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Mary Poppins Gardening

It is a little known fact that I have a Faery Garden Landscaper who goes by the alias “Heather,” but is in truth far more like Mary Poppins. She’s “practically perfect in every way,” extremely fastidious (which is as hilarious in our wild yard as in the Banks’ crazy household), and, I must say, quite the “spit spot,” pursed lips slave driver! She has great ideas, but I actually sent her on a two week vacation so that I could get caught up. Catching up has meant acquiring and installing a soaker hose system, which still needs mulching over:

soaker hose

… as well as various soil amendments for the first year wood mulched areas, whose wood chips are robbing nitrogen from my plants, not yet having broken down enough to provide nutrients. These amendments include: 30 pounds of worm castings, 1/2 a packet of Sea90, a giant bag of volcanic ash, and 1/3 of the Elemite rock dust I ordered. Last evening I was further reminded of Mary Poppins — or rather, her chimney sweep friend, Bert, when I happened to glance in the mirror after spreading volcanic ash:


Anyway, “Heather,” other Faeries and/or the Land itself have been thanking me for the soil amendments. Three times in a row, I finished applying whatever I added, only to have it begin raining within minutes of my going inside. Soft rain washed the vermicompost and various powders into the soil, and I can already see the difference in plant growth and color. Prior to adding all these goodies, the plants in the front mulched and urbanite areas were only 1/3 the size of their Garden Tower counterparts, which are growing better than anything else:

Garden Tower facing back yard

Garden Tower facing back yard

Same garden tower facing neighbors. Almost lush enough to block the satellite dish!

Same garden tower facing neighbors. Almost lush enough to block the satellite dish!

I had help with the soaker hoses (the Reiki training for yard work trades continue to work out great for everyone!), and we also got the pole bean area weeded, and some bamboo teepees installed and ready to support those scarlet runner beans:

pole beans

The area in front of the house, which received mulch in Fall 2012 and Spring and Fall 2013 didn’t need any amendments. It’s lush and low maintenance, like I intend the rest of the yard eventually will be:

Yarrow, lavender, lemon balm (in the pot), asters, forsythia, purple coneflower, yews, vines and, somewhere in there, a delphinium.

Yarrow, lavender, lemon balm (in the pot), asters, forsythia, purple coneflower, yews, vines and, somewhere in there, a delphinium.

The back gardens were also already growing well without amendments, but they got some extra goodies, too:

back yard

Polyculture InstaBed with sea kale, zinnias, calypso beans, calendula, geraniums, marigolds, Egyptian walking onions, oregano (up top), and cantaloupe.

Polyculture InstaBed with sea kale, zinnias, calypso beans, calendula, geraniums, marigolds, Egyptian walking onions, oregano (up top), and cantaloupe.

A nearby InstaBed with peas, cucumbers, cantaloupe, geraniums, garlic, marigolds, chives and calypso bush beans ... with lovage and a trellised grape vine in the background.

A nearby InstaBed with peas, cucumbers, cantaloupe, geraniums, garlic, marigolds, chives and calypso bush beans … with lovage and a trellised grape vine in the background.

The Bed Bed (a repurposed Sleep Number Bed frame) holds some seriously long fava bean pods, along with more difficult to grow (for me anyway) Fairy Tale Pumpkins:

Fava's, pumpkins, watermelon, Egyptian walking onions, sea kale, calendula, marigolds, geranium and zinnias, with scarlet runner bean sprouts under some of the milk jugs

Fava’s, pumpkins, watermelon, Egyptian walking onions, sea kale, calendula, marigolds, geranium and zinnias, with scarlet runner bean sprouts under some of the milk jugs

I have to laugh, because I don’t seem to be able to grow “easy” crops, but I do great with the “impossible” ones. I’m on my third batch of pumpkin seeds now, and yet the fava beans a farmer told me that no one can grow in the Goshen area continue to thrive. He had warned me that aphids go nuts on them, so I invited lady bugs for an early feast. We had lady bugs in March! My garden helpers in early April couldn’t believe how many they saw. Sure enough, they ate all the aphids and now some of my fava bean pods are 6 inches long. Meanwhile, things like basil, okra and pumpkins — easy enough for kids to grow — look awfully sad. Oh, well. I’m really excited about those fava beans! You can see in the distance in the other InstaBed that I need to harvest my leeks and clear out space for the calypso beans in that bed. The tall, front plants are shading my next crops. 🙂

The "Guarden" bed, minus its coldframe

The “Guarden” bed, minus its coldframe

The “Guarden” Bed has red Russian kale going to seed and gets thinned of turnips, carrots and parsnips every day, as I gradually clear the bed for bush lima beans and cucumbers, which are currently little sprouts. Already planted towards the back: Alaskan peas (almost ready to harvest), Brussels sprouts (taking over!), one round of cucumbers, and you can see garlic interspersed and nearly ready to harvest. You can also see pots of mint and geraniums in front of the bed, as I attempt to discourage whatever’s chowin’ down on my plants! I think the plants just aren’t super happy being so overcrowded, but I thought I’d confuse the bugs’ senses a bit, since I have tons of peppermint.

You can also see additional cardboard boxes where I’ve begun to smother out our “lawn” in favor of more wood mulch and/or more preferable ground covers that double as beneficial bug attractors. I’d rather let Nature do the work of hunting munchers. Wasps? You’re welcome. I just hung a solitary pollinator “Mason Bee Condo” on the back fence. Come one, come all.

Sunnies up front

Sunnies up front

My sunflowers up front have begun to recover from a severe aphid attack while I ignored them as “my hardy, low maintenance front yard plants.” Um, no. They wanted attention, too. They got spritzed with Sea Magic three days in a row, plus the full spa treatment of soaker hose, worm castings, volcanic ash, Sea90 and rock dust. They better look good after all that! LOL, but seriously. 😉

Also in the comeback zone, my “carefree, grows anywhere, drought tolerant, so easy it’s almost a weed” aronia berry bush. You can see it on the left trying to survive, while the penstemon volunteer on the right flourishes:

aronia and pentstamen

This Saint John’s Wort that I transplanted to an inopportune location last summer where it sulked and feigned death for the rest of the year has also made quite the comeback this week:


Our new scabrosa rose got its first bloom yesterday:

Scabrosa in bloom

And one formerly very angry at being transplanted sage has decided to look pretty up front:

sage in bloom

All in all, things are coming along. I still need David to help me install our rain barrels, which means I also need some bricks or other things to hold down all the cardboard boxes, since the barrels need to go on those concrete blocks. I’m almost ready for “Heather” to return from her vacation. What kind of wild project ideas she’ll have next, I do not know…..

Timothy Glenn ~ Uranus Square Pluto, Part Four: All You Need Is Love

Yay! I love waking up to a new article by witty and wise friend, Timothy Glenn. This one shines even more light on the potent energies this week. With all the solar flares, Comet ISON and Halloween hoopla amidst Mercury Retrograde, I completely forgot about good ole Uranus and Pluto square dancing through the galaxy. Sooo much cosmic music these days … it reminds me of that Mary Poppins song my sister and I used to sing and act out in the family room — sometimes daily. “Step in time, step in time, never need a reason, never need a rhyme, kick your knees up step in time!” (Erica, if you’re reading this, enjoy the blast from the past.) May we all have such fun and beginner’s mind. 😉

Uranus Square Pluto Part Four
All You Need Is Love

by Timothy Glenn

Uranus and Pluto are still dancing out their seven exact squares to each other as we near the end of October 2013. The fourth exact square looms ahead on November 1, right on time for All Souls Day. We can view this middle of the seven events as a hinge point, a time of make it or break it. We could also compare it to a keystone in the center of an arch, a time upon which a lot is resting.

However you choose to analogize it, we have reached a crucial juncture in our “Global Metamorphosis”. The Hopi expression for our current world situation is Koyaanisqatsi; life out of balance. If we had thought we were living in A Mad Mad Mad Mad World before, we might have been right. But to take a hard honest look at the world now, we see that this experience of Koyaanisqatsi surpasses the seemingly harmless insanity we had tolerated for ages.

The Times They Are A-Changin’

When Uranus and Pluto formed their powerful conjunction in the 1960’s, they gave us what we know as The Sixties. The human world began to morph in earnest; civil rights, women’s rights, the peace movement, the environmental movement, expanding consciousness and a host of etceteras.

The Uranus/Pluto square is now calling the Sixties Idealism into action and putting it all to the test. We have hired an amazing troupe of Divine Actors to test us. As we tap into the Pluto energy to help us take a quantum leap in evolution, the Actors are trying to delay, misdirect or hijack our evolutionary process by manipulating the energy to support their Plutocracy. As we tap into the Uranus energy to inspire us in a massive social revolution, the Actors are trying to impose a totalitarian dystopia that would stupefy George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.

The Shift has hit the fan, the game is afoot, and the global metamorphosis has been catapulted far beyond the point of no return.

Give Peace A Chance

Although the potential for violence lurks in the astrological background, those of us awakening to our True Selves can invoke a powerful energetic in the universe known as Peace. In David Lynch’s lecture on Peace from the Quantum Level at the Maharishi University, he emphasized that Peace is not a frilly idea some little old lady dreamed up; it’s not a doily. Peace is a force in the quantum field.

What we have long accepted as “reality” exists within a miniscule frequency band. By opening our consciousness to include more of what vibrates right here right now, we can broadcast Quantum Peace ever more effectively into the world.

Developing a certain other quality might help immensely: complete emotional and mental body detachment from all people, places, things and specific outcomes in The Matrix. If we play this cosmic game as though it were exactly that (a game) we could amplify our ability to hold our own, and to avoid having our energy sucked into the dramas of a dying system. This places us in the position of being able to apply Quantum Peace more soundly than we could if we continued buying into the illusions of the game.

In a state of detachment, we can make peace within ourselves, peace with all possible outcomes, and peace with the rest of the universe.

A World Without Love

Written by Paul McCartney and performed by Peter & Gordon at the time of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction, “A World Without Love” skyrocketed to the top of the charts. And even though the song expressed longing for a romantic relationship, we can easily expand its meaning to another level.

We are stepping into our natural roles as conscious creators. As such, why on Earth (or any other planet) would we choose to co-create a world based on anything but pure infinite Divine Love? The line “I don’t care what they say, I won’t stay in a world without love” can be given a more profound application. Many millions of us have lost all interest in remaining in a fear-based world of lack, limitation, struggle, suffering, drama, stupidity, corruption, cruelty, greed, control…well, let’s not belabor the point. We have opted to live in a state of Infinite Love. Period. Everything else can go into the cosmic recycle bin.

The New Earth of our hearts’ dreams? Bring it!
Ye Olde World of our minds’ nightmares? It simply isn’t worth all the effort anymore, or any effort at all.

For What It’s Worth

Part of our balancing act in the midst of the Uranus/Pluto square involves prioritizing. With so much of the old world falling apart and/or falling away, with linear time collapsing around our ears, with one foot in each world – what really matters?

At the fourth exact square on November 1, Uranus in Aries will be getting a boost for its desire to experience genuine freedom. Uranus will be the focal point of a Yod, also known as the Finger of Fate, or the Finger of God. Perhaps in this case, revolutionary Uranus will give the Middle Finger of God to the control mechanisms of the parasitic would-be rulers of the world.

A Yod is created by planets forming a sextile (an angle of 60 degrees) while each of them simultaneously forms a 150 degree angle to a third planet. Mars in Virgo will form a tight sextile with the Sun/Mercury conjunction in Scorpio that day, and Uranus will be the third planet at the focal point of this laser. The Scorpio part of the equation will also be enhanced by the close proximity of Saturn and the Moon’s North Node.

Forgive all the Astrobabble, but Pluto will be receiving support in the form of a sextile from that stellium in Scorpio, as well as a trine from Mars. Allowing an orb of less than 3 degrees, Pluto and Mars will form a Grand Trine with the Moon’s South Node. In other words, there is a lot going on in the chart for Uranus Square Pluto Part Four. We can theorize and analyze (not forgetting that Mercury is retrograde until November 10), but the bottom line states that the world-changing influence of the Uranus/Pluto square is in the process of getting supercharged.

“When the Moon is in the Seventh House…”

BTW – those lyrics make absolutely no Astrological sense, but let’s play with the imagery anyway. After all, the Moon will be in Libra that day, and in the natural wheel of the Zodiac, Libra rules the Seventh House, which involves love and relationships.

Only hours before the Big Square goes exact, the Libra Moon will oppose Uranus, thus forming a brief T-Square of Moon/Uranus/Pluto. This warmup exercise occurs as the Moon prepares for the Solar Eclipse two days later on November 3. This repeats the pattern from Uranus Square Pluto Part Three, which occurred in May of this year. Both exact Uranus/Pluto squares of 2013 are sandwiched between eclipses, further empowering the deep emotional body transformation spontaneously happening.

As we transmute, the very nature of relationship will necessarily transmute as well, which will give new meaning to the Moon transiting the Seventh House.

I Feel Good

It has been a powerful year for our emotional lives. The article in March called “Pisces Gets Loaded” emphasized this phenomenon as we prepared for the Grand Water Trine in July, along with “A Celestial Star of David” or a Grand Sextile. The water sign activity this year has provided impetus for us to allow clearing of old wounds and patterns. During this fourth exact square of Uranus and Pluto, the supporting influence of the North Node, Sun, Mercury and Saturn in the intense depths of Scorpio will bolster us in an opportunity to delve into what used to feel like an endless abyss within us, and to heal profoundly.

However, we may not need to delve or excavate. In fact, we might simply realize that emotional issues of the old “reality” are bubbling up to the surface for graceful clearing. We can become effervescent, as our systems release whatever does not belong in the New Earth; fear, for example.

In each moment we choose between love and fear, and to navigate the waters of our quantum leap in evolution and to enter the New Earth, All You Need Is Love.

Timothy Glenn

Whole Foods, Vir, and Mary Poppins

I’m not on The Book of Faces anymore, so maybe most people have already seen these videos. Language warning for sensitive ears, but if you’ve ever shopped at a Whole Foods in California, let’s just say, you might relate. The first video was from Summer 2011 when they temporarily took kombucha off the shelves due to high fermentation (alcohol) levels. In their defense, I will admit that I once got drunk off a Grape Synergy Kombucha on an empty stomach … but then again, I’m a lightweight. 😉

Sensitive people who prefer a more relaxed vibe, might enjoy Vir:

Lest anyone think I’m making fun of them by posting these videos, please know that I’m just having a good giggle at myself and feeling ever so slightly nostalgic for Monterey, Sonoma County, Sedona, and Santa Fe. I much prefer life now, but, my goodness, those were some fun, silly times! (And I still bring kombucha to parties…)

The faeries say, “Lighten up! Have a giggle. Don’t take yourself so seriously!” What can I say? “I Love to Laugh” was my favorite song as a kid. When you look at all the kookoo things in this world (and no, I don’t mean kombucha or healthy living), sometimes ya just gotta laugh. I hear it’s the best medicine. 😉