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Mirror, Mirror …

I saw this video several days ago, just as all the drama exploded around my “Medical Intuitive Observations about Fukushima Radiation” article. I got overwhelmed by the sheer number of comments on my and various other blogs, as well as numerous emails telling me what a hornets nest I apparently stirred up on all those social networking sites I don’t use. Ah, well, what can you do? I spoke in peace and love.

Anyway, I think this Ukrainian protestor tactic is brilliant on so many levels! It reminds me of some of the strategies used in Starhawk’s novel, “The Fifth Sacred Thing,” and it is a completely literal version of a method I’ve long used to deflect any projected negativity flung at me if/when my intuitive observations or conversation disturb Shadowy, raw nerves.

The narrator does use a few f-words in this video, so if that offends you, turn off the volume. Who knows? Watching these Ukrainian grandmothers courageously face down tyranny might even be more powerful without the voice overlay.

Shifting Perspective ~ Nature Spirits and Earth Healing

After all the Monsanto news the past few days, I wanted to share this incredible video of Nature photos, mirrored. Nothing’s added to the photos, but when you see them mirrored, you can easily see the unseen beings and energies already there. I’m posting this as a reminder that a large part of Human Evolution includes learning to see in new ways. As we welcome in new ways of seeing, we invoke beings and energies already present and eager to heal this planet. Please remember this.

Re-member. We can do this if we join forces. We can heal this planet if we develop communities — local, global, seen and unseen — with common visions and missions to heal our world. Yes, the Shadows have begun to come out of hiding, and they are hideously deformed abominations. Vandana Shiva recently joked (but not really joking) that GMO means, “God, move over.”

Nature has its own wisdom and perfection. When we view things through the mirror, sometimes we see them more clearly — both metaphorically and in actual visual experience. I share this video in hopes that the mirrors and music trigger a remembrance and reconnection with God’s perfect Creation and all the Nature Spirits, natural creatures and Mother Gaia.

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” ~Edith Wharton

Ready, set, and through the looking glass, we go!