in the comments. At least a few people recognize this plan for the destructive, manipulative perversion that it is.

Gagging on the Goddess

And then there’s this piece, called “Illuminati Blasphemy – Gog, Google, Gold and the Goddess,” which could have potential from its title. Alas, no. This piece does a great job dissecting how advertisers have co-opted the Goddess for their own ends. It calls this process blasphemy, but not against the Goddess. Make no mistake: according to this article, anything even remotely associated with Goddess energy comes from the pit of hell, determined to seduce and drag you into it. Nowhere does this article explore the obvious elephant in the room — that the advertising works because it appeals to parts of humanity that have been so rejected, disowned, and denied that vapid, rampant, insatiable consumerism can freely exploit such sacred receptors. This piece comes from a fundamentalist Christian perspective, but I hear echoes of it all the time on “truther” websites claiming to debunk the “public Illuminati Satanic rituals” at major sporting or music events. As usual, the debunkers tell part of the story, but in the telling, they dramatically underscore and embolden the original attack on life itself.

Calvinists in New Age Clothing

You can find the article that finally convinced me to finish this post by clicking here. Called “The Unmasking of an Archon” and written by a supposedly love filled, enlightened author, this piece and the earlier one she cites would have given John Calvin a run for his money. For those not familiar with Calvin, his misogynist version of Christianity inspired such a frenzy that it initiated the most draconian, theocratic police state Western society has ever witnessed. Eradicating the devil — which meant anything to do with images, the body, feminine power, sex, sensuality, natural healing, most women, and all of Nature — became an obsession, turning Geneva into a patriarchal, iron fisted bloodbath — all in the name of purification.

Believe it or not, I toned down my comments:

laurabruno says:
April 7, 2015 at 5:34 pm

Monica Sjöö must be turning over in her grave at the anti-life, anti-body, “liberating” message of this post. People give the A-cons (and they are A$$-cons) way too much power. Even continuing to call them “Archons” or “Rulers” affirms their “higher,” “more powerful” status. They’re the great deceivers, and they’ve got people conned into believing the A-cons have even more power than they do. They’ve got supposedly awakened people hating the natural world, hating ALL aspects of sexuality and sensuality, terrified of anything Goddess related, throwing all babies out with dirty bath water until eventually there’s nothing left. Does a path have heart? I also ask, what does that heart love? Does it love our planet? Does it nurture Life? Or has the heart become consumed by such a victim mentality that it in turn persecutes whatever remains of Life?

What about sacred sexuality? What about kundalini energy or sex magic? What about getting in touch with one’s real desires, which stem from an urge to create life — not just for self-replication, but also through the desire to create beauty and harmony, to merge in watery depths with another soul, to create *with* the rest of the natural world? What about the inherent sacredness of our bodies and of our planet? What about all the other ways of “killing a parasite”? Because yes, there IS more than one way. You can alter the environment of the host, thereby making the host less attractive to the parasite, and you can do this through a variety of means, not only on the mental plane. You can also ingest antidotes that kill parasites, and these can be physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual, magical, ritual, and yes, even mental.

The second chakra is one of the primary creative chakras. Reclaim it, don’t reject it.

Ann Kreilkamp says:
April 7, 2015 at 5:47 pm

Do you really think she’s rejecting the second chakra?

laurabruno says:
April 7, 2015 at 5:55 pm

I don’t see any acknowledgement of any inherent value to the second chakra or any honoring of what a reclamation might look like, no mention of the life-giving creativity of the water center. No mention of how the very things most hijacked were hijacked because they house some of the greatest liberating power. No mention of how “loosh” can be reworked so that we summon, expand and then direct our own emotions to empower those things we most desire for planetary healing. If that message is in this post or the one she references, then it’s an extremely hidden (i.e. unintentionally “occult”) message.

Ann Kreilkamp says:
April 8, 2015 at 10:20 am

I see what you mean, and I also feel that the value of her concise post is what she does say, not what she does not say. You wanted her to supply a larger context for her remarks. That wasn’t her intention.

Everything we say can be placed in a larger framework, which then, morphs its meaning. So what? I hope that my introductory remarks supplied some of the context missing for you. The point is, whether or not its archons or some other kind of explanation for historical, cultural, familial and/or personal oppression, our first three chakras, when divorced from heart-centered awareness, DO tend to devolve towards service-to-self and survival modes, whether as victim or predator. That’s what the mind/body split is all about, and has been for centuries. You, Monica and I — and most likely, Elva Thompson — all realize this and, in concert with Earth’s primal and mysterious aliveness, we are putting our HEARTS into everything we do.

laurabruno says:
April 8, 2015 at 11:13 am

No, I didn’t take any issue with your introductory remarks. My comment was based on observing a trend in her work not to provide the larger integrated and regenerative context. I see that as a dangerous trend, not just from her, but from so many “enlightened” people who tend to demonize the lower chakras. The upper chakras can be just as brutal, if not more so, when divorced of their connection not just to the heart but to the lower chakras. Whenever the blame is placed so strongly on the material realm or something “outside” us, some “parasite” with so much more control than we supposedly have, to me it screams of a need for Shadow Work and reclamation.

I meant no offense to you. That piece was just one in a much longer chain of pieces (from her and others) denigrating matter, the Mystery, and the lower chakras without any mention of redemption. It seems the prescribed solution would make John Calvin proud, and I find that attitude one of the most oppressive and life-denying ideas imaginable — much more in line with the A-con agenda than against it.

Ann Kreilkamp says:
April 8, 2015 at 11:35 am

Yes yes yes. The upper chakras “can be just as brutal.” And the compartmentalization of ideas can be just as pernicious as that of roles we unknowingly play in the gigantic systemic tsunami that is driving civilization (and Earth) toward catastrophe. Agree. Thanks, Laura, for further elucidation.

laurabruno says:
April 8, 2015 at 11:41 am

Thanks for creating space for the discussion. It just really hit me on so many levels as I’ve been writing an article for weeks now about this very thing. So thank you, Elva, for providing the shock and horror to get me to finish it.


Synchronously, after my initial online freakout, David returned from work by way of the library, where he felt called to pick up a copy of Avatar. I’d never seen this film before, but he felt last night was the right time. Indeed, it was. We watched the patriarchal, out of touch, insatiable military industrial complex sneer at Goddess and tree worship, mock the deep connection to Nature as “animal,” and objectify the delicate, visceral beauty that runs through all of Nature, including human[oid] nature. This objectification, this utter disgust and contempt that justifies annihilation is what concerns me most when “truthers” end up strengthening the very agenda they claim to subvert.

For an excellent discussion of the difference between the “reptilian agenda” and Serpent (Goddess) Wisdom, please read John Lamb Lash’s post, “Who Wrote the Reptilian Agenda?” While I cannot endorse parts of John’s most recent work and direction, I feel his earlier work reveals some of the most crucial healing insights for our times.

I conclude by echoing a favorite quote from Monica Sjöö’s book “Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon?”:

“I believe in the power of thought and of thought-forms. I know the importance of meditation and visualisation. I believe in the reality of communication with the spirits, of the spiritworld and of reincarnation. I have experienced many times the oracular power of wells and of the sacred places of the Goddess. I do believe that we are indivisible and holistically whole. I believe that we must open our second sight and ‘see’ again. I believe that if we work with Earth’s places of power and Her evolutionary lights, we ourselves will be deeply affected and great changes will come about. I believe in synchronicity — as above, so below — and in multiple universes.

“Superficially, one might think that I have much in common with New Age thinking. But, as I have tried to show throughout this book, there are great differences indeed between being open to psychic changes on many levels and adopting the fundamentally reactionary, anti-Earth and anti-Goddess, patriarchal religious views of so many New Agers. I do not believe that they truly love Earth, our sorrowing Mother.

“I sense that we are having a mass near-death experience at this time… Now is the time for all visionaries — women and men — to come to the aid of our ancient Earth Mother. We must struggle to make far-reaching changes politically and economically if we are to survive, and we must indeed also mediate worldwide and dream Her alive. …”

May we celebrate Life.
May we honor Our Mother.
May we remember we are Her children.
May we reclaim our place in the Cycle of Life.

Book Review: “Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon?” by Monica Sjöö

I’ve wanted to review this book for awhile, but reading it kept triggering me to pick up other reference books, so that this one book turned into reading about seven books! I finally finished it today. Monica Sjöö’s “Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon?” is called “New Age and Armageddon: The Goddess or the Gurus” in its UK edition. Both versions carry the subtitle, “Towards a Feminist Vision of the Future.” With those titles, one might conclude that Sjöö enters the book with a full-on agenda; however, the book itself raises more questions than it answers. At relatively equal parts memoir, grief work (processing the deaths of her two sons), feminist polemic, Goddess celebration, Earth manifesto, sacred site pilgrimage, and apocalyptic warning, Return of the Dark/Light Mother is actually very difficult to pin down.

Sjöö presents a well-researched, sometimes shocking look at the cultural appropriation, racism, patriarchal and imperialistic attitude and actions of many New Age messages and gurus. I found her analyses articulated the discomfort and occasional outrage I’ve felt when reading channeled material or hearing New Age platitudes, as well as through observing in private sessions with clients just how much damage New Age thought has caused some lovely, sincere and good-hearted people. I have never felt comfortable with the “instant shaman just add water” nature of so many New Age books and trainings, and I, too, have noticed how much of the channeled material supports passivity and denial in the face of a looming military industrial complex and international globalist New World Order.

I often wonder if we would be at our current level of police state in the US if so many New Agers hadn’t believed all the luv-n-lite messages claiming Obama was a “higher dimensional ET” here to “save the world,” or if so many Americans could turn a blind eye to the devastation we wreak in the Middle East, Africa and Central America if certain interpretations of the Law of Attraction didn’t convince otherwise compassionate (and maybe otherwise active?) people that the victims of US bombings and invasions had “attracted” such things by “negative thought forms.” Sjöö provides much documentation to support these and other critiques.

Return of the Dark/Light Mother was first published in 1991 and then updated in 1999. Even so, reading it in 2015 reveals it as a highly (and scarily) prophetic book. Sjöö raises alarms about GMOs, transhumanism, the encroaching police state, CIA infiltration of the New Age movement, and — a major focus of her book — New Agers’ continued (sometimes subtle, often overt) patriarchal war on women and matter, including a disregard for our home planet as damaged, 3D or low vibration, or otherwise lesser than the “Sons of Light,” atomic bombs (yes, this was a shocking and well documented New Age guru celebration throughout the book), some kind of ET/Sun/Light Savior(s), and/or a group of “Masters” controlling Earth and humanity from behind the scenes, off world or inside the Earth. Indeed, a major reason I looked for a book like Return of the Dark/Light Mother stemmed from my own alarm at the disregard for our planet in favor of “Ascension,” as though none of the poisoning or attacks on our planet matter, because we’ll all be whisked away … in 2000, in 2001, in 2012, in March 2013, in …. um, hey, what if that doesn’t happen? Shouldn’t we be cleaning up the poisons? Shouldn’t we be doing whatever we can wherever we are to stop GMO’s? Shouldn’t we be resisting free trade Trojan Horses like TPP and TTIP?  Shouldn’t we say no (loudly and with force) to more nuclear plants, patented body parts, and forced vaccinations?

I do hope that many people will take the time and considerable effort to read “Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon?” It is the only book I know of and thus, the best book I can recommend, which addresses to this degree the insidious, controlling, dangerous, racist and highly patriarchal oppression masquerading as “Love,” “Light” and “Earth healing.” I especially resonated with Sjöö’s various discussions of ley lines and how the New Age fad of “healing” them or of “bringing the Light into sacred sites” needs further behind the scenes exploration to see whom or what is really instructing people to do such things. Exactly who is funding these New Age organizations, and how might their stated agenda really look if enacted? Sjöö asks many questions, many of which she admits to not knowing the answer. Taken as a group, though, along with the extensive quotes from early New Age leaders through the 1990’s, these questions, quotes and results do showcase some rather alarming trends — especially from the further vantage point of 2015.

Although I wish that anyone and everyone who even flirts with New Age ideas, channeling, natural healing and spiritual travel would read and study this book, I also need to admit that the book meanders. A lot. Monica’s personal journey of grieving and processing the deaths of her sons runs throughout the book, in nearly every chapter. On the one hand, this showcases the emotions and living into the grit and the darkness of life, not just putting a smile on things and spiritually bypassing our humanity. On the other hand, a lot of readers may not have the patience to wade through yet another version of her “process.” Unfortunately, or fortunately (it just is, like Life), this process informs some of the most astute and incisive points of the text. To skim through paragraphs in which she mentions “my son,” would mean missing enormous layers of value and insight. In many ways, Return of the Dark/Light Mother exemplifies the return of Monica Sjöö’s sons’ Dark/Light Mother, as she grieves, processes and nourishes herself back to life, often through mystical experiences at sacred sites.

A prolific visionary artist, Sjöö scatters black and white images of her artwork throughout the book, along with lengthy annotations describing the paintings, locations, experiences at the locations, public reactions to the paintings, and anything that inspired the images. Her work is phenomenal! It combines dolmens and sacred mounds with goddesses from diverse traditions as far apart as Africa, Ireland, and South America. The paintings offer visceral glimpses into the mystical realms and experiences that Sjöö can only approximate with words.

Clearly, she has a complex, deep, loving, and sometimes troubled relationship with the Goddess in all her many forms, but Sjöö remains a fierce advocate for all things Goddess throughout the book. This fierceness and clear slant may alienate male as well as female readers, because she clearly wants everyone to get spiritually back in touch with Mother Earth, and she clearly has her own ideas of how we should (or should not) go about such an endeavor. I largely agree with Sjöö, but even I sometimes found myself mumbling, “OK, OK, yeah, yeah…” only to find some new nugget or aha to remind me not to give into the temptation to skim. For all its overt patriarchy bashing, Return of the Dark/Light Mother is actually a quite subtle book. I will let Monica Sjöö speak to the subtleties she tries to parse:

“I believe in the power of thought and of thought-forms. I know the importance of meditation and visualisation. I believe in the reality of communication with the spirits, of the spiritworld and of reincarnation. I have experienced many times the oracular power of wells and of the sacred places of the Goddess. I do believe that we are indivisible and holistically whole. I believe that we must open our second sight and ‘see’ again. I believe that if we work with Earth’s places of power and Her evolutionary lights, we ourselves will be deeply affected and great changes will come about. I believe in synchronicity — as above, so below — and in multiple universes.

“Superficially, one might think that I have much in common with New Age thinking. But, as I have tried to show throughout this book, there are great differences indeed between being open to psychic changes on many levels and adopting the fundamentally reactionary, anti-Earth and anti-Goddess, patriarchal religious views of so many New Agers. I do not believe that they truly love Earth, our sorrowing Mother.

“I sense that we are having a mass near-death experience at this time…  Now is the time for all visionaries — women and men — to come to the aid of our ancient Earth Mother. We must struggle to make far-reaching changes politically and economically if we are to survive, and we must indeed also mediate worldwide and dream Her alive. …”

I would remind readers that Monica Sjöö wrote and revised this book pre-9/11, pre-2003 Iraq War, pre-Afghanistan, pre-unauthorized Libya invasion, pre-Monsanto becoming a household name, pre-BP Oil “spill,” pre-Fukushima, pre-NDAA, pre-TPP, and pre-Ukraine-Russia-NATO potential for WW3. While, like Monica, I seem superficially in favor of many New Age platitudes and ideas, like her, I recognize we need to heal our planet with direct action of cleaning up nuclear waste and pollution, not just “bringing Light down to Mt. Shasta” or reasserting control over the ley lines. We need to RESPECT Earth and all of her creatures and people, not insert some new patriarchal, top down CONTROL agenda “of the Light.” Important things like gestation, sleep and dreams occur in the dark. As I’ve said before, all light, all the time is just as destructive (maybe even more so) as too much darkness. Reading how New Age leader after leader actively celebrated the atomic bomb and the idea of nuclear war as a great liberator from matter was an incredible wake-up call. I know that radiation mutates with a possibility of transmutation, but a religion/philosophy whose early founders repeatedly celebrated bombs as liberation from matter and heralded the blinding flash of an atomic explosion as the great Light should hopefully give us all pause. At least before we hit the self-destruct button.

If you read Return of the Dark/Light Mother, prepare to be challenged, intrigued and expanded. Then prepare to go back inside yourself and into Nature, to listen and observe, to hear and feel as humans once knew how to do. Remember and reconnect — not just with your mind, but with your precious body, made of Earth and Stars, influenced by the Moon, in harmony with earth, sea and sky. Thank you, Monica Sjöö for your beautiful heart and art and for your fierce devotion to our planet and the loving consciousness within Her.

Blessed Be.

Disinfo Alert: What is Imbolc (Imbolg) and Who is Brigid?

Today’s post comes as a follow-up to yesterday’s shared post with Ann Kreilkamp of Exopermaculture. If you’ve not read that, please click through to both of our comments by following this link. We’ll begin with a comment bump-up from reader Kieron:

Y’know, in seeking out info on that ritual that took place last Sunday (and I forbade anyone in my house to watch it, BTW), I’ve found several references to the “sacrificial” or “blood sacrifice” date of “Imbolg,” with references to ritual killings to honor Brigid, Bride or any other spelling of Her name. Or “connections” to “Imbolg” (which is how it’s being spelled in these sites) as a Satanic holiday. Obviously there’s a lot of disinfo, not to mention idle speculation by people who have no idea what Imbolc is about. But it sorta fits with Ann’s remark about the increase in demonization of the awakening Divine Feminine. The disinfo controllers know their days are numbered so they’re opening the sewers to create a stink and keep people from finding the bits of truth in the mess.

For those not aware, the ritual to which Kieron refers is the Superbowl half-time show, which for the past several years has been (or has at least been designed to appear) overtly Satanic. I don’t need to go through the ritual here. I didn’t watch it. I don’t have a television. I consider the Superbowl a barbaric embarrassment to America and to humanity in general. It’s one of the largest human trafficking events in the world, the hugest drunkfest, and an enormous waste of resources and for what? A bunch of men running around and getting concussions? Uh-huh, great stuff, even without the halftime “show.”

You can find innumerable analyses of that halftime show ranging from somewhat intelligent to completely hysterical, fundamentalist fear porn. Here’s the deal, and I said this about last year’s performance, too: the Illumi-snotty know they’ve been busted for their sick child sacrifices and other things beyond the imagination of normal, healthy humans. Will they fess up? No, not really, and these in your face rituals are not — as some people assume — designed as confessions. They’re designed to redirect public attention. As I have noted before, and as Ann notes again in yesterday’s commentary, conveniently, the demonized element becomes … wait for it … some “evil” Goddess, along with anyone who has ever showed any interest in agricultural/Earth celebrations like The Wheel of the Year, which originally celebrated the seasons and Mother Earth.

Of course, in a patriarchal, genetically modified, transhumanist-pushing, weather-warfared world, tuning into real mothers, natural feminine creative force, and actual, un-manipulated seasons becomes a threat. Aligning with Goddess energy, especially with Mother Earth, any Goddess associated with Sovereignty and the Land, or the mother aspects (think mama bear) of any people-loving powerful Goddess would be things the patriarchal pariahs want to discourage at all costs. We’ve had millennia of propaganda, genocides, book burnings, and witch burnings, and yet still, here She is. That pesky feminine force that will not be silenced.

If you can’t suppress from above, then what’s the next best thing? Start a revolution from below. Get the well-intentioned but still patriarchal and largely brainwashed New Agers to unite with born again Christians and start busting the “pagan” qualities in all these rituals. Nevermind that pagans (“country dwellers”) and heathens (“of the heath”) existed long before the “Holy” Roman Empire massacred anyone who wouldn’t accept their one, redeeming “truth.” It’s all Satanic, yep, that’s the ticket to complete domination. Begin it as a conspiracy and pretty soon, even the dumbed down masses will imbibe what their slightly more awake (but still controlled by the hidden hand) “peers” tell them about the self-appointed “elite” puppeteers.

Just like in the French Revolution, which the Illumi-snotty brag about orchestrating (talk about a blood sacrifice!), the “useless eaters” will begin demanding that anyone and everyone who sounds like a witch, a pagan, a heathen, even gardeners (now on the terrorist watch list, no lie!), and anyone who uses esoteric skills, works with Mother Earth, or honors  the Goddess in her many forms, should be burned at the stake, hung from the nearest lamppost, because they’re “just like George H.W. Bush or Queen Lizardbeth.” Those two will, no doubt, go into hiding or fake their deaths, not actually be affected the 21st century Inquisition. Meanwhile, the frenzied, fiery masses — if stoked enough — will demand a purge to usher in either a State sponsored official “rational religion” or an even more complete right-wing, fundamentalist backlash against women, the Earth and any individual connection to Spirit or Soul.

Guess who will be most affected by this New Age Inquisition? New Ager’s. Yep, just like Communists use their liberal mouthpieces like journalists, artists and intellectuals to whip up frenzied demands for Communism and then promptly kill all these people once they get in power, the very “Christ Consciousness” New Ager’s getting so frothy against paganism will likely be lumped into the “esoteric” purge. Already in the UK, there’s a movement to shut down “esoteric” websites, supposedly because some child pornography rings have hidden behind them as cover. This has gotten public approval, but it has also linked child pornography with esoteric learning. A very small percentage of occult or esoterically educated people have anything to do with the horrors of child pornography or child sacrifice. Those who do are usually in positions of power like police chiefs, presidents, Senators, princes, Secret Societies or their high-powered associates.

The people who probably are not involved are your friendly neighborhood gardeners, tarot readers or people who gather for Wheel of the Year feasts celebrating the harvest. Yes, the harvest … or the planting season, the first growth, the animals’ various stages of reproduction. The Land. The Elements. The cycles of time, birth, life, death and rebirth. This brings me to today’s title, “Disinfo Alert: What is Imboc (Imbolg) and Who is Brigid?”

Imbolc translates to “in belly” and refers to the ewes being nearly ready to give birth to their lambs, which in pre-modern times meant fresh milk after a long winter of dwindling rations. Another version of the word, “Oimelc,” actually meant “ewe’s milk.” Contrary to whatever disinfo the hysterical people are spreading around online, and contrary to whatever patriarchal perversions the self-appointed “elite” have twisted this cross-quarter day into, Imbolc (celebrated on February 1) traditionally honored aspects of motherhood. Gestation, milk, lambs. The Irish Goddess Brigid — patron of midwives, newborn children, mothers and the hearthfire — was also honored on that date. In fact, devotion to this powerful Goddess was so strong that the Irish refused to give her up. The Catholic Church needed to adopt her — pretty much as is — and honor her on the same day.

“The Christian Feast Day of St. Brigid of Kildare, one of the two patron saints of Ireland, is held on February 1, the pre-Christian holiday known as Imbloc.  It is well known that St. Brigid has the same name as a pre-Christian Goddess of Ireland, variously known as Brighid (pronounced “Breed”), Brigid, Brigit, Bride, or Bridie.  The name Brigid is from the Celtic ‘Brig’ meaning ‘High One’ or ‘Exalted One.’  Brigid like other Irish Goddesses was originally associated with a Mountain Mother, protectress of the people who lived within sight of her and of the flocks nurtured on her slopes.” (source)

In addition to all these mother-related associations, Brigid was a goddess of sacred wells — wells with healing water, not whirlpools for drowning! Associated with healing, poetry and smithcraft and the fire that inspires all three, Brigid was and is one of the most powerful feminine forces revered for ages. Originally, iron for smithworking was associated with the menstrual blood of the Earth. Smithing was a magickal profession that required Brigid’s favor. You couldn’t just rape the Earth of her innards and expect to survive; you needed to honor the Mother, ask for permission and follow protocols. You needed the blessing of a powerful midwife Goddess.

I haven’t read all the discussions of “Imbolg,” but as Kieron shared in his comment, they mostly focus on blood and fire “sacrifices.” I mentioned yesterday that the original blood offering came from women and was menstrual blood — something potent, nourishing, powerful and deeply, unequivocally feminine. If a patriarchal crew suddenly wanted to co-opt a peaceful religion and somehow associated blood with power, then the only way to do so without honoring women would be to turn a peaceful female blood offering into violent blood sacrifices. This does not and never did have anything to do with Brigid!  Anyone who says it does is either misinformed through propaganda; is referring to some patriarchal perversion of an original celebration of mothers, motherhood, milk and fertility; or is trying to foment a 21st century witch hunt. Please don’t participate in this kind of slander, which will only backfire on those perpetuating it.

The hearth flame of Brigid represents home and the nourishing qualities of fire, not the burn your house down or burn the nearest witch quality of fire. Each Element is a powerful force capable of nurturing or destruction. Originally, people honored fire at cross quarter days (the halfway points between each season’s start on the Wheel of the Year) for its life giving or nurturing properties, specific to the time of year. At Imbolc, halfway between Winter and Spring, fire meant “hearth fire.” At Bealtaine, cattle were run between fires in order to remove parasites. Bealtaine also celebrates the inner fire of passion and its outward expression of fertility. At Lammas (loaf mass) or Lughnassagh (for Lugh, the Sun God), they celebrated the baking of grain into bread and the hot, bright sun that allowed crops to grow. On Samhain, perhaps the most legitimately “scary” of the festivals, at least for people who fear death, it was time to honor the ancestors and to put the land to sleep for the winter. The final harvest festival of the year, Samhain acknowledges the importance of death as part of the life cycle. People lit candles for ancestors, with whom they still felt deep kinship.

Imbolc also has associations with “spring cleaning” and taking stock of winter supplies. Halfway between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, Imbolc marked the time of checking if a family had enough food to make it through May. These seasons are based on British Isles and Old Europe, so obviously, in some areas like Northern Indiana, a household would need more than half their supplies to make it through early harvest. Our last frost date sometimes doesn’t occur until early June! In the most traditional sense, Imbolc celebrated the return of the ewe’s milk, which offered sustenance not only for the little lambs, but also for hungry humans nearing the end of their food stores. Imbolc was a celebration of life and the promise that Winter would not last forever. We don’t know a lot about it, except that rural people held this day as incredibly important. In a culture that recognized a spiritual and soulful connection in their food growth and harvesting, we can perhaps understand why this would be so.

I hope these descriptions begin to clarify some of the deep, targeted disinformation and slander making waves on the internet these days. Brigid is the Matron Goddess of Faery Healing. You can read more about that here. If you’d like to learn more about celebrating the seasons, you can find countless books on rituals to honor the Wheel of Year. One particularly nice one is Jane Meredith’s “Rituals of Celebration.” There are beautiful rituals ranging from simple solitary to complex group, but I’ve never seen anything advising human sacrifice. Even this pagan website called (a threatening to some) “Raise the Horns,” doesn’t consider Imbolc any kind of sacrificial event. The article traces the history of Brigid, Imbolc, and the simultaneous but differently derived Candlemas. If you’d like to read more about the bizarre lengths our culture has gone to from pretty much every direction to denigrate or suppress the Goddess energies, I highly recommend Monica Sjoo’s book, “Return of the Dark/Light Goddess or New Age Armageddon.”

My friend Mitch also has this to say of her other book, “Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth”: While I appreciate and have learned much from Dark/Light Mother, Monica Sjoo’s calling  is ‘Cosmic Mother’, I cannot put it down. It’s hard to describe but it really feels like I’m reading a sacred text or a pivitol historic masterpiece, even though I don’t like that word but you get the gist, it just feels like ‘home’, sacred truth, kind of a ‘ahh so this is what it’s all about’ feeling. It truly is one of the best and most important books I’ve ever read. The only thing lacking is any knowledge of an (male) ET war on the divine feminine in Universe(?) and on Mother Earth but those holes are easily filled in. Almost every page has some incredible factoid nugget or connective wisdom I want to take an iphoto and send you so instead I urge you to order it and dive in, even if you have a pile of other books waiting, lol.

I do have a huge pile of other books waiting, but I ordered Great Cosmic Mother anyway. Other reference books would include Barbara Tedlock’s “The Woman in the Shaman’s Body” and, oddly enough, a belly dancing book called, “Grandmother’s Secrets.” The Illumi-snotty would have everyone reject the power of ritual as something evil or ridiculous, while keeping the power of ritual all to themselves. In our time of reclamation, let us also reclaim our own rights to live in harmony with each other and with Earth, Sea and Sky. May we heal them, and allow them to heal us!