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Thanks to Lance for pointing my way to this one. It certainly makes sense of my yesterday! I’ve got Capricorn at 8 degrees in my North Node, so yep, I was feeling this — particularly in my body: “Those with placements at 10 Capricorn +/- 7 degrees will experience this as a Powerful Grand Cardinal Cross (Remember the intensity of late April/early May 2014? Yes, that kind of energy).”

There’s all sorts of stuff happening in the skies right now, so have a look if you feel some otherwise inexplicable shifts. I’m excited to have these potent energies holding my friend Nicole’s birthday celebration this afternoon — complete with a Joanna Macy inspired group and Earth healing ritual. Perfect timing!

Dr Bairavee : The Sky Priestess


We’re about to experience a POWERFUL Lunar Nodal T-Square, meaning the Moon at 10 Cancer will be in potentially tense aspects to the North Node (10 Libra) and the South Node (10 Aries). Navigating this T-Square will be a challenge for some, others will see it as the kind of challenge you need to push through into a new phase (like birthing). The Moon will be the apex (pinnacle/peak) of this T Square and so the focus is upon our emotions, our relationship with the Sub-conscious, issues surrounding the domestic sphere, connections with our Mothers/Motherhood/The Divine Mother, and so on.

The lessons that the Node teach us, or rather, the karmic experiences they ask us to face are ones that focus upon the idea of balancing the needs of the self with the needs of others in partnerships, and for integrating both aspects of self (known/unknown, light/shadow) into harmonious balance…

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Bloggity Blog Blog — And Less of It

Quick note to say that I am not immune to all the solar flare upgrades and rapid inner and outer changes on offer right now. As part of my own shifting, I will be redirecting much of the energy I spend in private emails and on this blog. I’ll still post occasionally, but likely not anywhere near the volume I’ve shared the past couple years. I’ve got a new portal door percolating before its arrival on the 28th, at least one book (including, possibly, a reworking of the cast aside book two of the Schizandra series), as well as some surprising, yet welcome openings David and I have decided to summon into our life together.

I am still offering private sessions, so please don’t misinterpret the lowered frequency of blog posting or emails as an unavailability of private intuitive or coaching sessions. I just need to harness some energy, and the blog and emails can take hours of time each day. I’ve been happy to offer that, but right now I feel called to redirect my focus so that I can produce some different offerings in the collective sphere. Private sessions will continue for the foreseeable future, as I know they help people, and I am happy to provide those as a service. I just need to wind down some of my investment in the free blog postings and social emails, or I won’t have the energy and dedication to do those things that have recently presented themselves for attention or resurfaced after years of “just wait.”

If you have interest in taking a Reiki or other class topic from me, please contact me. One welcome potential shift is some possible travel again for classes. This comes after feeling very much on travel lock down since moving to Goshen. It will depend on timing, location and level of interest; however, out of town classes or even in Goshen classes are back in the potential mix after a hiatus.

Love, cheers and blessings on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride,