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June 2019 Specials

Two new specials this month, plus a Reiki Level 1 Certification Class in Kalamazoo.



$88 Summer Tune-Up Special


This half-hour special can focus on whatever you need “tuned up” this Summer: health, romance, career, and/or general quality of life set point. We’ll look at which tune-up now can help you get the most out of the next few months. $88 if prepaid on or before 6/30/19 ($45 savings from the usual half-hour rate, limit one per person). Please contact me to sign up.

The Lemonade Special


How do you make lemonade from life’s lemons? (Or Lyme-aid from Lyme?) This combo package special includes:

Half-hour Tarot Reading for a general overview and to learn which archetypes and energies surround you now. Is your trajectory sweet or sour based on current energies? Which other factors and choices can you squeeze or mix to your advantage?

40-Minute Medical Intuitive Reading looks at current health challenges and provides insights into how current or prior symptoms can become powerful blessings. What’s your body really telling you, and how can this message lead to greater harmony, joy and healing?

40-Minute Soul/Life Path Reading explores what you came here to do and why. Understanding your unique soul patterns, quirks, and reasons for being here helps you get more out of life. Finding meaning and purpose for challenges puts them into proper perspective and helps you navigate a sometimes confusing world.

$288 if paid on or before 6/30/19. This three-part package saves $121 from the usual rates. You can book these sessions in any order, depending on your pressing needs, intuition, or curiosity, and you may purchase more than one of these packages. Please contact me to sign up.


Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at a private residence. Pre-registration required. Please click here for additional details.

20, 40 or 60 Minutes?

I keep getting this question several times per day, so I’m going to post the answer here. Many people want to know how to decide between the 20-minute or 40-minute option for a Medical Intuitive Session. Others want to know the difference between a 40- or 60-minute session. Here’s my response:

Most prefer the 40-minute reading for a first session. It depends on how much you like to talk, as well as how complex your issue is.

The 20-minute works well for a relatively simple or recent situation, or if you pretty much know what’s going on but want some extra insights and clarification. If you’ve already had a session with me, then the 20-minute option can work well as a follow-up. It’s also helpful for people who’ve never considered a metaphysical root cause for their symptoms, because it gives you direction and a new place to focus.

The 40-minute option is better if you have multiple, seemingly unrelated conditions, something longer term, any upcoming big life decisions, and/or the things “that always worked before” just aren’t working anymore. If you’d like astrological insights, the longer time allows for exploring past, present and future transits affecting your health. The 40-minute option gives more time for back and forth processing and questions, too.

The full hour option gives the most time for in depth exploration, deeper questions from you, as well as integrating the information from the reading into your life. The hour option works best if you want a combo session of medical intuition, life coaching, astrology, past life/soul reading, your soul’s unique process for healing, and/or how to implement these factors into your healing.

It also depends on your budget and your own preferences. Whichever you choose, we’ll make the most of our time together.

November 2017 Specials


By popular request, this month brings back $44 tarot readings. The second November Special stems from the first. Although the cards can sometimes provide very general information about health, they’re no substitute for a Medical Intuitive Reading, which uses an entirely different process on my end. I love tarot, but it does not lend itself to every type of question. Since so many people request medical intuitive support, I decided to run a second November Special just for that. Please read each description, so you can determine which special makes sense for you at this time.

$44 Tarot Readings

Half hour tarot readings at 20% off the usual rate. Tarot readings offer an energetic check-in, the chance to ask questions about pending decisions or intentions, and represent a fun, yet powerful way to gain perspective on relationships and challenges.

Tarot readings are particularly good for people who don’t know what kinds of questions to ask me; they just want some kind of guidance because they feel unsure of what’s coming or what to focus upon. Tarot also seems to benefit those people who have exceptionally good things coming their way, yet wonder if I might be “padding the reading” or “just saying what they want to hear.” The cards don’t lie. (Neither do I – but the cards seem an even more objective medium for delivering good news.)

Please contact me if you’d like to sign up for this special. Offer valid if prepaid on or before November 30, 2017.

$133 Medical Intuitive Readings

Medical Intuition is the ability to access information about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through “reading” the energy field around the body. A Medical Intuitive Session decodes the message(s) from soul to body into language your conscious mind can understand and begin to address. Although I explore many different levels of the healing process, I do not (and legally cannot) diagnose or prescribe. Medical Intuitive Readings are meant to augment, not replace traditional medical treatment.

Medical Intuitive Readings purchased on or before November 30, 2017, will be discounted to $133 per 40-minute session. (Save $44 off the regular price.) Please contact me to sign up.


New Rates, Offerings and May 2017 Specials

So many people have asked about my new May 2017 rates, offerings and specials, in part because they want to know whether or not to purchase the April Specials. I wasn’t going to announce these until May 1, but in case even more people have questions, I’ll post these with a few days left in April.

I’ve not raised rates or radically shifted my offerings in ten years. After much prayer, synchronicity and consideration, these changes reflect frequent requests for services I don’t normally offer, as well as 16 years of professional session experience, teaching, speaking, and written support. At this time, I’m not changing my Reiki or Tarot offerings. The new rates and offerings affect any intuitive or coaching services that are not Reiki or Tarot based. You can find those (lower) rates and descriptions by clicking through the links above.

For the months of May and June, I’m also going to experiment with an email option as a Monthly Special, since so many people want to send me “quick” questions. Those “quick” questions are usually not that quick, since they still require an intuitive tune-in, energy reading/interpretation, and then the time it takes both to read their email and to respond. Previously, I have referred people to my blog or my books for general information, or a private phone session for specific information, but some people prefer email. I do not want to spend even more time in front of a computer, especially with my intended shift to writing books again once we get settled in our new place; however, of all the requests, email sessions are highest on the list. I’ll see how this option goes for May while it might actually be easier to fit in around packing, and then see what, if anything, needs tweaking after our move in late June.

Please scroll down for the May 2017 Specials, which are listed after the new rates and services.


These services include anything related to:

  • Medical Intuition
  • Mind-Body-Spirit Readings
  • Soul Readings
  • Past Life Readings
  • Life Purpose/Life Path
  • Any kind of Coaching (life; career; relationship; transition; strategies for children, workplace dynamics, and/or aging parents; chronic health issues; awakening creativity, etc.)
  • Designing Personal Rituals for maximum shift of subconscious and energetic factors
  • Messages/Communication to and from deceased loved ones
  • Helping to discern effective spiritual practices and daily habits
  • Timeline Shifts

(If you would like a service not listed here, please inquire. There’s so much overlap with skills and techniques that the above list represents the most common, but not the only types of sessions offered.)


20-Minute Check-in: $90

40-Minute Intuitive or Coaching Session: $177

60-Minute Intuitive or Coaching Session: $222


This is a previously unadvertised service, which so many people have found so beneficial that I’ve decided to make it public. This service can be used for:

  • Clearing properties or spaces of negative energies and hostile influences
  • Preparing homes for sale and removing unwanted attachments to old properties
  • Blessing new homes, properties or work spaces
  • Smoothing details of relocation and supporting synchronicity in the search for a new home or office
  • Raising the vibration and increasing the positive influence radius of your home or work space
  • Blessing gardens or public spaces
  • Creating spheres of protection around your environment
  • Dedicating spaces to support certain goals or intentions
  • Creating a healing sanctuary or supporting sacred space

(If it’s not listed but seems related, please contact me for options. This process involves a combination of a Reiki Healing Attunement, Runes, specially determined timing, and any supportive symbols, crystals, etc. depending on the individual situation. It’s more complex and specific than a Reiki Healing Attunement, but that technique forms the foundation of this process.)


$77 per location or specific intention

$200 for 3 locations or intentions (i.e. if you need to sell one property in order to purchase another and also want help finding a new office; if there are multiple properties involved; or if you anticipate needing this service again sometime)


In addition to seven years of intensive gardening experience and research, I completed my Permaculture Design Certificate in January 2017. “Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered on simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems.” This certification allows me to:

  • Help individuals or groups incorporate perennial vegetables and edible trees/shrubs into ornamental landscapes
  • Design properties for beauty and abundance
  • Assess ways of becoming more sustainable with your current set-up
  • Offer general instruction on permaculture principles (not the full PDC course)
  • Insights and resources for enhanced soil fertility, companion planting and multi-season harvests
  • I also work closely with Nature Spirits, Faeries and the Elements. If desired, my consultation can include ways of tuning into your own land and enhancing harmony with other beings who share that space with you.


Half-hour phone consultation (if applicable): $90

Other services and rates will vary depending on the situation and if it requires in-person visits. Please contact me with details about your specific needs, location and requests.


20-Minute Email Check-In for $77

As mentioned above, this special is an experiment since so many people request email support. Twenty minutes usually covers one or two questions or issues, and it includes my time reading and replying to your email, plus the time spent tuning in and interpreting any messages I receive, along with providing links (if applicable) for further details and information. If you have more complex questions, you can add time. Available if prepaid on or before May 31, 2017. Depending on how this goes, this special might become a regular offering, but we’ll see, as I prefer life away from the computer. Please contact me to sign up.

Mentoring Package for Counselors, Therapists, Energy Healers, Coaches, Social Workers, and Alternative Medical Professionals

With sixteen years of professional experience under my belt, I’ve spent over a decade mentoring clients and students in similar or complementary fields. This has previously occurred as individual coaching sessions or classes, but for May 2017, I’m offering a package deal to support people wanting to take their business to the next level.

This package includes:

  • Four hours of career coaching, which can include tips for enhancing your own intuition to help more clients and recognize business opportunities, aligning with the “Cosmic Scheduler” to achieve work/life balance, embracing higher visibility, and helping clients and students find you without needing to resort to heavy duty traditional marketing and social media
  • Two 20-minute Email Check-Ins between phone sessions
  • Reiki Healing Attunement to amplify goals, clarity and alignment

May Special Rate:

$626 (Save $471.55 over individual services)

Offer valid if prepaid on or before May 31, 2017. Please contact me to sign up.

April 2017 Specials ~ Last Call for These Offerings

As I mentioned last week, I’m in process of restructuring rates, session lengths, policies and offerings. I have not raised rates in 10 years but will begin doing so in May, in order to bring things more into alignment with my 16 years of professional experience as an intuitive reader and over ten years as a Life Coach. I’ve also been considering various requests over the years for additional services, classes, and mentorship programs, and I’m discerning which, if any, of those I feel led to offer at this time. My decision to restructure services and rates comes after much prayer, contemplation and synchronous nudges. I celebrate the new, even as it continues to reveal itself.

With our upcoming move — date and exact location TBD — I know I will make additional shifts once I get a sense of how many local classes I begin teaching in the new spot and how much time I feel called to devote to writing, including a return to writing fiction. Endings so often precede beginnings: although I don’t yet know all the details of the coming shifts, I recognize that some things have run their course. This month’s specials have been very popular over the years, but I will likely not repeat them in these forms or rates again. If you’ve ever felt led to these offerings in the past, then April 2017 would be the time to take advantage of the 3 for $333 or the Preparedness $123 specials described below.

$333 Intuitive Coaching Three-Pack

This special offers major savings at $333/three hours. I’ve found that even people who normally process things on their own feel challenged by the increased intensity and “sorting” of the Universe these days. As we continue with Earth changes, internal and galactic shifts, I feel called to offer a short burst of support to those in need. These sessions can be used close together or saved for a future need. You can use them in hour or half-hour segments. You can use these for Life Coaching, Medical Intuitive Readings and support, Soul Readings, Tarot or any of my other services offered at this time. The entire package can be gifted to someone else, but (for simplicity of paperwork) these three-packs cannot be divided and shared among multiple individuals. Offer valid if prepaid on or before April 30, 2017. To schedule your first session or purchase the package, please contact me here.

Intuitive Preparedness Check-In

This is a return of another special. With all the political, social and environmental upheaval, people want to know how to maintain a positive, proactive vibration and how to thrive while also shoring up any weak spots. This special responds to many comments, questions and private emails requesting my take on the question “What can I do right now?” — for specific individuals, rather than general guidelines and suggestions.

This hour session gives you access to my own intuitive scan of what areas of focus will provide you the greatest payback and sense of abundance, peace and security, with the least amount of resistance. Those looking to make larger lifestyle shifts can ask me to scan various lifestyle, location and/or community options to see which ones fit best with your vibration and heart’s desires. You can also use our time together to discuss energetic/magickal protection and manifestation tools and techniques, along with troubleshooting your most pressing concerns in various areas of life, including finances, food security, faith/spirituality/soul nurturing, relationships and/or land, including “garden guidance.”

I feel so strongly about helping people take steps from fear, denial and overwhelm into abundance, joy and freedom, that I’m keeping this pricing a simple $123. As Tolkien said, “Little by little, one travels far.”

Please contact me if you’d like to sign up for this special. Offer valid if prepaid on or before April 30, 2017.

Reiki 1 Certification in Goshen, Indiana

I’ve had a couple people request another Reiki 1 Certification Class before we leave Goshen. Since we don’t yet have a date of departure, I would need to schedule this no later than June 1, 2017. I’m willing to teach this class, but with all we have going on, I would require a minimum of four people in order to host another class here. We’re moving North, so if our current location is closer than Michigan and you’d like Reiki 1 training, please contact me to discuss potential dates. I have two rooms available for out of town students. You can find information on a previous Reiki Level 1 class here. This would also likely be your last chance to see the gardens of Faery Hof and Haus Am See, in case you hoped to see those in person before we move on to new adventures.


Medical Intuition and Family Lineage

An interesting question arrived via email this weekend, and I thought I’d share non-confidential portions of that Q&A here in case anyone else has similar questions about Medical Intuition and familial patterns:


I remember you telling me that when you do readings you see the maternal family side on one side and the paternal on the other- was it maternal side on the person’s left side (their left not the left if you are looking at them)?


Good to hear from you! I don’t actually see things the way most people do, which is one reason I have not yet developed a generic training program. I am sure you can find generalized instructions online somewhere. That’s just not my own process.

I simply “know” which side of the family it comes from, and it appears to me in whatever way the client can understand. If they are visual, I get visual info (but not always in family tree, left/right format… it  might be an image). If someone is auditory, I get words or phrases or instructions. If someone is kinesthetic I feel — what they feel or even what their ancestors felt. It’s more complex than left or right, but also much more detailed. 🙂

Best advice is to find out what it looks like when YOU do readings, and that comes with experience and comparing the info you sense with available and verifiable information. It is a process to do it the way I do it. I think there are a lot more what I would call plug and play medical Intuitive trainings out there. I don’t know how accurate they are, as I have no experience with taking the courses. I will say that there are very few people I would refer someone to for medical intuition, but that does not mean they aren’t out there! I just don’t personally know them.

I hope that helps in some way. Traditionally, left is masculine and right feminine, but some people reverse that because right brain controls left side and vice versa. 😉

Big blessings,


NOTE: If you or someone you love is interested in exploring family lineage from a soul perspective, please check out the December 2016 Specials, two of which can be tailored to explore those themes. Just let me know of your specific interest when you contact me.

More Medical Intuitive FAQ’s

These are becoming FAQ’s, so I thought I’d post the answers here:

I’m not sure if I should book a half hour or an hour session. What’s the difference?

Generally, the half hour is good if you already have some idea what’s going on with you and you’re wanting affirmation of your own intuition, a little guidance, additional insights into unseen causes, or are trying to decide between various treatments. I’m not allowed to diagnose or prescribe, but I can scan your energy while you list various options and let you know what happens with your energy in each case.

The hour is best if you have multiple issues/symptoms, have been ill or injured for a long time, or if you have other big decisions or changes coming up in your life that may actually be more tied into your health than you realize.

We will make the most of whatever time we have together, so if you can only do the half hour that’s fine, but if you feel like the hour is more fitting, please let me know.

How do I pay you?

Once I know your requested length of session, I will send over a PayPal invoice for the appropriate amount. That will be due prior to our conversation. If you would like to pay by cash or check, this is possible; however, we will need to make other arrangements ahead of time.

Do you use Skype?

No, I am not on Skype, but many overseas clients use a Skype account to call my landline for a nominal fee. If you live in the US or Canada, I can call you, as I have free long distance throughout the US and Canada.

What if English is not my native language?

I offer my sessions in English, but you are welcome to have a translator on the phone, if you feel comfortable with that on your end. Some international clients also like to have their sessions via Yahoo Instant Messenger, since this will allow you to save a written transcript of our chat, which can be studied and/or translated into your native language at a later time. For Yahoo you would need to download Yahoo Instant Messenger and add me as a friend. I will give you that information once we schedule our time together.

A reminder for people with concerns that I “won’t be able to understand” your English: I read energy, feelings, images, sounds, vibration, etc., so even if your grammar or pronunciation is way off, I can usually intuit whatever you’re trying to share — probably much easier than most conversations you’re accustomed to having in English! There have been times when I could barely understand someone’s English, and yet the session provided valuable insights. I trust Spirit to guide our time together, whether you’re American, English, Japanese, Indian, Dutch or Mexican! A little English helps, but perfect English is not a requirement at all!

Can I have a session for someone else?

Usually not, but there are a few exceptions. I’ve addressed this question here.

Can you give me a diagnosis and treatment protocol?

The short answer is no. I am not a doctor, nutritionist, psychologist, or therapist. What I can do is read your energy and let you know what flashes across my intuition on the mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical level. I can share past life factors, only if requested and relevant to your healing. I can also suggest any resources for you to pursue further, such as books, websites, tests, types of treatment providers to contact, etc., if this information comes across my radar. Any herbal/dietary, etc. suggestions would be your responsibility to research and/or discuss with your healthcare provider. This is not medical advice! For more on Medical Intuitive Diagnosis (what a Medical Intuitive Reading is and isn’t), please click here.

If you haven’t found your answer in today’s post, you might want to check my earlier list of Medical Intuitive FAQ.

If you’d like to sign up for one of the July Specials, please contact me before the end of this month, and we can set something up.

July Specials


$77 Medical Intuitive Sessions

Lots of healing in the works these days! As such, I’ve been “informed” that the first July Special is a Medical Intuitive Session sale to help support people getting over that healing hump.

Medical Intuition is the ability to access information about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through reading the energy field around the body. A Medical Intuitive Session decodes the message(s) from soul to body into language your conscious mind can understand and begin to address. (It is not meant to replace traditional medical treatment, but rather to empower your healing via whatever modality you ultimately choose.) Medical Intuitive Readings are normally $175 per hour or $90 per half hour.

Medical Intuitive sessions purchased today through 7/31/13, will be discounted to $77 per half hour, which can be doubled or tripled for longer sessions.

$44 Reiki Healing Attunements

With all the people around the world facing core issues and finding all the pieces synchronously rearranging into place, it feels like a lot of people are ready to make a quantum leap. Reiki Healing Attunements are not for everyone. If you’re just beginning your healing journey and, for whatever reason (no shame) don’t feel like it’s quite time to embrace all the related mental/emotional/spiritual issues, then a gentler Reiki Treatment seems more appropriate. A Reiki Treatment helps your body to relax so that it can more deeply heal on all levels — at your own pace.

A Reiki Healing Attunement is much more dramatic. It’s not an initiation to become a Reiki Practitioner; however, it is an initiation of sorts. A Reiki Healing Attunement consciously and strongly amplifies your commitment and intention to making a quantum leap — whether that means leaving an illness, situation or recurrent pattern behind. Reiki Healing Attunements are kind of like rocket boosters, providing extra energy to lift you out of the gravitational pull of whatever has held you back. You may not see an immediate (as in that day or next day) result, but the RHA’s function like an initiation ritual, so that at the deepest levels, you know you’ve moved on. Reality unfolds from that place.

As I said above, Reiki Healing Attunements are not for everyone; they’re for people who’ve already done a lot of inner work and honest self-assessment and know they desire the next level — much sooner rather than later. I rarely offer specials on these, but at this time, I’m hearing from so many people at that quantum leap place that I feel called to list this Special, too. Reiki Healing Attunements $44 if purchased on or before 7/31/13 (Save $11 from the usual rate.)

Please contact me if you’d like to sign up for either or both of the July Specials.

February 2013 Specials


$77 Medical Intuitive Readings These seemed like a good special to offer in the winter months when people spend more time indoors making health wish lists. Medical Intuition is the ability to access information about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through “reading” the energy field around the body. A Medical Intuitive Session decodes the message(s) from soul to body into language your conscious mind can understand and begin to address. (It is not meant to replace traditional medical or psychological treatment, and it is not any form of medical or psychological treatment. I simply report what comes across my inner “screen,” and you determine if it resonates and whether or not to research further in any of the directions that suggest themselves.) These half hour readings can be doubled for a full hour session. You’ll save $13/half hour or $21/hour from the regular rate. Offer valid if prepaid on or before February 28, 2013. Please contact me to sign up.

45-Minute Intuitive Life Path Assessments for $133 Intuitive Life Path Assessments let you know where you’re headed and where you’ve been on your soul’s long journey. These normally hour-long sessions emphasize the soul’s goals, obstacles in the way of accomplishing them, and the easiest and most fulfilling steps and routes for finding your life path. I’ve been receiving so many requests for these sessions lately that I thought I’d offer a slightly shorter version at a lower price point for anyone who desires extra guidance in these fluid times. Offer valid if prepaid on or before February 28, 2013. Please contact me to sign up.